Word "SQUARE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
characterized by honesty and fairness
a square deal

Part of Speech:
a formal and conservative person with old-fashioned views
square toes

Part of Speech:
firmly and solidly
hit the ball squarely
the bat met the ball squarely
planted his great bulk square before his enemy

Crossword Clues for SQUARE

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Clue Source Date
Regular figure, old-fashioned type The Times Cryptic 02 Nov 2022
Decent honest Conservative? The Guardian Cryptic 03 Oct 2022
Rigidly old-fashioned The Guardian Quick 30 Sep 2022
Low power? New York Times 08 Sep 2022
Plaza; honest The Telegraph Quick 15 Aug 2022
Cube face Thomas Joseph 20 Jul 2022
It has four equal sides Irish Times Simplex 06 Jun 2022
Plaza Universal 04 Feb 2022
Four-sided figure Irish Times Simplex 19 Nov 2021
Cube side Eugene Sheffer 16 Aug 2021
With 31 Across, acre fraction Newsday 03 Jun 2021
Like the two 40-Across in the grid for this answer New York Times 05 May 2021
Conservative, directly opposed The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2021
Pyramid base, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Conservative quits The Telegraph Toughie 12 Mar 2021
Shape with four right angles USA Today 23 Jan 2021
Cube face Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2020
It's as broad as its long The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Nov 2020
Four-sided figure Irish Times Simplex 20 Nov 2020
Regular figure The Times Concise 17 Nov 2020
With 31-Down, hoedown activities, and a hint to the circled letters The Washington Post 26 Aug 2020
With 31-Down, hoedown activities, and a hint to the circled letters LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2020
Even New York Times 24 Jun 2020
See 10 Across The Telegraph Toughie 22 May 2020
Pay off Newsday 16 May 2020
Plane figure The Times Concise 27 Jan 2020
Piazza The Telegraph Quick 18 Sep 2019
Cat's opposite New York Times 12 Sep 2019
It has four equal sides Irish Times Simplex 21 Aug 2019
Crossword part
Cat's opposite
Town center Thomas Joseph 07 Mar 2018
Times in New York, e.g.
Space for a bishop in the town centre Irish Times Crosaire 27 Dec 2017
See 50 Down The Washington Post Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Four-sided figure The Times Concise 21 Sep 2017
Like most crossword diagrams USA Today 26 May 2017
Even LA Times Daily 06 May 2017
Even The Washington Post 06 May 2017
Right-angled; plaza The Times Concise 03 May 2017
Type of quadrilateral The Telegraph Quick 24 Feb 2017
Like most crossword diagrams
Geometric figure The Times Concise 02 Dec 2016
London's Wellington ____ Canadiana 10 Oct 2016
Cube side Thomas Joseph 05 Sep 2016
Quadrangle The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2016
Shape learned in preschool Universal 17 Mar 2016
Piazza is level The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Feb 2016
Nerdy sort Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2016
Type of root or meal USA Today 30 Aug 2015
Conservative figure The Times Cryptic 12 Aug 2015
Fair The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2015
Type of root or meal
Shape of many Post-its
Pay off
Unhip type
Unhip type
Saltine shape
With 55-Across, what the circled letters, reading clockwise, form
Bingo card section
Like most crossword puzzle grids
Type of root or meal
With 43-Across, what the circled letters in the grid form
Equilateral quadrilateral
Unhip person
Make even
25 is one
Town plaza
Like most crosswords
Equiangular rhombus
Raise to the second power
Meal type
One for one, for one
Open area
Hardly hip
Meal type
Not hip
Kind of deal
Draftsman's tool
On the up-and-up
On the level
25, e.g.
Not hip
Washington, e.g.
With 15 Across, misfit
This puzzle is one
Kind of meal or root
Kind of root or shooter
Times or Herald
Union or Times
Trafalgar, for one
Unsophisticated one: Slang.
Open area used as a park.
Open area in a city.
Washington, Madison, or Times.
Shape of the Khan's palace at Peking.
Times ___.
Space in a crossword
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