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Crossword Clues for SORES

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Clue Source Date
Tender spots Eugene Sheffer 06 Apr 2021
Skin marks Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2021
Massage targets Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2021
Tender areas Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2020
Sensitive skin spots USA Today 17 Nov 2020
Lesions Canadiana 16 Nov 2020
Painful spots Premier Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Saddle ___ (riders' woes) Universal 20 Jun 2020
Raw spots New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Dressing sites Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2020
Sites of irritation The Washington Post Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Skin irritations The Washington Post 26 Nov 2019
Places for balm New York Times 29 Aug 2019
Aloe targets The Washington Post 29 May 2019
Salve targets Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2019
Skin lesions, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 18 Nov 2018
Chafing results Universal 22 Sep 2018
Targets of ointments The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Diseased spots The Telegraph Quick 05 Apr 2018
Issues for dermatologists
Results of chafing New York Times 27 Dec 2017
Wounds those at the end of 36 across Irish Times Crosaire 18 Nov 2017
Areas for dressing Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2017
Wounds Universal 23 Sep 2017
Sensitive skin areas The Washington Post Sunday 17 Sep 2017
Results of abrasion USA Today 15 Sep 2017
Results of abrasions New York Times 23 Aug 2017
Things that need healing Universal 05 Aug 2017
Sensitive spots Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2017
Skin infections Canadiana 20 Mar 2017
Achy spots Universal 18 Mar 2017
They may be dressed in pads Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2017
Painful things to touch Premier Sunday 01 Jan 2017
Saddle afflictions Universal 31 Oct 2016
Public blights (with "eye") Universal 18 Jul 2016
They're painful to the touch Universal 16 Jun 2016
Saddle or bed woes USA Today 07 Nov 2015
With "eye," public blights Universal 05 Sep 2015
Saddle woes USA Today 11 Jul 2015
Affliction for Job, in the Bible New York Times 09 Jul 2015
Sources of pain Universal 26 Jan 2015
Ointment targets Universal 05 Jan 2015
Aloe may be applied to them
Saddle ___ (equestrians' woes)
Sources of irritation
Saddle ___ (cowboy's woe)
Dressing targets
Ulcers, e.g.
Painful places
Cold ones?
Results of lying too much?
Places for salves
Dermatology concerns
Healing sites?
Salved spots
Dermatology topics
Saddle __ (cowboy's woe)
Saddle __ (cowboy's complaint)
Sensitive areas
They often get dressed
Painful areas
Dermatology issues
Boils or galls
Things to salve
Blisters, e.g.
Achy places
Hurting spots
Skin woes
They're tender
They're often tender
Salve sites
Saddle __
Red spots
Pain sources
Scrapes and scratches
Tender places
They hurt to touch
Sensitive things
Saddle ___
Healing sites
Cause for TLC
Saddle __ (equestrians' woes)
Achy areas
Post___saddle pains
Sources of vexation
Skin problems
Rough riders' woes
Painful points
Chafed places
Problems for Job
Sources of distress
Afflictions for Job
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.