Word "SNOW" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
English writer of novels about moral dilemmas in academe (1905-1980)
baron snow of leicester, c. p. snow, charles percy snow

Part of Speech:
precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals

Part of Speech:
street names for cocaine
blow, c, coke, nose candy

Crossword Clues for SNOW

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Clue Source Date
Stuff to sled on USA Today 28 Nov 2022
Winter blanket Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2022
Winter precipitation USA Today 16 Nov 2022
Deceive, in a way Canadiana 07 Nov 2022
Winter blanket? Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2022
Falling flakes The Guardian Quick 31 Oct 2022
Skiing stuff Premier Sunday 30 Oct 2022
Alpine precipitation USA Today 21 Oct 2022
Winter forecast LA Times Daily 17 Oct 2022
Wintry weather in south, at present The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Oct 2022
Skier's 'powder' New York Times 13 Sep 2022
Earthly angel's backdrop Universal 02 Sep 2022
Winter fall Eugene Sheffer 08 Aug 2022
Canadian country music icon Canadiana 08 Aug 2022
Winter weather USA Today 13 Jul 2022
Winter coat Wall Street Journal 21 Jun 2022
Wintry flakes USA Today 13 Jun 2022
Holdings in some banks Wall Street Journal 12 May 2022
White Christmas requirement The Guardian Quick 03 May 2022
Winter angel material Universal 21 Apr 2022
Surface for skiing Newsday 19 Apr 2022
___ angel (winter creation) Universal 16 Apr 2022
Park City powder Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2022
Cool stuff in banks Newsday 07 Apr 2022
Winter forecast LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2022
White Christmas blanket The Washington Post Sunday 03 Apr 2022
Surface for skiing USA Today 03 Apr 2022
Winter forecast The Washington Post 03 Apr 2022
Winter blanket Newsday 24 Mar 2022
Frozen precipitation The Guardian Quick 22 Mar 2022
Winter fall Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2022
Cold blanket? Universal 07 Mar 2022
It falls in flurries USA Today 05 Mar 2022
Winter delight Family Time 28 Feb 2022
Put one over on LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2022
Put one over on The Washington Post 20 Feb 2022
Weather seen on a winter postcard USA Today 15 Feb 2022
Winter blanket Eugene Sheffer 15 Feb 2022
Winter fall Eugene Sheffer 07 Feb 2022
Winter forecast Universal 30 Jan 2022
It falls in ice crystals Irish Times Simplex 14 Jan 2022
Olaf's makeup, in 'Frozen' The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jan 2022
Not exactly a warm blanket LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2022
Precipitation in the form of ice crystals Irish Times Simplex 07 Jan 2022
Winter blanket Eugene Sheffer 23 Dec 2021
Winter blanket Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2021
Reason for a school day off New York Times 23 Nov 2021
Surface for sledding USA Today 28 Oct 2021
Winter fall LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2021
Frozen rain The Times Concise 20 Oct 2021
Cocaine, slangily Canadiana 18 Oct 2021
Blanket that isn't warm? Universal 15 Oct 2021
Wet blanket The Washington Post 09 Oct 2021
Wet blanket LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2021
White winter coating USA Today 04 Oct 2021
Contents of some banks New York Times 26 Sep 2021
Winter coat Newsday 23 Sep 2021
It falls in flakes Universal 19 Sep 2021
Powder at Park City Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2021
Winter fall Eugene Sheffer 16 Sep 2021
Flakes The Telegraph Quick 11 Sep 2021
Winter flakes USA Today 02 Sep 2021
Wet blanket? Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2021
What might cancel classes Newsday 25 Jul 2021
You can't ski without it Family Time 12 Jul 2021
Surface for skiing Newsday 05 Jul 2021
Mountain topper Newsday 04 Jul 2021
___ globe USA Today 29 Jun 2021
TV screen spots The Washington Post 11 Jun 2021
TV screen spots LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2021
__ job: deception The Washington Post 08 Jun 2021
__ job: deception LA Times Daily 08 Jun 2021
Surface for skiing Newsday 24 May 2021
Naturally occurring hexagonal crystals New York Times 23 May 2021
Winter blanket Eugene Sheffer 21 May 2021
