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Crossword Clues for SPINE

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Clue Source Date
Backbone Eugene Sheffer 30 Dec 2020
Title holder LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2020
Willpower LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2020
Book part Thomas Joseph 31 Jul 2020
Place for a book title USA Today 31 Jul 2020
Part of a book The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2020
Porcupine's point Universal 24 Jul 2020
Strength of character Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2020
Gumption The New Yorker 02 Mar 2020
Book's backbone Newsday 21 Jul 2019
Where a shiver is felt Universal 15 Jul 2019
Fortitude New York Times 23 Jun 2019
Book's backing Newsday 26 May 2019
What a courageous person 'grows' The Washington Post Sunday 12 May 2019
What you might turn your head sideways to read, in a bookstore The New Yorker 08 Apr 2019
Coward's lack USA Today 23 Feb 2019
Series of vertebrae Irish Times Simplex 09 Jan 2019
Chiropractor's focus USA Today 05 Nov 2018
Chiropractors work it Universal 13 Oct 2018
Bottle first of Edradour drams up The Telegraph Toughie 16 May 2018
Part of book's jacket The Times Concise 05 Jan 2018
Part of a book that holds it together Family Time 24 Sep 2017
Book title's place USA Today 22 Jul 2017
Porcupine quill Newsday 11 Jun 2017
Chiropractor's concern The Washington Post 01 Jun 2017
Book title location Wall Street Journal 15 May 2017
Cactus feature Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2017
___-tingling Universal 07 Apr 2017
Holder of disks The Washington Post 02 Apr 2017
Title locale New York Times 17 Mar 2017
Hardcover book part Universal 17 Feb 2017
It may tingle when one is frightened Universal 26 Jan 2017
Chiropractic concern The Washington Post 16 Nov 2016
Coward's lack, figuratively USA Today 15 Sep 2016
Moral fiber LA Times Daily 08 Jun 2016
Guts, oddly The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Jan 2016
Book backing Newsday 17 Jan 2016
Second long part of hardback? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Dec 2015
Book back Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2015
Back of a book? USA Today 30 Oct 2015
Title holder? Wall Street Journal 13 Apr 2015
It may tingle
Chiropractic concentration
Book or body part
Backbone of a book
Book binding
Might get a chill down it, during show
Book and body part
What cowards lack
Small piano
What a chiropractor manipulates
Skeletal axis
Chiropractor's target
Invertebrate's lack
Chicken's lack
Where the chills happen at show
They Might Be Giants '04 album "The ___"
Contortionist's bendy part
Vertebra locale
2004 They Might Be Giants album (with "The")
Hedgehog feature
Cactus needle
Book backbone
Fish leftover
Back of the book?
It may be tingling
Subject for a chiropractor
Place for many a title
Quill, e.g.
Place for a title
Title location
Milksop's lack
It can be tapped
Small harpsichord
It tingles at times
Epidural site
It has disks
___ -tingling: eerie
Bookbinder's back
Refusal to buckle
Porcupine's pointer
Book's back
Tingle area?
Orthopedists's concern
Bookbinding piece
Back of a book
Back of the book
Hardcover part
Part of a tome
Intestinal fortitude
Porcupine's protection
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.