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Word "SPIEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
replay (as a melody)

Part of Speech:
plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson)
line of gab, patter

Part of Speech:
speak at great length (about something)

Crossword Clues for SPIEL

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Clue Source Date
Patter from a vendor Universal 27 Mar 2021
Pitch Newsday 20 Dec 2020
Sales pitch Eugene Sheffer 28 Nov 2020
Long-winded speech Universal 27 Sep 2020
Hawker's talk Newsday 03 Nov 2019
Pitchman's pitch USA Today 12 Aug 2019
Curling tourney, for short Canadiana 17 Jun 2019
Pitcher's delivery? Wall Street Journal 24 Nov 2018
Telemarketer's talk The Washington Post Sunday 20 May 2018
Sales talk Premier Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Pitchman's speech USA Today 22 Mar 2018
Long-winded sales pitch New York Times 29 Jan 2018
Salesman's pitch USA Today 15 Dec 2017
Is Pele endlessly running round this pitch? The Telegraph Toughie 15 Nov 2017
Pitch, of a sort Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2017
Glib sales pitch Universal 11 Jul 2017
Infomercial pitch The Washington Post 09 Apr 2017
Carny barker or salesperson's delivery Universal 24 Mar 2017
Salesperson's pitch Universal 21 Sep 2016
Purposeful pitch Universal 15 Aug 2016
Huckster's line USA Today 07 Jun 2016
Pitcher's delivery Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2016
Long pitch The Washington Post 13 Mar 2016
Infomercial presentation, e.g New York Times 03 Feb 2016
Pitchman's line The Washington Post 02 Jan 2016
Infomercial presentation, e.g.
Oral pitch Newsday 12 Jun 2015
Sales patter Newsday 20 Mar 2015
Carnival barker's delivery USA Today 11 Feb 2015
Barker's oratory USA Today 04 Feb 2015
Barker's bark
Seller's lines
Pitcher's talk
Fast pitch
Hawker's line
Series of selling points
Door-to-door delivery
Opening pitch
Door-to-door pitch
Hawker's pitch
Sales person's forte, and a synonym for the ends of this puzzle's three longest entries
Carny's pitch
Barker's pitch
Second row
Pitching line
Voluble sales pitch
Rep's pitch
Pitchman's patter
Pitchman's delivery
Barker's come-on
Extravagant talk
Fast sales talk
Barker's solicitation
Long talk
Fast delivery
Try for a sale
Pitchman's prose
Pitchman's talk
Sales pitch sometimes
Practiced pitch
Salesman's preparation
Hard sell, maybe
Barke's pitch
Line of gab
Leading lines?
Salesman's patter
Car salesman's patter
Bit of salesmanship
Barker's banter
What barkers do
Line of chatter
Barker's forte
Pitchman's forte
Line of a sort
Circus barker's pitch
Barker's harangue
Sales talk.
Barker's pitch.
Voluble line of talk.
Speech of a sort.
Hawker's routine.
Barker's line.
Talk: Colloq.
Salesman's pitch.
Barker's specialty.
Orate: Slang.
Talk: Slang.
Barker's talk.
Talk endlessly: Slang.
Nonstop talk.
Grifter's speech.
Glib sales talk.
Barker's come-on.
Side-show barker's talk.
QVC delivery, often
Convention center talk
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.