Flurry makeup Wall Street Journal 10 May 2021
Blizzard stuff Newsday 04 May 2021
Fall associated with winter Universal 22 Apr 2021
Cold shower? New York Times 28 Mar 2021
Deceive, so to speak Newsday 25 Mar 2021
Contents of some drifts New York Times 22 Mar 2021
Winter fall The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2021
Son immediately in cold shower The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2021
Sledding surface USA Today 02 Mar 2021
Cold shower in this: no water? The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2021
Skier's need, maybe The Washington Post 10 Feb 2021
Skier's need, maybe LA Times Daily 10 Feb 2021
Word before 'angel' or 'globe' USA Today 07 Feb 2021
White stuff Newsday 30 Jan 2021
What's ''falling'' (in mixed order) within the three longest answers Newsday 29 Jan 2021
Globe's pseudo-contents Newsday 15 Jan 2021
Kangchenjunga covering USA Today 13 Jan 2021
Winter cover for raising woodpigeons on the banks Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jan 2021
When it's driving, you might not want to drive New York Times 03 Jan 2021
Drifter ending in rags at this time The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2020
You need this to 30-Down Family Time 13 Dec 2020
Flaky precipitation Jonesin 08 Dec 2020
It falls in winter USA Today 29 Nov 2020
Blanket that won't keep you warm? New York Times 27 Nov 2020
Falling ice crystals The Times Concise 23 Nov 2020
Skiing requirement Family Time 09 Nov 2020
What skiers ski on USA Today 09 Nov 2020
Skier's need Family Time 25 Oct 2020
Skiing surface USA Today 21 Oct 2020
Cover of the song 'Winter Wonderland'? The Washington Post Sunday 18 Oct 2020
White sheet? Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Blanket material Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2020
Skiing surface Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2020
Winter blanket? Universal 25 Sep 2020
With 42-Down, stir-fry veggie USA Today 24 Sep 2020
Precipitation in the form of ice crystals Irish Times Simplex 17 Sep 2020
Cause of a school closing Universal 11 Sep 2020
Precipitation in flakes USA Today 18 Aug 2020
February downfall Newsday 07 Aug 2020
Sculpture medium in 'Calvin & Hobbes' USA Today 06 Aug 2020
Mount Everest covering USA Today 05 Aug 2020
Need for a white Christmas Universal 21 Jul 2020
School-closing event Family Time 05 Jul 2020
Winter coat? LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2020
Winter coat? The Washington Post 05 Jul 2020
Winter coat Newsday 05 Jul 2020
White stuff that falls Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Drift makeup Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2020
Rare winter forecast in a desert Universal 15 Jun 2020
Winter forecast LA Times Daily 15 Jun 2020
Winter forecast The Washington Post 15 Jun 2020
Wintry weather at present, after first sign of spring The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jun 2020
Convince with smooth talk New York Times 27 May 2020
Son instantly demands winter blanket The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Falling flakes The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
"The Hunger Games" president LA Times Daily 22 May 2020
'The Hunger Games' president The Washington Post 22 May 2020
Chilly powder USA Today 14 May 2020
Skiing surface Newsday 11 May 2020
'You know nothing, Jon ___' USA Today 08 May 2020
What you might build a winter fort with New York Times 04 May 2020
Screen interference The Times Concise 27 Apr 2020
Cold shower in this — no water! The Sun Two Speed 18 Apr 2020
Winter shovelful USA Today 08 Apr 2020
Surface to 1 Down on Newsday 25 Mar 2020
Evidence of interference close to election seen in broadcast The Telegraph Toughie 24 Mar 2020
Blizzard component USA Today 11 Mar 2020
Put something over on Newsday 27 Feb 2020
Winter expectation up north Family Time 16 Feb 2020
Chilly powder? Family Time 13 Jan 2020
Word before cap or shoe
Blower or suit prefix Canadiana 23 Dec 2019
Alan --, author of the novel 'Here Be Monsters!' The Telegraph General Knowledge 23 Dec 2019
December forecast in Chicago The Washington Post Sunday 22 Dec 2019
Winter Olympics need
Winter Olympics need New York Times 09 Dec 2019
Frosted flakes? New York Times 26 Nov 2019
Frosted flakes?
