Word "SPUD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland
irish potato, murphy, potato, tater, white potato

Part of Speech:
produce buds, branches, or germinate
bourgeon, burgeon forth, germinate, pullulate, shoot, sprout

Part of Speech:
a sharp hand shovel for digging out roots and weeds
stump spud

Crossword Clues for SPUD

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Clue Source Date
Potato The Times Concise 30 Apr 2022
Chip source Newsday 29 Apr 2022
Tater Thomas Joseph 09 Apr 2022
Idaho, for one The Washington Post Sunday 13 Mar 2022
Tater Eugene Sheffer 09 Mar 2022
Tater Premier Sunday 06 Mar 2022
Tater Thomas Joseph 01 Mar 2022
Record for setting up duty free shops in a roundabout way Irish Times Crosaire 16 Feb 2022
Tater Thomas Joseph 08 Dec 2021
Something starchy in this pudding The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Nov 2021
Tater Eugene Sheffer 06 Nov 2021
Potato (informal) The Guardian Quick 02 Oct 2021
Tater Thomas Joseph 23 Sep 2021
Tater Universal 17 Jul 2021
Tuber nickname Newsday 27 Jun 2021
Second dessert for King Edward? The Sun Two Speed 09 Jun 2021
Chip source Wall Street Journal 06 May 2021
Tater Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2021
Potato, informally USA Today 17 Apr 2021
Record for setting up duty free shops in a roundabout way Irish Times Crosaire 16 Apr 2021
Tater Universal 11 Apr 2021
Potato The Times Concise 02 Apr 2021
To the locals The Duke of York is similar to 8 across Irish Times Crosaire 15 Feb 2021
Tater LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2021
Tater The Washington Post 01 Feb 2021
Potato, slangily Newsday 04 Jan 2021
King Edward small and sweet? The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2020
Potato The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2020
Tater Eugene Sheffer 11 Dec 2020
KP thing Newsday 06 Nov 2020
Potato soup's starter, superior to dessert The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2020
Bottle in Christmas pudding produced by Irish Home Guard? Irish Times Crosaire 23 Oct 2020
Starchy thing in this pudding The Sun Two Speed 10 Oct 2020
Fry source Universal 06 Oct 2020
Tater New York Times 01 Oct 2020
Future fry Universal 15 Sep 2020
Potato, informally Family Time 31 Aug 2020
In French south: P Murphy The Sun Two Speed 07 Aug 2020
Eyed food, in slang Family Time 14 Jun 2020
Potato small and sweet The Sun Two Speed 09 Jun 2020
Edible tuber The Sun Two Speed 09 Jun 2020
Starchy veggie The New Yorker 08 Jun 2020
Tater Newsday 17 May 2020
Ingredient in some pancakes LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2020
Ingredient in some pancakes The Washington Post 19 Apr 2020
Source of carbs Newsday 17 Apr 2020
Tater USA Today 05 Apr 2020
Skin source Newsday 04 Apr 2020
King Edward, say The Telegraph Quick 27 Mar 2020
Potato (informal) The Sun Two Speed 11 Mar 2020
Idaho, e.g Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2020
Fry, once The New Yorker 27 Jan 2020
Source of chips The Washington Post 25 Dec 2019
Source of chips LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2019
Source of fries Universal 27 Oct 2019
Potato The Telegraph Quick 15 Oct 2019
Source of an edible-skin snack Newsday 05 Oct 2019
Hash ingredient, slangily USA Today 29 Sep 2019
Source of fries, slangily USA Today 27 Aug 2019
Tater The New Yorker 01 Jul 2019
Small narrow digging tool The Telegraph General Knowledge 09 Jun 2019
Bubble and squeak ingredient, slangily New York Times 17 May 2019
Source of fries LA Times Daily 09 May 2019
Source of fries The Washington Post 09 May 2019
Tater The Washington Post Sunday 28 Apr 2019
Source of fries New York Times 24 Mar 2019
Peelable tuber, informally USA Today 08 Mar 2019
Tater tot, once Universal 03 Mar 2019
Potato, informally New York Times 04 Feb 2019
Source of fries
Bubble and squeak ingredient, slangily
Source of fries
Potato, informally
Tater tot, once
Hash ingredient, slangily
Peelable tuber, informally
Source of fries
Source of fries, slangily
Idaho product, informally USA Today 23 Dec 2018
Source of fries, informally USA Today 07 Dec 2018
A slice of Christmas pudding is similar to one of those in the end of 15 across Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2018
Raw material for chips or fries, informally The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Nov 2018
Source of chips Newsday 01 Nov 2018
Masher's target Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2018
Tater Family Time 14 Oct 2018
Potato chips source The Washington Post 17 Sep 2018
Potato chips source LA Times Daily 17 Sep 2018
This pudding contains potato! The Sun Two Speed 15 Sep 2018
Carb source, informally USA Today 09 Sep 2018
King Edward, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2018
Type of chip from bottle in Christmas pudding Irish Times Crosaire 29 Aug 2018
Starchy tuber small and sweet The Sun Two Speed 25 Aug 2018
5'7" Webb, shortest to win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2018
