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Word "SPONSOR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who supports or champions something
patron, supporter

Part of Speech:
assume sponsorship of
patronise, patronize

Part of Speech:
do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of
buy at, frequent, patronise, patronize, shop, shop at

Crossword Clues for SPONSOR

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Clue Source Date
Subsidize Premier Sunday 09 May 2021
Sopranos broadcast missing a 'godfather' The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Apr 2021
Provide funds for a project or person Irish Times Simplex 10 Apr 2021
Sons without power or patron The Sun Two Speed 14 Jan 2021
Backer The Sun Two Speed 14 Jan 2021
Godparent; donor The Times Concise 22 Dec 2020
Cook snoops on top restaurant patron Irish Times Crosaire 28 Nov 2020
Terrible sopranos lacking a patron The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2020
Spoons bent right back The Sun Two Speed 25 Jun 2020
Patron The Sun Two Speed 25 Jun 2020
Spot buyer Wall Street Journal 05 May 2020
Supporter of trail across both poles The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Oct 2019
Boys grabbing pet's front or back The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Sep 2019
Boys without power or patron The Sun Two Speed 17 Aug 2019
Back in production Newsday 10 Aug 2019
Reflective one among 'Friends' accepting short refusal to be godfather? The Telegraph Toughie 10 Apr 2019
Promoter; funder The Times Concise 15 Mar 2019
Provide finance for track around the outskirts of Nimes The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Mar 2019
Nike, to Colin Kaepernick USA Today 31 Dec 2018
Discordant sopranos without a backer The Sun Two Speed 27 Nov 2018
Spoons bending right back The Sun Two Speed 13 Nov 2018
Lads keeping vanguard of Persian soldiers back The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2018
One paying for a plug The Washington Post 25 Jul 2018
Supporter The Telegraph Quick 25 Feb 2018
One buying time, perhaps The Washington Post 09 Jan 2018
Ad supplier Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2017
Opposite directions taken in trail to get back The Telegraph Toughie 17 Oct 2017
One paying to be on TV? Universal 25 Aug 2017
Godparent at a baptism The Times Concise 22 Aug 2017
Source of campaign financing Newsday 22 Jul 2017
Back for the Confirmation Irish Times Crosaire 17 Jun 2017
Anheuser-Busch, to the Super Bowl USA Today 18 May 2017
Advertiser Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2016
See 5-Across New York Times 28 Sep 2016
Underwrite The Washington Post 06 Feb 2016
Back LA Times Daily 02 Jan 2016
Commercial producer USA Today 05 Nov 2015
Advertiser on TV USA Today 21 Oct 2015
Financial backer The Telegraph Quick 20 Oct 2015
Trail takes opposite directions back The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2015
Type briefly backing boy, inputting power as advocate The Times Cryptic 24 Jun 2015
Provide backing for track about pair holding hands The Telegraph Cryptic 24 May 2015
Wasp on sorbet -- look out and get back! The Telegraph Toughie 13 May 2015
Broadcast backer
Recovering rocker might need one
"And now a word from our ___"
Godfather, for one
TV advertiser
Name on a tote bag, perhaps
Vouch for
Spot remover, at times
Financial provider
Get behind
"And now a word from our __"
TV "word" provider
It's often "proud"
TV provider of "a word"
Word provider?
Spot maker
Provider of "a word" on TV
Put on
Object of a charity search
Charitable one
Patron of the arts
" . . . a word from our ___"
TV figure with a word
TV "angel."
Important TV figure.
Show backer of a sort.
VIP on 20 Down.
Program backer.
Accept responsibility for.
Man behind a TV show.
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