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Word "STARSHIP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a spacecraft designed to carry a crew into interstellar space (especially in science fiction)

Crossword Clues for STARSHIP

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Clue Source Date
Interstellar transport The Times Concise 09 Apr 2021
Enterprise, for one Thomas Joseph 11 Feb 2021
Features cool in space rocket The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jan 2021
Long-distance craft sank at the front, taking sailors with it The Telegraph Toughie 13 Oct 2020
Sci-fi transport Universal 13 Nov 2019
The Enterprise in Star Trek is one Irish Times Simplex 17 Jan 2019
Celebrities greeting foremost of passengers leaving flying machine The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Aug 2018
Kirk commanded one USA Today 10 Jul 2018
U.S.S. Enterprise, e.g Universal 21 Jan 2018
U.S.S. Enterprise, e.g.
Features cool spacecraft The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jun 2017
The Enterprise, for example New York Times 15 May 2017
TV's Enterprise, e.g Universal 09 Mar 2017
Sci-fi fleet vessel LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2016
Space vehicle The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2015
Out-of-this-world transport has trips all over the place The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2015
USS Enterprise, e.g USA Today 05 Nov 2015
USS Enterprise, e.g.
The Enterprise, e.g.
Vehicle that's out of this world?
Sci-fi vehicle
*Space traveler
Kirk's Enterprise, for one
Enterprise, e.g.
"We Built This City" pop-rockers
Space traveler
Captain Kirk commanded one
"We Built This City" group
Sci-fi carrier
Captain Kirk's Enterprise, e.g.
Kirk's command
Sisko's command
"USS Enterprise", e.g.
The Enterprise, for one
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.