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Crossword Clues for SPITS

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Clue Source Date
Barbecue rods Thomas Joseph 04 Jan 2021
Rotisserie rods Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2020
Long shoals Newsday 11 Apr 2020
Hot rods? New York Times 10 Apr 2020
Roast rotators New York Times 17 Nov 2019
What an angry cat does Universal 31 Aug 2019
They rotate at barbecues The Washington Post Sunday 17 Feb 2019
Holders of roasts The Washington Post 09 Dec 2018
Rods at cookouts USA Today 15 Jul 2018
Roasting rods Universal 01 Jul 2018
Meat turners Universal 10 Mar 2018
Rotisserie chicken holders USA Today 16 Feb 2018
Barbecue hardware Newsday 09 Feb 2018
Revolvers in rotisseries USA Today 22 May 2017
Rods at pig roasts USA Today 27 Feb 2017
Relieves oneself of watermelon seeds, perhaps Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2016
Pig turners Universal 22 Aug 2016
Goes for the cuspidor Universal 16 Apr 2016
Rotisserie parts USA Today 11 Mar 2016
Necks of land Newsday 03 Dec 2015
Equipment for barbecues Universal 11 Nov 2015
Rods for barbecues USA Today 05 Nov 2015
Sticks in a barbecue Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2015
Barbecue sticks
Narrow land projections into the sea
Blurts (out)
Roast rods
Rotisserie essentials
Meat piercers
What a tobacco chewer does
They take turns for the wurst?
Turners at the luau
They may rotate at luaus
Rotating rods on a grill
Rotating cooking rods
Rods with roasts
Barely rains
Emulates a camel
Barbecue accessories
BBQ rods
Sticks turned over a fire
They may take turns for the wurst
Rotisserie needs
Barbecue appendages
Attacks like an archerfish
Gyro turners
Turners at cookouts
Sticks in the barbecue
Cookout bars
Barbeque accessories
Apes an angry Angora
Slow-cooking devices
Kabob skewers
Roast holders
Narrow reefs
Barbecue pieces
Barbecue gear
Rods used by campers
Rods for roasts
Cooking devices
Roasting pins
Barbecue parts
Points of land.
Rotisserie gear.
Cooking devices.
Barbecue accessories.
Tongues of land.
Narrow points of land.
Long, narrow reefs.
Roasting devices.
Barbecue equipment.
Meat-roasting devices.
Roasting sticks.
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