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Word "SPOOR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the trail left by a person or an animal; what the hunter follows in pursuing game
the hounds followed the fox's spoor

Crossword Clues for SPOOR

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Clue Source Date
Animal's track The Times Concise 13 Jan 2021
Animal trail The Washington Post 13 Sep 2020
Track of an animal Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2019
Start of Stones' 'Stony' track The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Apr 2019
Tracker's trail Universal 17 Aug 2018
Head of state's miserable track record The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2018
Wild animal track Family Time 13 May 2018
Wild animal's trail Family Time 12 Mar 2018
Bloodhound's clue The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Nov 2017
Jungle trail Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
Animal droppings Universal 23 Mar 2017
Animal track Eugene Sheffer 30 Dec 2016
Animal's calling card, so to speak The Washington Post 12 Sep 2016
Wild animal trail USA Today 21 Feb 2016
Track soldiers' return without leader The Sun Two Speed 14 Dec 2015
Hound's trail Universal 27 Mar 2015
What trackers track
Yak track, e.g.
Track of the pack
Trail left by an animal
Animal scent
Track of a wild animal
Hunter's trail
Wildlife trail
Game trail
Track in the woods
Trail left by a wild animal
Animal's trail
Hound's find
Track to follow
Trail to follow
Game's trail
Something that helps you follow the game?
Wild animal trace
Trail for hounds
Prey's trail
Deer track, e.g.
Hunter.s guide
Clue for a hunter
Fox's scent
Route for a bloodhound
Wild animal's track
Track of a tiger
Track of a cat
Trail of a wild animal
Hunter's clue
Deer track
Track of a yak
Track of the cat
Animal track.
Wild animal's track.
Animal trail.
Tracker's guide.
Animal's trail.
Track or trail.
Game trail.
Track of the lion.
Track of a wild animal.
Wild animal trail.
Trail of an animal.
Wild animal's trail.
Trail of a wild animal.
Simba's footprints.
Trail of the beast.
Snail trail
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.