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Crossword Clues for SPADES

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Clue Source Date
Shovel-like tools The Telegraph Quick 25 Apr 2021
Jack's suit, at times The Washington Post Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Spring day, content in best suit The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2021
Digging tools and card suit Irish Times Simplex 31 Dec 2020
Trick-taking card game USA Today 14 Nov 2020
Black suit New York Times 30 Aug 2020
Card game with possibles USA Today 26 May 2020
Fictional detective Sam, seen originally in a suit The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2020
Those ground-breaking types of accommodation with key in ship Irish Times Crosaire 03 Apr 2020
Passed out in black suits Irish Times Crosaire 14 Feb 2020
Garden tools and card suit Irish Times Simplex 05 Feb 2020
Suit passed to tailor The Telegraph Toughie 24 Dec 2019
Card game with books USA Today 04 Dec 2019
Gardeners' hand tools USA Today 20 Nov 2019
Black card suit Newsday 22 Oct 2019
Highest suit in bridge Universal 06 Oct 2019
Shovels The Telegraph Quick 11 Jun 2019
Ground breakers Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2018
Card suit Irish Times Simplex 05 Nov 2018
Little boy after somewhere for bathing suit The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Sep 2018
Trick-taking game New York Times 08 Apr 2018
Card game or suit Universal 24 Mar 2018
Suit in a casino The Washington Post Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Quarter deck? New York Times 17 Sep 2017
Gardeners' small shovels Newsday 29 Aug 2017
They may be trumps, in bridge USA Today 21 Nov 2016
Digging tools Newsday 06 Nov 2016
Digs suit The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Nov 2016
Quarter of the deck USA Today 23 Oct 2016
Ground-breaking tools USA Today 29 Jul 2016
Suit those covered in soil? The Sun Two Speed 01 Dec 2015
Black suit of cards The Sun Two Speed 01 Dec 2015
Dark suit USA Today 18 Aug 2015
Shovels and card suit Irish Times Simplex 30 Jul 2015
Bidding card game
Popular card game
In __ (extremely)
13-piece suit?
Cousin of bridge
Game similar to bridge
One of four card suits
Rakes' shedmates
Trump, at times
Bidder's suit, perhaps
Play suit?
Dark suit?
Major suit
Black cards
Deck part
Some cards
Trump, sometimes
Deck suit
Top suit
In ___ (to the max)
Deck division
Some queens
Galore, with "in"
Thirteen in a deck
Trump, possibly
Some kings
Game declaration
Playing cards
Bidder's suit
Heart beaters
Bridge suit
Garden tools
Powerful suit
In ___ (emphatically)
Suit in a deck
Does garden work
Black suit.
One of four suits.
Card suit.
Suit bid.
Four of these make game.
A suit at cards.
Card game sometimes played with jokers
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.