Winter blanket? Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2019
*** precipitation Universal 14 Nov 2019
Word in Christmas songs USA Today 06 Nov 2019
Skiing surface The Washington Post 21 Oct 2019
Skiing surface LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2019
Blizzard, essentially Newsday 09 Oct 2019
Skier's surface Universal 03 Oct 2019
Feature of the Himalayas New York Times 02 Oct 2019
Winter flakes LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2019
Winter flakes The Washington Post 01 Oct 2019
Winter fort material Universal 27 Sep 2019
Possible cause of a road block Newsday 26 Sep 2019
Ski-Doo's surface USA Today 17 Sep 2019
Sleigher's surface USA Today 04 Sep 2019
Word with cap or crab New York Times 22 Aug 2019
Stage name of Darrin O’Brien who had a 1992 hit with Informer The Times Specialist Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Word with bank or blind New York Times 03 Aug 2019
Type of day or job The New Yorker 24 Jun 2019
Skier's wish Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2019
What some plows move Newsday 12 Jun 2019
School closing cause USA Today 07 Jun 2019
Wintry precipitation Newsday 29 May 2019
White blanket The Washington Post Sunday 19 May 2019
Angel-making need Universal 12 May 2019
Blanket from a blizzard Newsday 07 May 2019
Welcome forecast for a boarder Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2019
Blizzard stuff Premier Sunday 14 Apr 2019
Frosted flakes Universal 07 Apr 2019
Word with bird or board New York Times 06 Apr 2019
Settler succeeded in the modern age The Telegraph Toughie 21 Mar 2019
Winter coat LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2019
Winter coat The Washington Post 01 Mar 2019
Chilly powder Newsday 17 Feb 2019
Winter blanket Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2019
Stuff to shovel USA Today 06 Feb 2019
Surface for 1 Across Newsday 30 Jan 2019
Avalanche makeup USA Today 28 Jan 2019
Freezing white coat Family Time 28 Jan 2019
'The Hunger Games' president Coriolanus __ The Washington Post 10 Jan 2019
"The Hunger Games" president Coriolanus __ LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2019
Winter fort material
Word with cap or crab
Word with bird or board
Skier's surface
"The Hunger Games" president Coriolanus __
Sleigher's surface
Ski-Doo's surface
Flakes out on a winter vacation
Winter flakes
Avalanche makeup
Frosted flakes
Skiing surface
Angel-making need
Word with bank or blind
Stuff to shovel
Feature of the Himalayas
School closing cause
Skier's wish
Welcome forecast for a boarder
Winter blanket
Winter coat
Frozen vapour in white flakes The Telegraph General Knowledge 30 Dec 2018
Pre-cable TV problem USA Today 29 Nov 2018
Winter downfall ? Canadiana 05 Nov 2018
What blizzards are made of Newsday 16 Oct 2018
Winter fall Family Time 30 Sep 2018
Hoped-for Christmas stuff Universal 05 Sep 2018
Winter precipitation Newsday 03 Sep 2018
Frequent Buffalo forecast, in winter Family Time 03 Sep 2018
What a blizzard is made of Newsday 27 Aug 2018
___ day The New Yorker 20 Aug 2018
Drifter? Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2018
School cancellation cause USA Today 10 Aug 2018
Winter fall Eugene Sheffer 09 Aug 2018
Blizzard stuff Universal 01 Aug 2018
Drift accumulation Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2018
Last Christmas present of a winter blanket Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jul 2018
It falls quietly New York Times 29 Jul 2018
Frozen rain The Times Concise 23 Jul 2018
__ day: school contingency The Washington Post 13 Jul 2018
__ day: school contingency LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2018
White coat in winter Universal 07 Jul 2018
Wet blanket Newsday 29 Jun 2018
Son immediately gets cold shower The Sun Two Speed 21 May 2018
Mountain topper USA Today 14 May 2018
Something for winter ending in Christmas present The Telegraph Cryptic 07 May 2018
Cold shower in this — no way The Sun Two Speed 16 Apr 2018
Chilly powder Premier Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Weather forecast Newsday 09 Mar 2018
White flakes The Washington Post 28 Feb 2018
White flakes LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2018
Buffalo feature, often? The Washington Post 17 Feb 2018
Buffalo feature, often? LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2018
Reason for a school closing New York Times 13 Feb 2018
Frosted flakes? Family Time 11 Feb 2018
Wintry coating New York Times 29 Jan 2018
___ globe New York Times 18 Jan 2018
Winter blanket Thomas Joseph 12 Jan 2018
Fall in winter Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2018
Winter whiteness Family Time 08 Jan 2018
Frosty's makeup USA Today 05 Jan 2018
Blizzard component Universal 05 Jan 2018
White flakes
__ day: school contingency
Winter blanket?
