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Clue Source Date
Loot Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2021
Goes bad Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2021
Ruins, as the ending The Washington Post Sunday 03 May 2020
Plunder Mars The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2019
Plunderer's prize Wall Street Journal 29 May 2019
Goes bad, as milk Newsday 19 Nov 2018
Victor's prize
War winnings Thomas Joseph 06 Jul 2017
Becomes inedible Newsday 19 Apr 2017
Messes up uneven bank's of specimens and soils Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jun 2016
Plays the killjoy Universal 02 Dec 2015
Plunder Newsday 01 Aug 2015
Plundered wealth
Loot taken in war
Turns bad, or is too good to
Pampers too much
Turns bad
Turns, in a way
Gives away plot points, say
Victor's get
Doesn't keep
Victor's share
Victor's booty
Victor's reward
Victor's take
War rewards
War gains
Victor's entitlement
Fruits of victory
Gets rotten
Winners' take
Victors' reward
Victors' booty
Victor's loot
System practiced by Jackson
What the victor gets
Victor's due
Victor's share.
The victor's share.
___ for (has great desire for).
The victor's property.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.