Word "SPLIT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
having been divided; having the unity destroyed
disconnected, disunited, fragmented
a split group

Part of Speech:
separate into parts or portions
carve up, dissever, divide, separate, split up

Part of Speech:
discontinue an association or relation; go different ways
break, break up, part, separate, split up
My friend and I split up

Crossword Clues for SPLIT

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Clue Source Date
Left LA Times Daily 24 Sep 2022
Divided The Times Concise 12 Sep 2022
___ pea soup USA Today 10 Sep 2022
Tear The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2022
Skedaddle New York Times 29 Aug 2022
Went halvesies on USA Today 24 Aug 2022
Schism The Times Concise 21 Aug 2022
Leave resort in Croatia The Times Cryptic 15 Aug 2022
Divvy up Premier Sunday 14 Aug 2022
Took off Eugene Sheffer 02 May 2022
Narrow promontory around large city in the Balkans The Guardian Cryptic 29 Apr 2022
Took off Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2022
Divide, as a bill Universal 14 Mar 2022
Banana ___ (dessert) USA Today 25 Feb 2022
Of two minds Newsday 24 Feb 2022
Pressure in narrow opening causes rupture The Times Cryptic 25 Jan 2022
Divvy up Universal 10 Jan 2022
Divvy up USA Today 31 Dec 2021
Challenge in an alley New York Times 17 Dec 2021
With 65-Across, chore on a winter to-do list ... and what appears in each set of circles LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2021
Break The Times Concise 08 Nov 2021
Took off LA Times Daily 15 Sep 2021
Took off The Washington Post 15 Sep 2021
Go 50-50 on USA Today 02 Sep 2021
Bowling headache LA Times Daily 29 Aug 2021
Bowling headache The Washington Post 29 Aug 2021
Make like a banana Wall Street Journal 24 Jul 2021
Leave the scene, in a groovy way Family Time 11 Jul 2021
Part ways [#UniversalXwordPride] Universal 10 Jun 2021
Alley challenge Wall Street Journal 03 Jun 2021
Divide, share out among Irish Times Simplex 22 May 2021
Divide evenly Newsday 18 May 2021
Break open the port The Sun Two Speed 15 Apr 2021
Depart The Sun Two Speed 15 Apr 2021
Go halfsies on New York Times 23 Mar 2021
Halve The Telegraph Quick 14 Mar 2021
Bowling challenge Thomas Joseph 06 Mar 2021
Skedaddle Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Take off USA Today 15 Jan 2021
Leave Croatian port The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2020
Bowler's challenge Thomas Joseph 12 Dec 2020
Took off Newsday 22 Nov 2020
Bowler's test The Washington Post 21 Oct 2020
Bowler's test LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2020
Rend Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2020
Break The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2020
Left The Washington Post 27 Aug 2020
Left LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2020
Go 50-50 on USA Today 21 Aug 2020
Leave hastily, informally Universal 17 Aug 2020
Like embarrassing pants? Family Time 10 Aug 2020
Left Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2020
Banana ___ Wall Street Journal 21 Jul 2020
Come apart Newsday 08 Jul 2020
Alley oops? Family Time 21 Jun 2020
Skedaddle USA Today 18 Jun 2020
Ripped The Telegraph Quick 04 Jun 2020
Go separate ways USA Today 27 May 2020
Tear The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2020
Crack; divide The Telegraph Quick 13 Apr 2020
Get away Newsday 26 Mar 2020
Separate, break into parts Irish Times Simplex 24 Mar 2020
Break; leave suddenly The Times Concise 24 Mar 2020
Took a powder Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2020
Bowler's bane Newsday 15 Dec 2019
Word before 'pea' or after 'banana' USA Today 02 Dec 2019
Leave in a hurry USA Today 11 Nov 2019
Parted company USA Today 01 Nov 2019
Left The Washington Post Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Bowler's challenge LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2019
Bowler's challenge The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
Get lost Universal 24 Jul 2019
Divided in 4-Across Family Time 08 Jul 2019
Crack open the port The Guardian Quiptic 18 Jun 2019
Separate or cut with a tool Irish Times Simplex 11 Jun 2019
Turn one hand into two, in blackjack Universal 10 Jun 2019
Like a hamburger bun USA Today 26 Apr 2019
Small Champagne bottle The Washington Post 07 Apr 2019