5'7' Webb, shortest to win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest The Washington Post 26 Jul 2018
Small dessert for King Edward? The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2018
Idaho output Universal 14 Jul 2018
Tater Thomas Joseph 06 Apr 2018
Small dessert of potato The Sun Two Speed 23 Mar 2018
Tater Premier Sunday 18 Mar 2018
Idaho output
Raw material for chips or fries, informally
5'7" Webb, shortest to win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest
Potato chips source
Masher's target
Source of fries, informally
Idaho product, informally
Carb source, informally
Potato, informally Newsday 27 Nov 2017
Carb-rich vegetable, slangily USA Today 08 Nov 2017
Source of chips, slangily USA Today 28 Sep 2017
Shoestring source Newsday 09 Sep 2017
Chips source Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2017
Type of tuber, familiarly Newsday 04 Jun 2017
Chips, initially New York Times 15 Apr 2017
Vegetable popular primarily in South of France The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Apr 2017
See 4-Down LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2017
See 4-Down The Washington Post 05 Mar 2017
Source of chips New York Times 04 Mar 2017
Starchy veggie, in slang Universal 23 Jan 2017
Carb-rich vegetable, slangily
Chips, initially
Source of chips
Source of chips, slangily
One the Murphy's bottles in the Christmas pudding Irish Times Crosaire 10 Dec 2016
Murphy is uncovered in plot? Irish Times Crosaire 26 Nov 2016
Vegetable that's small and sweet The Times Cryptic 24 Nov 2016
Tuber, informally Newsday 20 Nov 2016
KP peeling target Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2016
NI party's put back source of chips The Telegraph Toughie 13 Oct 2016
Carbo-loader's fare, informally Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2016
Pre-fries? New York Times 19 Jun 2016
Eg Murphy's second daughter receiving backing at university The Times Cryptic 02 Jun 2016
Unlikely constituent of Christmas pudding? The Times Cryptic 27 May 2016
Small sweet potato The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2016
Kitchen nickname derived from a weed-digging tool Newsday 07 May 2016
Chip veggie Universal 09 Mar 2016
Tater Canadiana 29 Feb 2016
One with eyes for the cook? The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Jan 2016
Potato with small dessert The Sun Two Speed 21 Jan 2016
Tuber with eyes USA Today 14 Jan 2016
Source of fries USA Today 10 Jan 2016
Source of fries
One with eyes for the cook?
Tuber with eyes
Potato in slang Universal 22 Nov 2015
Murphy gets Northern Irish party's backing The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Oct 2015
Chips source LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2015
Starchy veggie Newsday 23 Sep 2015
Portion of Christmas pudding for Charlotte perhaps The Telegraph Toughie 02 Apr 2015
Northern Irish party's rejected Murphy The Telegraph Toughie 11 Mar 2015
Chips source
Starchy veggie
Potato, informally
Potato in slang
Chip veggie
Synonym of 66-Across
Source of some carbs
Carb source
Chip source
Idaho product, slangily
Eyed tuber
Something peeled in the kitchen
Spider ___ (Mr. Potato Head tie-in toy)
Common tater
Idaho tuber, informally
It makes good fries
It has eyes that can't see
25-Down, informally
"Baked" side dish, slangily
One in a K.P. pile
Tuber with eyes
Tuber with eyes
Potato, informally
Fries source, informally
One with eyes for a cook?
Peeler's target, informally
K.P. veggie
Veggie with eyes
Eyed food
K.P. unit
Potato, slangily
Starchy side dish
Russet, informally
Veggie with eyes
Carb source
Idaho tuber, informally
Item in 58-Across
Item in 58-Across
Starch source, informally
Carb source
Common tater
Potato, informally
Peeling target, informally
Source of fries
Fries source, colloquially
Former NBA player Webb
Future fries
Idaho product, slangily
Carb source
Future fries
Carb source, informally
Private vegetable?
KP veggie
Idaho product, slangily
Common tater
March 17 meal item, slangily
Informal potato
Potato, slangily
Starch source, informally
Starchy veggie
Peeling candidate
Souce of fries
Something to peel
Chip veggie
Idaho, informally
5'7" NBA player Anthony Webb's nickname
An Idahoan might hoe one
One of a peeler's basketful
Carbo-loader's fare, slangily
Private's staple
1943 Yankee MVP Chandler
32 Down product
It makes good fries
Future fries
Weeding tool
KP item
K.P. unit
Eyed tuber
Garden tool
Pitcher Chandler
Weeding tool
Ex-pitcher Chandler
Tool for weeding
K.P. item
___ Chandler, ex-Yankee pitcher
Digging tool
Potato: Colloq.
Vegetable, familiarly.
Hobo's vegetable
Tuber: Colloq.
Weeder's tool.
Garden tool.
Spadelike tool.
Vegetable: Colloq.
Digging tool.
Mess item.
Small shovel.
Irish Cobbler: Colloq.
Spade for weeding.
Sharp, narrow spade.
Colloquial potato.
KP item.
Weeding tool.
Ingredient in Irish stew.
A vegetable: slang.
Tool for rooting out weeds.
See 47 Across.
Ingredient of Irish stew.
In Mrs. Murphy's chowder.
Tool for removing bark.
Weeding spade.
Veggie often served twice-baked
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