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Word "SOWER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who sows

Crossword Clues for SOWER

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Clue Source Date
Field worker Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2021
Planter The Washington Post 22 Jun 2019
Seed spreader Universal 12 Dec 2018
Someone planting Newsday 08 Dec 2018
Farmer, at times Thomas Joseph 13 Aug 2018
Farmer in the spring Universal 21 Jul 2018
One spreading seed New York Times 26 Jan 2018
Crop planter The Washington Post 21 Jul 2017
Seed distributor Universal 20 Jun 2017
Future reaper Universal 21 Apr 2017
Scatterer of seeds Premier Sunday 25 Dec 2016
Arable worker heard regularly chasing mother on farm The Times Cryptic 07 Dec 2016
Farmer, during spring The Washington Post 14 Nov 2016
One planting seeds The Times Concise 30 Sep 2015
Farmer, in the spring New York Times 27 Sep 2015
Broadcaster initially hoping to avoiding downpour The Times Cryptic 29 May 2015
Figure in one of the parables of Jesus
Fellow in a field
Johnny Appleseed, e.g.
Spreader of seeds
Wheat planter
Farmer, in spring
Wheat planter, e.g.
One with a long row to hoe, perhaps
One who scatters seeds
Farm machine
Broadcaster of seeds
Seet distributor
Farm worker
Farmer in April
Seed planter
Gardener in spring
Precursor of a reaper
He comes before the reaper
Plantation employee
Farmer, often
He needs seeds
Farmer, at times.
Farmer in the spring.
Gardener in spring.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.