Drift accumulation
School cancellation cause
Pre-cable TV problem
Mountain topper
Frosty's makeup
White coat in winter
Hoped-for Christmas stuff
Blizzard stuff
Blizzard component
It falls quietly
Reason for a school closing
Wintry coating
___ globe
Buffalo feature, often?
Hoped-for Christmas thing Universal 29 Dec 2017
'The -- Queen', fairy tale The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2017
'-- had fallen' (carol) The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Dec 2017
'White Christmas' weather Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2017
Wintry weather The Times Concise 17 Dec 2017
Pre-cable TV annoyance USA Today 16 Dec 2017
It may come down in winter The Washington Post 06 Dec 2017
It may come down in winter LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2017
It's manufactured at ski resorts USA Today 28 Nov 2017
"Informer" rapper Universal 07 Nov 2017
Cold shower? Jonesin 07 Nov 2017
Skiing stuff Premier Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Winter shovelful Universal 09 Oct 2017
Fort makeup, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Mowat's The ____Walker Canadiana 25 Sep 2017
Fall in February The Washington Post Sunday 10 Sep 2017
See 17-Down Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2017
Surface at 68-Across USA Today 30 Aug 2017
Cause of a school cancellation, maybe USA Today 22 Aug 2017
___ globe (desk adornment) USA Today 20 Aug 2017
Content of some globes Universal 17 Aug 2017
Word with bank or board LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2017
Word with bank or board The Washington Post 22 Jul 2017
Winter weather Thomas Joseph 13 Jul 2017
Word before cone or crab USA Today 03 Jul 2017
Cold fall New York Times 26 Jun 2017
Winter forecast Jonesin 06 Jun 2017
Bank deposit? New York Times 28 May 2017
White, cold coat Universal 25 May 2017
Winter bank makeup LA Times Daily 08 May 2017
Winter bank makeup The Washington Post 08 May 2017
Drift makeup USA Today 16 Apr 2017
Something to expect in winter Universal 31 Mar 2017
Deposit in some banks Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 2017
30-Across surface USA Today 27 Feb 2017
Common 36-Down forecast USA Today 22 Feb 2017
Certain type of precipitation Universal 14 Feb 2017
White coat that could give one the chills Universal 11 Feb 2017
Winter fall Universal 04 Feb 2017
Blanket material The Washington Post 04 Feb 2017
Frozen precipitation The Telegraph Quick 27 Jan 2017
Cause of a white Christmas USA Today 18 Jan 2017
Ski resort manufacture, maybe USA Today 15 Jan 2017
Put one over on New York Times 14 Jan 2017
Frosted flakes LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2017
Frosty flakes The Washington Post 11 Jan 2017
Cause of some closings LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2017
Small present that's sometimes seen around Christmas The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jan 2017
Bank deposit?
