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Word "STABLE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
showing little if any change
static, unchanging

Part of Speech:
a farm building for housing horses or other livestock
horse barn, stalls

Part of Speech:
firm and dependable; subject to little fluctuation
the economy is stable

Crossword Clues for STABLE

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Clue Source Date
Horse house Thomas Joseph 20 Mar 2021
Well-balanced The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2021
Well-founded equine facility The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2020
Steady The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2020
Building for horses The Telegraph Quick 23 Nov 2020
Small romance about bachelor going steady perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 16 Nov 2020
Firmly fixed The Times Concise 21 Jul 2020
Like noble gases New York Times 10 Jul 2020
Firmly established equine facility The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2020
Equine housing Irish Times Simplex 07 May 2020
Maintaining equilibrium Irish Times Simplex 29 Apr 2020
Pad for a stud The Washington Post Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Structure for a stallion The Washington Post Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Not wobbly The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2019
On an even keel The Telegraph Quick 17 Jul 2019
Pony's place USA Today 05 Jun 2019
Some initial rumour about leading businessman in firm Irish Times Crosaire 17 May 2019
Place to go off track? New York Times 18 Apr 2019
Housing for a horse Irish Times Simplex 28 Mar 2019
Small piece of furniture, unlike rocker? The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Oct 2018
Like carbon 12, but not carbon 14 New York Times 07 Oct 2018
Farm building for horses Newsday 04 Jun 2018
Groom's workplace USA Today 27 May 2018
Where to find grooms and studs Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2018
Not at all erratic Newsday 23 Nov 2017
Where the groom may walk down the aisle The Washington Post 20 Oct 2017
Kind of income a lending officer likes to see New York Times 29 Aug 2017
Steadfast Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2017
Sturdy racehorses The Times Cryptic 28 Jul 2017
Small story about bad start for firm Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jun 2017
Billions invested in tired horses The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Mar 2017
Building near a racetrack USA Today 07 Mar 2017
Constant The Telegraph Quick 19 Jan 2017
Steady, constant The Telegraph Quick 11 Jan 2017
Person who's very good and competent needed by firm The Times Cryptic 11 Jan 2017
Place for a thoroughbred Universal 29 Dec 2016
Where to find grooms New York Times 18 Dec 2016
Not volatile Premier Sunday 11 Dec 2016
Solid New York Times 04 Dec 2016
Firmly established Newsday 01 Dec 2016
Sure flipping bonkers, the French! The Telegraph Toughie 10 Nov 2016
Standing firm The Telegraph Quick 25 Oct 2016
Firm LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2016
Trigger holder? The Washington Post 19 Jun 2016
Transportation hub of old The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Apr 2016
Secure accommodation for Arabs The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2016
Crèche setting New York Times 25 Mar 2016
Place for ponies LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2015
Secure with string The Telegraph Toughie 19 Nov 2015
Appaloosa abode USA Today 31 Jul 2015
Fixed; building The Times Concise 14 Jul 2015
Groom's place Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2015
35-Down quarters New York Times 24 Jun 2015
Time to wear black? Sure! The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jun 2015
Balanced The Telegraph Quick 17 May 2015
Stands up at the double going around and keeping one's feet on the ground Irish Times Crosaire 04 Feb 2015
Unlikely to fall over
Shetlands' shelter
Resistant to change
It'll hold your horses
Belmont digs
Straw-strewn shelter
Building near a track, maybe
Clydesdale home
Site of much horsing around?
House for a horse
Hospital condition
Horse's home
Solid as a rock
Mare's home
Of sound mind
Thoroughbred's pad
Hostler's milieu
Resisting chemical change
Sty : hogs :: ___ : horses
Quarter horse quarters
Foal's home
Unlikely to lose it
Home for a horse
Dobbin's domicile
Home for horses and cows
Secure place for baby Jesus (6)
Paint holder?
Pacer's pad
Buttermilk holder
Quarter horse's quarters
Dobbin's digs
Horse hotel?
Patient's condition
Horse holder
Home for a 56 Down
Pacer's place
Dobbin's home
Stallion's home
Seabiscuit's abode
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.