Word "SPREAD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
fully extended in width
outspread wings
with arms spread wide

Part of Speech:
strew or distribute over an area
scatter, spread out
He spread fertilizer over the lawn

Part of Speech:
distributed or spread over a considerable extent
eleven million Jews are spread throughout Europe

Crossword Clues for SPREAD

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Clue Source Date
Hummus, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jan 2022
One of those in the paper in Mayo Irish Times Crosaire 22 Sep 2021
Diffuse The Times Concise 29 Aug 2021
Become prevalent Newsday 27 Jun 2021
Sort of betting from score studied The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jun 2021
After changing diapers, I will be off food The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jun 2021
See 65-Across Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2021
Extend, as one's wings Universal 10 Jun 2021
Elaborate meal The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2021
Son quietly studied magazine feature The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2021
Distribute or disperse widely Irish Times Simplex 01 May 2021
Extend banquet The Sun Two Speed 24 Apr 2021
Elaborate meal The Times Concise 18 Mar 2021
Elaborate meal USA Today 07 Feb 2021
Butter or jam The Washington Post 07 Dec 2020
Butter or jam LA Times Daily 07 Dec 2020
Span of sun coming out of underpass Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2020
Butter or mayo Newsday 23 Jun 2020
Disseminate The Telegraph Quick 23 Apr 2020
Butter or jam Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2020
Propagate The Washington Post Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Become prevalent Universal 24 Jul 2019
Stop disheartened and study range The Telegraph Cryptic 22 May 2019
Info delivered in broadcast The Telegraph Toughie 07 Feb 2019
Become prevalent
See 28-Across New York Times 10 Sep 2018
Ranch in Mayo? The Telegraph Toughie 14 Mar 2018
and 26 Across: Marge, defrosted, did this gambler who knows his limits? The Telegraph Toughie 16 Feb 2018
Apt word to follow each row of circled letters New York Times 23 Jan 2018
Mustard or mayo Newsday 15 Jan 2018
See 28-Across
Apt word to follow each row of circled letters
Slather on, as jam Universal 05 Sep 2017
Marshmallow Fluff, e.g USA Today 14 Jun 2017
Extent of odds studied The Telegraph Cryptic 13 May 2017
Gambler's concern LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2017
Gambler's concern
Slather on, as jam
Marshmallow Fluff, e.g.
Study after odds get bigger The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2016
Nutella, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Dec 2016
Large elaborate meal The Times Concise 28 Nov 2016
Use special 23 for feast The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2016
Ranch Thomas Joseph 08 Jul 2016
See 4 The Guardian Quick 14 May 2016
Jam or jelly Universal 24 Mar 2016
Nutella, e.g.
Pressure on engineers in sorry jam, perhaps The Times Cryptic 29 Dec 2015
Stretch (out) Premier Sunday 09 Aug 2015
Margarine or jelly Family Time 20 Jul 2015
Butter production spared Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jun 2015
American farm butter? The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Feb 2015
Stretch (out)
Went viral
Elaborate meal
Holiday meal, informally
Butter or mayo
Mayo or butter
Jam or butter
Football bettor's concern
Earth, Wind & Fire: "___ Your Love"
Centerfold in Guitar World
Rancher's land
Mayo or cream cheese
Butter or mayo
Bed covering
The Ponderosa, e.g.
Mayo or jam
Elaborate food layout
Butter or oleo
Ranch or farm
Sumptuous meal
Football bettor's concern
Large ranch, say
Football bettor's concern
Large ranch, say
Oleo, for one
Difference between winners and losers?
Bed cover
Multipage article
Western ranch
Butter or cream cheese
Elaborate meal
Pate or oleo
Jelly or jam
Butter or oleo
Roll top?
The Ponderosa, e.g.
Sumptuous meal
Toast topper
Cast forth
Bed cover
Bettor's concern
Mayo, e.g.
Decorative cover
Butter, for one
Rancher's property
Toast topper
Butter or oleo
Facing pages
Slather on
Cattle ranch
Big ranch
Peanut butter or jelly
Two-page ad
Peanut butter or jelly, e.g.
Peanut butter or jelly
Big ranch or big meal
Ranch or farm
Bed cover
The Ponderosa, e.g.
Margarine, for one
The Ponderosa, e.g.
Margarine, e.g.
Difference between asking price and bid
Peanut butter for one
Magazine feature
Western ranch
Oddsmaker's figure
Holiday meal, informally
Farmer's land
Lavish feast
Big farm in the west
Difference between prices bid and asked
Mayonnaise, e.g.
It's got you covered
Western ranch
Fan out
Bed item
Jam or butter
Kind of eagle
Sumptuous meal.
Jam or jelly.
Big advertising display.
Meal: Colloq.
Butter or jam.
Wing span.
Publish, as news.
___ eagle.
Informal banquet.
Advertiser's spectacular.
Jam or marmalade.
Feast: Colloq.
Buffet supper.
Everything from soup to nuts.
Double-page ad.
Jam or peanut butter.
Branch out.
Soft cheese, or jam, or peanut butter.
Banquet: Colloq.
Gambler's line
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