Hoped-for Christmas thing
White, cold coat
Winter fall
Winter shovelful
Put one over on
"Informer" rapper
Cold fall
Cause of a school cancellation, maybe
Cause of a white Christmas
Common 36-Down forecast
Drift makeup
It's manufactured at ski resorts
Pre-cable TV annoyance
Ski resort manufacture, maybe
Surface at 68-Across
Word before cone or crab
___ globe (desk adornment)
Word with bank or board
Winter bank makeup
It may come down in winter
Frosted flakes
Cause of some closings
"The Hunger Games" president
Certain type of precipitation
Content of some globes
Small present that may arrive around Christmas time The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2016
Winter blanket USA Today 08 Dec 2016
Winter forecast, at times The Washington Post 25 Nov 2016
Bamboozle Canadiana 31 Oct 2016
___ globe (desk ornament) USA Today 30 Oct 2016
Skimobile surface USA Today 16 Oct 2016
Some precipitation Universal 01 Oct 2016
Reason for school cancellation New York Times 30 Aug 2016
Put one over on LA Times Daily 24 Aug 2016
Reason to cancel school USA Today 16 Aug 2016
Chilly powder Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2016
White fall LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2016
Chilly powder? Universal 15 Jul 2016
Blanket in a belt LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2016
Los Angeles rarity LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2016
Cause of a school closing LA Times Daily 06 Jul 2016
Wet blanket? The Washington Post 05 Jul 2016
Bank makeup Jonesin 28 Jun 2016
It's measured in inches LA Times Daily 16 Jun 2016
Forecast eagerly awaited by schoolkids New York Times 24 May 2016
Bank deposit? The Washington Post 20 May 2016
Pre-cable TV problem New York Times 18 May 2016
Interference from meddlers? No way! The Telegraph Toughie 13 May 2016
Hoodwink Newsday 12 May 2016
Wet blanket? Universal 24 Apr 2016
Bank deposit Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2016
Hint of sun today -- what 9 could offer The Telegraph Toughie 12 Apr 2016
Bamboozle LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2016
Winter drifter Universal 07 Apr 2016
Here, flakes ultimately present? The Telegraph Toughie 05 Apr 2016
Fort material, perhaps The Washington Post 10 Mar 2016
Michael ____ (painter and sculptor) Canadiana 15 Feb 2016
Word before job or plow Canadiana 08 Feb 2016
Kids' fort material The Washington Post 14 Jan 2016
Bank deposit found in this puzzle's four longest answers Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2016
Deceive Newsday 10 Jan 2016
Winter forecast up north, sometimes Family Time 03 Jan 2016
Some precipitation
Chilly powder?
White fall
Put one over on
Los Angeles rarity
It's measured in inches
Cause of a school closing
Blanket in a belt
Winter blanket
Reason to cancel school
Forecast eagerly awaited by schoolkids
Reason for school cancellation
White Christmas necessity Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2015
Chilly powder? USA Today 30 Nov 2015
Winter drifter Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2015
White icing on a gingerbread house, possibly New York Times 24 Nov 2015
White coat The Washington Post 08 Nov 2015
Winter coat? Eugene Sheffer 29 Oct 2015
Chilly fall Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2015
Fall in winter New York Times 13 Oct 2015
Frosty flakes LA Times Daily 12 Oct 2015
Wet blanket? New York Times 26 Sep 2015
Frequent Arctic forecast New York Times 14 Sep 2015
Skiing base Premier Sunday 30 Aug 2015
Falling flakes Universal 31 Jul 2015
Sort of wet blanket Newsday 02 Jul 2015
Winter drifter New York Times 26 Jun 2015
Frosty's constitution Universal 26 Jun 2015
Winter weather The Telegraph Quick 23 Jun 2015
Falling flakes USA Today 19 Jun 2015
Winter forecast Eugene Sheffer 15 Jun 2015
Bad-reception symptom The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Apr 2015
Alpine surface Universal 21 Mar 2015
Storm output LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2015
White sheet New York Times 19 Mar 2015
Mountaintop cover USA Today 02 Mar 2015
Winter fall LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2015
Reason to add salt? New York Times 05 Feb 2015
Point at present that may come at Christmas The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2015
Shoveled precipitation LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2015
Blizzard, essentially
Boston got 110.6 inches of it in 2014-15, and we'd better not get any more next year or I'm done
Bad-reception symptom
Kilimanjaro cover
White coat
Winter coat
Winter coat?
Winter fall
Frosty flakes
Shoveled precipitation
Storm output
Sort of wet blanket
Fall in winter
Frequent Arctic forecast
Reason to add salt?
Wet blanket?
White icing on a gingerbread house, possibly
White sheet
Winter drifter
Skiing base
Winter drifter
"Informer" singer
Alpine surface
Falling flakes
Frosty's constitution
Chilly powder?
Falling flakes
Mountaintop cover
Chilly fall
White Christmas necessity
Frosty's makeup
Bank deposit?
Winter fall
Cause of temporary blindness
A bunch of flakes chilling together?
The white of a whiteout
Symbol of softness
Overwhelm with flattery
Monet's "___ Scene at Argenteuil"
Skier's wish
Blanket material
Kind of day or job
Winter hazard
Winter precipitation
Fluffy blanket
Mount Kilimanjaro's cap
Type of flake
Winter hazard
Winter's white flakes
Kings of Leon "Velvet ___"
Word before fall or ball
Atlanta newsmaker, January 2014
Put something over on
Winter sight
Wintry white stuff
Winter blanket
Chionophobe's fear
Winter coat?