Small Champagne bottle LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2019
Divided Universal 23 Mar 2019
With 41-Across, causes of hung juries ... and a hint to what's hidden in 17-, 25-, 51-, and 64-Across Universal 06 Jan 2019
Division The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2019
Get lost
Turn one hand into two, in blackjack
Bowler's challenge
Small Champagne bottle
With 41-Across, causes of hung juries ... and a hint to what's hidden in 17-, 25-, 51-, and 64-Across
Parted company
Go separate ways
Like a hamburger bun
2016 horror film about a man with 23 personalities The Times Specialist Sunday 30 Dec 2018
Break in two Newsday 24 Dec 2018
Depart (informal) The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2018
Break apart Croatian port The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2018
Tricky bowling situation New York Times 07 Nov 2018
Crack The Telegraph Quick 01 Nov 2018
Divide The Telegraph Quick 23 Sep 2018
Skedaddle New York Times 15 Sep 2018
Lowly worker New York Times 02 Aug 2018
Divide in two Newsday 16 Jul 2018
Break along the grain The Sun Two Speed 11 Jul 2018
Divided Thomas Joseph 15 May 2018
Share doubler Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2018
Tough challenge for a bowler Family Time 11 Mar 2018
Divided Eugene Sheffer 16 Feb 2018
Skedaddled New York Times 26 Jan 2018
Divide in two pieces Family Time 22 Jan 2018
Share doubler
Tricky bowling situation
Alley challenge
Start of the contest answer, and a nudge to finding the rest
Break up The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2017
Crack left in neck of land The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2017
Breakup of the former Yugoslavia Irish Times Crosaire 09 Dec 2017
Treat with a banana USA Today 13 Nov 2017
Share, as a check Universal 19 Oct 2017
Bowler's challenge Jonesin 26 Sep 2017
Divorced New York Times 11 Sep 2017
Run away for a break The Times Cryptic 18 Jul 2017
Hints about touring large Adriatic port The Times Cryptic 03 Jul 2017
Share 50/50 Newsday 20 Jun 2017
Rent The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2017
Hard spare to pick up Universal 26 May 2017
Divide, in a way Wall Street Journal 22 May 2017
Divvy up New York Times 07 May 2017
Bisected Newsday 07 May 2017
Share equally Universal 11 Apr 2017
Separate The Telegraph Quick 10 Apr 2017
See 9 The Guardian Quick 25 Feb 2017
Divide — Croatian port The Guardian Quick 26 Jan 2017
Word following 35-/36-Across, appropriately New York Times 12 Jan 2017
Hard spare to pick up
Share equally
Treat with a banana
Share, as a check
Divvy up
Word following 35-/36-Across, appropriately
Tough attempt for a bowler Universal 17 Dec 2016
Divide Family Time 05 Dec 2016
Took off The Washington Post 01 Nov 2016
Bowler's challenge USA Today 21 Oct 2016
Diverge The Guardian Speedy 10 Sep 2016
Fork Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2016
Small champagne bottle Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2016
Crown's upset about London leader in foreign city The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2016
Banana concoction Universal 09 May 2016
Hard-to-make spare Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Took off Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2016
Breakup LA Times Daily 17 Apr 2016
Divvy up Universal 04 Apr 2016
The 7-10 is a nasty one New York Times 10 Feb 2016
Break in half USA Today 01 Feb 2016
Take off Newsday 31 Jan 2016
Take off The Washington Post 30 Jan 2016
Quietly illuminated following end of religious schism The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jan 2016
Bowler's headache Universal 17 Jan 2016
Bowler's headache
Break in half
Bowler's challenge
The 7-10 is a nasty one
Bowler's headache USA Today 18 Dec 2015
Divide into shares LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2015
Win one, lose one New York Times 21 Oct 2015
Share wasted after internal upset The Telegraph Toughie 09 Sep 2015
Alley 'oops'? Eugene Sheffer 04 Aug 2015
Bisected, perhaps Newsday 01 Jul 2015
Crack opening round side of pants The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2015
Break into parts The Times Concise 28 May 2015
Bowler's toughie USA Today 17 Mar 2015
Win one, lose one
Bisected, perhaps
Come apart
Divide in two
Divide into shares
Bowling headache Jonesin 01 Jan 2015
Bowler's toughie
Bowler's headache
Divide evenly
7-10, e.g.
