Word "STARLET" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small star

Part of Speech:
a young (film) actress who is publicized as a future star

Crossword Clues for STARLET

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Clue Source Date
Unreasonably startle a young actress (7)
Budding celebrity is one revered later after broadcast (7)
Budding celebrity (7)
Young successful actress
Up-and-coming actress Commuter 20 Mar 2024
Young person playing with rattles (7)
Let's work with sailor and Hollywood girl Mirror Cryptic 12 Feb 2024
Young actress Mirror Quick 12 Feb 2024
Opening plugged by the French celebrity with a bright future (7)
An astronomical dwarf; an aspiring young film actress; a promising junior athlete; or, a small sea anemone (7)
Actress pushed model down in a sudden involuntary movement (7)
Aspiring actress Universal 07 Dec 2023
Hollywood hopeful Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2022
Young actor; Telstar (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 25 Jun 2022
Certain 17 Across hopeful Newsday 19 May 2022
One with potential beginning to entertain the French
Jump to welcome the French actress who's young and promising
Good young performer beginning to entertain the French
Up-and-coming actress Thomas Joseph 08 Apr 2020
Promising young actress LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2019
Promising young actress The Washington Post 08 Sep 2019
Phone informers about potential lead The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2019
Young actress The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2019
Hollywood hopeful Thomas Joseph 03 Jul 2019
Promising young actress
Call informers about potential lead The Telegraph Toughie 05 Dec 2018
Being miscast rattles Hollywood wannabe?
Hollywood up-and-comer USA Today 19 Jul 2018
Telephone informers about a potential lead
Hollywood up-and-comer
Minor film actress The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2018
Begin to embrace the French Hollywood hopeful The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2018
Hollywood hopeful USA Today 10 Aug 2017
Aspiring actress delivering line with energy in debut The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jul 2017
Screen ingenue Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2017
Promising actress The Telegraph Quick 08 Apr 2017
Hollywood hopeful
Young actress beginning to captivate the French
Young actress The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2016
Artist promoted by Radio Disney, perhaps
Note liberal expression of annoyance upset young celebrity The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2015
Paltrow, circa 1993 Newsday 24 Jul 2015
Hollywood hopeful LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2015
Paltrow, circa 1993
Ingenue portrayer
Hollywood hopeful
Up-and-coming actress
Studio up-and-comer
Studio up-and-comer
Hollywood wannabe
Role seeker
Would-be diva
Hype focus, at times
Hollywood hopeful
Cog in the studio system
Hollywood hopeful
Movie hopeful
Garland was one
Garland was one
Young actress
Screen ingenue
Marilyn, circa 1948
Tinseltown tyro
Screen ingenue, often
One may play a big part in the future
Sometime object of Hollywood hype
One with a promising future
Hollywood up-and-comer
One with a promising future
Would-be headliner
Hollywood up-and-comer
Movie hopeful
Movie hopeful
Hollywood aspirant
Up-and-coming movie actress
Youthful performer
Hollywood hopeful
Budding actress
Ingénue, perhaps
Hollywood comer
Small heavenly body
Winters in 1944
Hollywood novice
Hollywood girl
Cinema novice
Hollywood hopeful.
Movie hopeful.
Movie maiden.
Actress of a sort.
Young actress.
Member of a galaxy.
Budding movie personality.
Caviar source.
Young movie actress.
Comer in Hollywood.
Hopeful young actress.
Nancy Davis of Hollywood, for instance.
Tabloid fodder of tomorrow, say
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