Winter whiteness
Reason to cancel school
It's seen in many Christmas specials
It makes for a white Christmas
Frosted flakes?
White water?
__ job
Chilly powder
February forecast
Wet blanket
Winter whiteness
Old TV problem
Symbol of purity
Mountain topper
___ globe
Breckenridge cover
White water?
Flatter hugely
It can cover a lot of ground
Frosted flakes?
Canadian winter coat?
Mountain topper
Symbol of purity
"Informer" one-hitter
U2 "White as ___"
Winter white stuff
Winter blanket?
Blanket in winter
Winter blanket
Old television trouble
Reason to bring out the chains
Whiteout cause
Frosty's favorite weather forecast
Winter fall
Some flakes
Skiing surface
Kilimanjaro covering
Winter precipitation
Winter-traction reducer
Wintry forecast
Winter blanket?
White adored by 37-Down
Tundra blanket
Winter blanket
Winter forecast
Shoveler's target
Persuade through razzle-dazzle
It hits the ground silently
Blizzard fall
With 84-Down icy carnival treat,
Winter blanket
Skiing need
Hoped-for Christmas weather
"___ Falling on Cedars" (Guterson novel)
Downfall that some dread
Hoped-for Christmas weather
Blanket material?
Skiing need
Winter blanket
White water?
White man's makeup?
Tundra blanket
Chilly powder?
*Frosted flakes
Author C. P. ___
White blanket
Skiing need
Peppers: "___ ((Hey Oh))"
What made Sabbath blind
Fall in winter
Possible cause of school cancellation
January fall
Some winter ground cover
Makeup of some balls
*Frosted flakes
Chilly powder?
Tundra blanket
White man's makeup?
White water?
Winter coat
Winter forecast
February forecast, often
Aspen accumulation
K2 cover
Lillehammer accumulation
Word with day or job
Winter precipitation
Winter forecast
Kids' fort material
Frosty's makeup
Winter fall
With 35-Down, something meant to be shaken
Kids' winter schoolday wish
Christmas wish, for some
Blizzard blanket
Word before leopard or crab
__ job: trickery
__ White
Winter fall
Coat on the slopes
Blanket material
Bank deposit?
__ White
__ job: trickery
Winter visitor
School closer, perhaps
Frosty, essentially
The "white" of a white Christmas
School closing cause
Kids' fort material
Put one over on
Coat on the slopes
Winter blanket?
Winter Buffalo forecast, often
December fall
Fluffy precipitation
Certain reception problem
Winter coat?
Reception problem
Los Angeles weather surprise
Put one over on
Mountain top, perhaps
Mountain top, maybe
Blizzard stuff
Aspen forecast
Winter precipitation
Ski lover's wish
Tobogganer's need
Los Angeles weather surprise
Frosty's constitution
Ball material
Cap material?
Mountain capper
Reception problem
Winter coat?
Whiteout cause
Wet blanket
Winter forecast
Winter coat?
Schussing surface
Literature's White
Kind of goose or leopard
"A Christmas Carol" precipitation
Skier's wish
Tobogganer's need
Winter blanket
Winter coat
TV reception problem
Slalom course base
Cold shower
It's rarely seen on cable TV
Drifter on the road?
Angel-making stuff
Word in many songs played in December
Word in many songs sung in December
December forecast
Flaky stuff
Throw off the track
White wet stuff
With 58-Across, attempt to deceive using flattery
Cold shower
Slalom course base
TV reception problem
The white of "White Christmas"
Mislead, slangily
Winter coat?
Plow share?
Cold covering
Igloo material
Kind of goose or leopard
Wet blanket in winter
White blanket
Fall around Christmas
Blanket material
Fall on Pikes Peak?
Deceive glibly
Bush White House press secretary
Cause of certain blindness
Pre-cable woe
Welcome forecast at ski lodges
Chilly powder
"Corridors of Power" author
It may be on the mountaintop
Powder, e.g.
