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Word "SLYLY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
in an artful manner
artfully, craftily, cunningly, foxily, knavishly, trickily

Crossword Clues for SLYLY

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Clue Source Date
With cunning Thomas Joseph 22 Dec 2020
In a sneaky manner USA Today 03 Oct 2020
With sleight of hand, say New York Times 08 Jul 2020
In a devious manner Newsday 05 Jul 2020
With a wink New York Times 16 Feb 2020
With craftiness Universal 12 Nov 2019
In a sneaky way Eugene Sheffer 23 Oct 2019
In a calculating way The Washington Post 16 May 2019
In a foxy way New York Times 21 Jan 2019
How cheaters deal cards New York Times 20 Jan 2019
In a crafty way Universal 18 Dec 2018
With caginess Universal 12 Jul 2018
With craft Thomas Joseph 14 Apr 2018
Sneakily Universal 28 Mar 2018
In a conniving way USA Today 10 Mar 2018
On the down-low New York Times 13 Feb 2018
In a cunning way USA Today 12 Oct 2016
In a furtive manner USA Today 02 Jul 2016
In a devious way Premier Sunday 05 Jun 2016
In a vulpine way USA Today 01 Jun 2016
With subterfuge USA Today 08 Feb 2016
Craftily USA Today 07 Sep 2015
With a wink, perhaps USA Today 16 Mar 2015
In foxlike fashion
With guile
How many winks are made
With artifice
How to palm a card
In a wily way
In underhanded fashion
On the q.t.
In a feline way
With deviousness
How a card sharp plays
In a furtive way
With an ulterior motive
In a furtive fashion
In a foxy fashion
How an April fool may be done
How magicians work
On the quiet
How to cheat
In a cunning manner
In an artful manner
In an underhanded manner
In a vulpine manner
With artfulness
In a tricky way.
With cunning.
Artfully and secretly.
In the manner of Reynard.
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