Word "SOMEONE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a human being
individual, mortal, person, somebody, soul

Crossword Clues for SOMEONE

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Clue Source Date
Unknown person Newsday 24 Aug 2021
With 27 Across, 'Not me!' The Washington Post Sunday 22 Aug 2021
Unidentified individual Universal 24 Jul 2021
Worthy sweetheart after shortly embracing yours truly The Telegraph Toughie 20 May 2021
Important person The Times Concise 11 Apr 2021
An unknown person The Times Concise 08 Feb 2021
Pronoun sung multiple times in the 1968 hit 'Turn Around, Look at Me' The Washington Post 05 Dec 2020
Pronoun sung multiple times in the 1968 hit "Turn Around, Look at Me" LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2020
Unspecified individual Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2020
'Can __ help me?' The Washington Post 04 Oct 2020
"Can __ help me?" LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2020
Anybody Premier Sunday 30 Aug 2020
'__ Like You': Adele hit The Washington Post 04 Jul 2020
"__ Like You": Adele hit LA Times Daily 04 Jul 2020
Important individual (informal) The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2019
See moon disturbed unknown person The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2019
Unnamed person Thomas Joseph 25 Mar 2019
Important person Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2017
Anybody Jonesin 24 Oct 2017
Worth getting an autograph from Newsday 24 Jun 2017
A name, rather short, to describe this person The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jun 2017
Part I required for a VIP The Times Cryptic 24 Mar 2017
Person of importance USA Today 10 Mar 2017
Unknown individual Universal 04 Feb 2017
''The same old __ that I knew'' (Billy Joel lyric) Newsday 21 Jan 2017
Person of importance
Unknown individual
Mention of amount secured for an unknown person The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Dec 2016
This person's unknown amount of money collected, we hear The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2016
Random individual The Washington Post 17 Feb 2016
Anonymous person Newsday 24 Dec 2015
Unnamed person Universal 02 Nov 2015
The speaker interrupts rather short celebrity The Telegraph Toughie 21 Oct 2015
'Anon' describing me, close to accurate? The Guardian Cryptic 01 Oct 2015
An unspecified person The Times Concise 08 Jul 2015
Elton John's "__ Saved My Life Tonight" LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2015
"__ to Watch Over Me" LA Times Daily 14 Apr 2015
Unnamed person
Elton John's "__ Saved My Life Tonight"
"__ to Watch Over Me"
"__ to Watch Over Me"
Anonymous person
Nobody's opposite
Cher "I Found ___"
Person of importance
Unknown person
Part 4 of quote
Person of note
Any individual
Who "saved my life tonight" in a 1975 Elton John hit
"___ Is Waiting" (song from "Company")
Unspecified person
An unnamed person
Gershwin's "___ to Watch Over Me"
A person
Unnamed person
"If I Needed ___" (Harrison-penned Beatles song)
Unnamed person
It doesn't matter who
"___ to Watch Over Me" (Gershwin tune)
Part 3 of quote
"___ You Love" (Nat King Cole hit)
Important individual
This person or that
Unnamed source
"Goodnight, My __": "The Music Man" song
"Goodnight, My __": "The Music Man" song
Definition, part 3
Nat King Cole's "___ You Love"
Important person
Other alternative?
Not nobody
It could be anybody
A person
Random person
Important sort
"___ to Watch Over Me" (1987 movie)
Important sort
"___ to Watch Over Me"
Indefinite pronoun
"_____ to Watch Over Me": Gershwin
"___ to Watch Over Me"
Successful person
"__ to watch over me"
Gershwin's "_____ to Watch Over Me"
"___ to Watch Over Me," Gershwin song
"___ to Watch Over Me," 1926 song
"Make ___ Happy," 1960 song
"___ is sinking to-day": Ufford
John Doe
"__ to Watch Over Me"
"Make ___ Happy," pop song
"___ up there . . . "
" . . . lifeline, ___ is sinking today"
Unidentified person
Watcher over me?
Nobody in particular
Unnamed person.
Indefinite person.
Person of importance.
Unidentified person.
A person.
"___ To Watch Over Me."
"___ to Watch Over Me."
Vague pronoun.
Anonymous person.
Big star
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