Kind of leopard or goose
Type of shoe or storm
Chilly powder
White House press secretary Tony
April or November surprise
Flaky stuff
Cause of many days off
Tube interference
Symbol of whiteness
The white in a whiteout
See 27-Across
White House press secretary Tony
Ball makeup
Mountaintop topper
Driving hazard
Bank deposit?
Certain downfall
Blizzard feature
Bank deposit?
Drifter in a storm
Wet forecast
April or November surprise
Blizzard feature
Drifter in a storm
Sledding surface
Ski surface
Old TV problem
Mountain topper
Reception problem
Blizzard feature
It can stick to the ground or to the first word of 17-, 37-, and 58-Across
Deceive but good
Reason to bring out the chains
Winter blanket
Winter stuff
Kind of job
Deceive, slangily
Winter ground cover
Winter fallout
Couch potato's annoyance
Makeup of men who can't stand the heat?
Word with day or job
Wet forecast
Global precipitation?
Downhill surface
"Strangers and Brothers" novelist
Wintry precipitation
With 41-Across, highway equipment
Mountain precipitation
April surprise
Six-sided stuff
Everest topper
With 41-Across, highway equipment
February forecast
Driving hazard
Frosty's composition
Weather forecast
Wet blanket
Mountain precipitation
It may be on the mountaintop
Plow share?
Wet blanket?
Winter blanket?
Couch potato's nightmare
Makeup of packed powder
Symbol of purity
Tube trouble
Winter fall
December downfall
Alps covering
February forecast
Mountaintop topper
Mislead, slangily
White adored by 37-Down
Flake or fall starter
Frosty's composition
Powder, e.g.
Be insincere with
Symbol of purity
Welcome forecast for Santa
Precipitation below 32°
Winter hazard
Effect of a weak TV signal
Kind of job
Alps covering
Sell a bill of goods
Blanket material
TV static
February forecast
Buffalo forecast
Tube interference
Winter precipitation
Wintry precipitation
Slope powder
Weather forecast
Weather word
Winter ground cover
Country singer Hank
Winter sight
Cancellation-precipitating precipitation
White coat
Wet blanket?
TV reception problem
Falling flakes
Tube interference
Wintry precipitation
Wet blanket?
Chilly powder
Ball material
__ crab
Vail surface
Skier's hope
McKinley topper
Angel-making material
Tundra blanket
C.P. or Phoebe
It's not seen on cable TV
Chilly powder?
Interference on the tube
Literature's Miss White
Alpine surface
Frosty's constitution
Winter fall
Winter blanket material
TV interference
Kind of ball or bank
Wintry element
Peak cooler
Reason to cancel school
Ski slope covering
Ski slope covering
White blanket
Television trouble
Winter forecast
Bank deposit?
Kind of job
Early TV problem
Cap material?
Flaky stuff
Collective flakes
Kind of crab
Deceive with charm
Content of some globes
Cocaine, in slang
It's flaky?
Deceive with flattery
Singer Phoebe
Frosty's makeup
Driving is hard when this is driving
Mislead, slangily
TV bane
Wet blanket?
Hank of country music
Pixel static
Wintry forecast
Overwhelm with flattery
Voter-turnout-dampening phenomenon
Wintry coating
White precipitation
Weather seen in many Christmas specials
TV interference
Pre-cable problem
___ Falling on Cedars
Precable problem
Reception problem
Job opening
Kind of leopard or goose
Television signal problem
Television problem
Word with shoe or fall
Welcome forecast at Vail
Skiers' base
Wet blanket
Powderhounds' delight
Kilimanjaro topper
"Corridors of Power" author
Winter forecast
TV interference
Serial killer?
Pre-cable problem
Winter weather
Some ground cover
Winter's blanket
Mount Kilimanjaro's cap
Winter weather word
Belt opener?
Common Buffalo forecast
Aspen forecast
Falling flakes
It can fall in the fall
Skier's delight
Whitehorse forecast
Powder, to a skier
Picture trouble
___ White
Aspen asset
Fall on Pikes Peak?
Kids' winter schoolday wish
The "white" of "White Christmas"
White with 7 others
Winter warning
Winter shovelful
Surface at Vail
Plow share?
