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Word "SNORT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
inhale recreational drugs
The addict was snorting cocaine almost every day

Part of Speech:
inhale through the nose
take a hit

Part of Speech:
a disrespectful laugh
snicker, snigger

Crossword Clues for SNORT

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Clue Source Date
Forceful expulsion of breath The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Nasal sound of scorn Newsday 10 Nov 2020
Angry boar's sound Universal 08 Nov 2020
Bull's sound Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2020
Stable sound The Washington Post 02 Aug 2020
Sound of disgust New York Times 08 Jul 2020
Laugh dismissively Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2020
Sound of scorn Newsday 11 May 2020
Sound of disdain USA Today 03 May 2020
Derisive sound Thomas Joseph 27 Apr 2020
Bullish sound? The Washington Post 14 Apr 2020
Inelegant laugh The Washington Post 28 Nov 2019
Express contempt The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2019
Exhalation from this northerner The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2019
Disdainful sound Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2019
Chortle The Telegraph Quick 23 Jun 2019
Derisive laugh sound New York Times 10 Jun 2019
Bullish reaction Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2019
Bullpen sound USA Today 26 Apr 2019
[Hah!] New York Times 21 Apr 2019
Sound of a bull Newsday 08 Apr 2019
Hog sound Universal 09 Mar 2019
Sty sound The New Yorker 25 Feb 2019
Dismissive sound The Washington Post Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Angry bull's sound USA Today 13 Dec 2018
Sound in a stable Newsday 29 Nov 2018
Express indignation Newsday 22 Sep 2018
Bull's noise Universal 24 Aug 2018
Man's back — time for little drink The Sun Two Speed 23 Aug 2018
Bull's warning Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2018
Bar shot Universal 23 Jun 2018
Sound of contempt USA Today 29 May 2018
Scoffing sound Wall Street Journal 29 May 2018
Show contempt The Washington Post 25 Mar 2018
Emulate a bull Universal 25 Mar 2018
Equine outburst The Washington Post 06 Mar 2018
Scornful sound Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2018
Harsh breath Newsday 21 Oct 2017
Sound from a stallion USA Today 17 Oct 2017
Pig's sound Premier Sunday 24 Sep 2017
Be bullish Universal 25 Aug 2017
Pig or bull noise Universal 21 Aug 2017
Nasal grunt Newsday 28 Jul 2017
Drink, strong, not finished off The Telegraph Toughie 02 May 2017
Something a bull will do Universal 17 Apr 2017
Sound from the bullpen USA Today 13 Apr 2017
What a bull does Universal 05 Apr 2017
Horse's harrumph The Washington Post 04 Apr 2017
Pig sound Universal 04 Apr 2017
Stifled laugh LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2017
Sound that's bullish Universal 16 Feb 2017
Sound of derision Wall Street Journal 31 Jan 2017
Embarrassing laugh accompanier New York Times 16 Nov 2016
Bar drink taken in one gulp New York Times 15 Nov 2016
Derisive reaction New York Times 02 Sep 2016
Quick quaff The Washington Post 29 Aug 2016
Horse sound Thomas Joseph 12 Aug 2016
Wordless 'Yeah, right!' Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2016
Sound a bull makes Family Time 03 Jul 2016
Show disdain Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2016
Sound of displeasure Newsday 27 Jun 2016
Sound from the bull pen USA Today 23 Jun 2016
Nonverbal 'Yeah, right!' Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2016
Quick drink Wall Street Journal 28 May 2016
[Humph!] New York Times 10 Apr 2016
Bull pen sound USA Today 04 Apr 2016
Nasal laugh Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2016
Wordless rejoinder New York Times 30 Oct 2015
Sty noise Premier Sunday 16 Aug 2015
Charger's noise Universal 10 Aug 2015
Pig noise Premier Sunday 05 Jul 2015
Wordless 'Yeah, right' New York Times 13 Feb 2015
Indignant reaction The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jan 2015
Wordless "Yeah, right"
Piggish sound
Belt at a bar
Bullish sound
Bull sound
Shot of liquor
Indication of contempt
Belt at the bar
Pen sound
Bullish noise
Stallion's huffy sound
Reproachful sound
Say "harrumph"
Audible expression of contempt
A belt at the bar
Bullish comment
Relative of a harrumph
Haughty response
Sound like a bull
Sound indignant
Show of incredulity
Express displeasure
Show derision
Advice from 23-Across?
Audibly show derision
Bullish retort
Barroom shot
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.