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Word "SOPRANO" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the pitch range of the highest female voice

Part of Speech:
having or denoting a high range
soprano voice
soprano sax

Part of Speech:
a female singer

Crossword Clues for SOPRANO

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Clue Source Date
Parson lost love for singer The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2021
High female voice The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2021
High vocal range Universal 19 Feb 2021
Female singer Irish Times Simplex 06 Jan 2021
Parson, doctor, leader of orchestra and member of a choir Irish Times Crosaire 19 Dec 2020
Mobster thus managed to enter post office The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Dec 2020
Female voice The Times Concise 14 Sep 2020
Parson reformed old singer The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2020
Soaring performer New York Times 01 Mar 2020
High singing voice The Times Concise 24 Dec 2019
Parson developed love for singer The Sun Two Speed 02 Sep 2019
Singer like this professional keeping a name The Telegraph Cryptic 22 May 2019
Hitter of high notes Premier Sunday 21 Apr 2019
One never ends on a low note New York Times 02 Feb 2019
TV mob boss USA Today 13 Nov 2018
Choir member Thomas Joseph 10 Sep 2018
Singer given concession hurried round The Sun Two Speed 27 Mar 2018
High singer Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2018
Certain voice in a choir Universal 31 Jul 2017
Singer The Telegraph Quick 13 Jun 2017
Highest female voice Universal 08 May 2017
Singer thus performed opera's intro around piano The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2016
Jessye Norman, e.g Jonesin 11 Oct 2016
Singer, very much embracing musical work, was progressing quickly The Times Cryptic 29 Sep 2016
Singer so professional must welcome article The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2016
HBO mobster USA Today 09 Aug 2016
Fictional crime family surname The Washington Post 15 Jun 2016
Carmela, perhaps, as a noted female The Guardian Cryptic 27 Apr 2016
One who may finish on a high note New York Times 06 Apr 2016
After stoppage of play, intially fled over pitch The Telegraph Toughie 25 Mar 2016
Parson crazed with love for a trebly gifted female The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jan 2016
Singer soon to perform with rap The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2016
Highest adult female voice The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Jan 2016
Caroller scored highly? The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2015
Certain singer Universal 29 Apr 2015
Choir voice Newsday 05 Apr 2015
Timeless part soon devised for singer The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Mar 2015
Met performer Thomas Joseph 13 Mar 2015
High voice Newsday 22 Feb 2015
Tony and Carmela's TV family name
Vocal range
Voice range
Price range
Kind of sax
Member of a 2000s TV family
One who hits the high notes
Italian for "what is above"
High-note hitter
Part literally "above"
Opera heroine, often
TV mobster Tony
Surname of an HBO crime family
Opera heroine, usually
Voice above the rest
TV mobster
Singing voice in the 17-Across
Callas, for one
Tony, e.g.
Top line on a chorale
One who might hit an 83-Down
Kristin Chenoweth's voice type
Castrato's register, perhaps
Juliet, e.g., in Gounod's "Romeo and Juliet"
Aida, for one
Kind of sax played by Kenny G
TV crime family name
See 29-Down
Tony, for one
High range
HBO family name
Provider of top notes
Coloratura, e.g.
Singing voice
Kirsten Flagstad, e.g.
Castrato, often
Voice heard above the others
Fictional crime family name
Choir part
Sills, for one
Mobster on HBO
One of a modern TV family
Pons or Ponselle
One who gets high?
Elsa in "Lohengrin"
Bellini's Norma, e.g.
Voice from on high
Jessye Norman, e.g.
Kathleen Battle, e.g.
Catherine Malfitano, e.g.
Renata Scotto is one
Highest singing voice
Sills, e.g.
Arroyo or Marton
Member of a choir
Price, for one
She's in the high C areas
Eileen Farrell, e.g.
Musical star.
Opera heroine, usually.
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