TV screen's white spots
Ski-Doo's terrain
Cold powder
All-too-frequent Buffalo forecast
Winter cover
Author Charles Percy
English novelist
Job type
Convince with smooth talk
Skiers' wish
Winter fall
Reason to get a better antenna, maybe
Feature of 20 across
Problem solved by cable
Winter weather
Kind of goose or leopard
Winter ground cover
Winter White
Before bank or ball
Good news for skiers
TV problem
Bank or man
Cable TV clears it up
White brumal blanket
"I'm Movin' On" singer
Hank or Phoebe of songdom
Word with fall or ball
Brumal blanket
Blizzard material
Mountain topper
___ apple (Fameuse)
One of the Whites
___ job (flattery)
Kind of ball or fall
Rare sight at Daytona Beach
Aspen's aspiration
Skiers' delight
Deceive, in slanguage
Good news at Stowe
Singer Hank
Hexagonal crystalline particles
It's prized at Stowe
C. P. or Phoebe
TV nuisance
Mountain cap
Slalom surface
Type of job
Winter whiteness
Phoebe or C. P.
Popocatépetl's covering
___ job (this puzzle)
Future slush
TV woe
Soft-soap successfully
Inspiration for a J.R. Lowell poem
Crystalline precipitation
Christmas wish
Good news at Aspen
Good news at Vail
Kind of job or field
"Let It ___ . . . ," 1945 song
Singer-composer Phoebe
Stowe stuff
Phoebe of songdom
Kind of ball or bank
Author of "Strangers and Brothers"
Kilimanjaro topper
Spots on a TV screen
Author C. P.
January forecast in Buffalo
TV annoyance
C.P. or Phoebe
Fuji's topper
Orlando rarity
___ White
Weather word
White Christmas sight
Fluff stuff, in CB lingo
Dessert made of egg whites and fruit pulp
Word with mobile or man
Kind of job or bunny
Buffalo's brumal bane
Word with bank or ball
Symbol of purity
Phoebe ___ of Lackawanna days
"Strangers and Brothers" author
Kind of leopard
Welcome sight at Stowe
November forecast
Driving hazard
Drift or job
Picture-tube nuisance
Kind of storm or job
TV interference
Skier's footing
Kind of storm
Miss White
Unwanted TV pattern
Child's delight
Edgar or C.P.
Writer C. P.
TV annoyance
Author of "The Affair"
Goose or mobile
Sled's milieu
Alpine sight
Kind of mobile
Kind of shoe or suit
TV phenomenon
White hair, to poets
Weather forecast
TV ailment.
Slalom milieu
Skier's quest.
Weather word.
One winter, to poets.
English novelist and scientist.
A job of sorts.
Certain flakes.
English novelist.
British writer.
Weather forecast.
Winter symbol.
Winter forecast.
Weather prediction.
English writer.
Kind of bank.
Mountain's cap.
___ leopard.
___ White.
TV trouble.
Kind of flakes.
___ pudding.
___ under.
___ bunting.
Winter blanket.
Sometime part of the street scene.
One kind of man.
Mountain cap.
Symbol of whiteness.
Fallout of a sort.
Skiers' concern.
Igloo material.
One kind of bank.
Hiemal symbol.
Whiteness: Poet.
The makings of a certain man.
Kind of pudding.
Squaw Valley specialty.
TV screen disturbance.
What Grandma Moses has painted most often.
Hazard of polar travel.
White, crystalline flakes.
Symptom of poor TV reception.
Winter's traces.
White flakes.
Weather phenomenon.
Brumal crystals.
The makings of a "man."
Type of storm.
A winter: Poet.
Maine poet.
Symbol of purity.
Meteorologist's concern.
Fuji's cap.
TV screen interference.
TV annoyance.
Skiing requisite.
Winter weather.
Obstruct (with "under").
Mass of white petals.
Cap on K2.
Christmas tree décor.
"Precipitation" on TV screen.
Source of water.
___ goose.
A winter, as a period of time.
TV nuisance.
Another weather prediction.
TV static.
TV interference.
Forerunner of a white Christmas.
Some TV screens have it.
Needed for 25 Down.
"Weather” on TV screens.
Weather seen on some TV screens.
Skier's delight.
It falls on TV.
White blossoms: Poetic.
Winter-time visitor.
Those streaks on the TV screen.
New York phenomenon of Dec. 26, 1947.
Prerequisite of a white Christmas.
Nazi nemesis.
Travel hazard
Cold pack?
White powder
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