Divvy up
Bowler's bane
Took off
Divide 50-50
Steve Winwood "___ Decision"
One way to lower a stock's price
Wine bottle size
Bowling bummer
Cheerleader's move
Bowler's concern
Acrobatic maneuver
Get lost
Champagne container
Take a hike
Bowler's woe
High-tailed it
Acrobatic maneuver
Take a hike
Bowler's woe
Bowler's challenge
The Shins "___ Needles"
Leave the scene
Leave, so to speak
Phish "___ Open and Melt"
Hamstring-stretching gymnastic maneuver
Make two hands out of one in this puzzle's card game
Depart, so to speak
Beat a retreat
___-pea soup
Remaining 7 and 10 pins in bowling
Floor exercise maneuver
Bowler's challenge
Took off
Divvy up
Beat it
Alley "oops"
Hit the bricks
Hightailed it
Candlepins bummer
With 51-Across, nitpick ... or a hint to 17-, 37- and 60-Across
Thieves' arrangement
Alley "oops"
Took off
Beat it
Word with "stock" or "banana"
Take off
Bowler's 7-10, e.g.
Cheerleader's feat
Bowler's challenge
Cheerleader's feat
Banana treat
Took off
Alley oops?
Dairy Queen order
Lane pain?
See 1-Across
Part company
Leave, slangily
Bowling challenge
What 51-Across did in the '70s, for Los Angeles
One-eighth of a magnum
Go 50/50 on
Trouble for a bowler
With 62 Down, alternate title for the puzzle
Bowler's headache
Bowler's headache
Bowler's headache
Share equally
Alley challenge
Cut out
Go Dutch on
Divvy up
7-10, in bowling parlance
Share equally
Tricky bowling situation
Share equally
Took one's leave, slangily
Go 50/50 on
Champagne quantity
Word that can precede the first word of 17-, 23-, 38-, 47- and 59-Across
Champagne bottle
Of two minds
Lane bane
Word that can precede the first word of 17-, 23-, 38-, 47- and 59-Across
Take off
Small wine bottle
Alley "oops"
Challenging bowling pin arrangement
Bowler's bane
Divide evenly
Hightailed it
Tough spare
Bowling challenge
7-10, for one
Word with ticket or rail
7-10, in bowling
Take off
Banana __ (dessert)
Leave, slangily
Make tracks
7-10, e.g.
Share equally
Bowler's challenge
Leave, slangily
Kegler's headache
Divide, with "up"
Break up
Took one's leave, slangily
Take off
Bowler's bane
Bowler's bane
Take off
Alley challenge
Shove off
Play two games starting with one hand in this puzzle's card
Part company
7-10, e.g.
Cheerleader's maneuver
Bowler's bane
Champagne container
Gymnast's feat
50/50, say
High-tailed it
Banana treat
Hard-to-make spare
Break in two
7-10, for one
Take off
Ivanisevic's hometown
Champagne unit
Kind of ticket
Party problem, perhaps
Problem in an alley
Get a divorce, informally
Bowling challenge
Stock doubler
Kegler's headache
Win one of a doubleheader
Challenge in the alley
Thieves' arrangement
Bowler's 7-10, e.g.
Bowler's bane
One way to get more shares
Word with stock or banana
Challenge for a bowler
Bowler's challenge
Kind of ticket
Good news for shareholders
One way to lower a stock's price
Break up
Bowler's bane
Alley challenge
Cheerleader's act
Word with ticket or rail
Bowler's problem
Alley "oops"
To incorrectly write an infinitive
Bowler's problem
Go 1-1 in a doubleheader
Gymnastics move
Banana treat
Like some ends
Share evenly
Bowler's headache
Like some decisions
___ decision, bout outcome
Kind of pea
Stock division
Alley woe
Wine-bottle size
Take it on the lam
Acrobatic maneuver
Kegler's problem
Melon action
Tricky bowling shot
___ hairs
Melon operation
Word with level or second
Bottle size
Bowling woe
Small bottle
Opposite of a magnum
Bowler's despair
Banana concoction
The 7-10 is a tough one.
Tricky bowling shot.
Half pint.
Win one, lose one.
Half pint: Colloq.
Half-pint bottle.
One kind of infinitive.
7 and 10 pins standing.
___ level.
A half pint.
Largest city of Dalmatia.
Type of infinitive.
Serb name for Spalato.
Banana favorite.
Division in a party.
___ pea soup.
Yugoslav port.
An ice-cream dish with fruit.
Share of the loot.
Serbian name for a seaport in Yugoslavia.
"___ the difference."
Seaport in Yugoslavia.
A rift in the party.
Divide into portions.
Yugoslav seaport.
___ personality.
Half pint bottle.
Seaport in W Yugoslavia.
Ice cream order
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