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Word "START" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
get off the ground
commence, embark on, start up
Who started this company?
I start my day with a good breakfast
The blood shed started when the partisans launched a surprise attack

Part of Speech:
bulge outward
bug out, bulge, bulge out, come out, pop, pop out, protrude

Part of Speech:
the time at which something is supposed to begin
beginning, commencement, first, get-go, kickoff, offset, outset, showtime, starting time
they got an early start

Crossword Clues for START

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Clue Source Date
Maze marking Newsday 09 May 2021
Begin The Times Concise 29 Mar 2021
Maze word Universal 27 Mar 2021
Kick off USA Today 24 Mar 2021
Source for close friends, a flavour of The Cranberries Irish Times Crosaire 13 Mar 2021
Get things going Family Time 07 Mar 2021
Turn on Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2021
Lay the foundation of 15 across on square Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jan 2021
Initiate The Telegraph Quick 17 Jan 2021
Beginning USA Today 02 Jan 2021
Button on an old video game controller New York Times 01 Nov 2020
Commence Canadiana 12 Oct 2020
Found, e.g Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2020
Go, on a Monopoly board, e.g New York Times 13 Aug 2020
Jump The Telegraph Quick 19 Jun 2020
Sign on a Candy Land board Newsday 02 May 2020
'___ your engines' (Indianapolis 500 directive) New York Times 27 Apr 2020
Zero hour LA Times Daily 25 Apr 2020
Begin second pastry The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2020
Take the first step Irish Times Simplex 04 Apr 2020
'Ready to ___' (Arcade Fire song) The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Get cracking Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2020
Maze label Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2020
Get the show on the road Universal 13 Jan 2020
Set off Thomas Joseph 27 Dec 2019
Jump lead The Telegraph Toughie 18 Dec 2019
Ignite The Washington Post 30 Aug 2019
Be on the court for tipoff, say New York Times 28 Jul 2019
Recoil suddenly Newsday 23 May 2019
Take step one USA Today 01 Apr 2019
Commencement The Washington Post Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Get underway USA Today 25 Mar 2019
Word next to an arrow on a maze New York Times 12 Feb 2019
Genesis Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2019
Kick in Thomas Joseph 22 Dec 2018
Arcade game button New York Times 16 Nov 2018
Show surprise Newsday 08 Sep 2018
Opening The Washington Post 29 Jul 2018
Word on an ignition button The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Jun 2018
'Boo!' reaction The Washington Post 11 Mar 2018
"Boo!" reaction LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2018
Exam proctor's command USA Today 17 Feb 2018
Found second pastry The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Feb 2018
Get the ball rolling USA Today 16 Dec 2017
Square one The Washington Post 15 Dec 2017
Onset Universal 13 Oct 2017
Begin to show surprise The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Aug 2017
Crank up, as a vintage car USA Today 23 Jul 2017
Found New York Times 05 Jul 2017
Pitch the first inning USA Today 04 Jul 2017
First-stringers do it USA Today 03 May 2017
Found, say Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2017
Get going Newsday 09 Mar 2017
Originate Newsday 08 Mar 2017
Word on a Sorry! game board Wall Street Journal 15 Feb 2017
Opposite of 68-Down Wall Street Journal 26 Nov 2016
Set out Thomas Joseph 07 Nov 2016
Kickoff Premier Sunday 16 Oct 2016
First square of many board games Universal 24 Aug 2016
Jump __ LA Times Daily 20 Aug 2016
Set up talks on reducing arms, in short The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jul 2016
Sudden jerk LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2016
Pencil maze instruction LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2016
Board game square USA Today 03 May 2016
Found sailor lying in street The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Apr 2016
Outset The Washington Post 12 Apr 2016
Baseball card info [Set in motion] Jonesin 12 Apr 2016
Set in motion LA Times Daily 29 Feb 2016
Appropriate word for 1-Across The Washington Post 11 Feb 2016
Commence jump The Sun Two Speed 26 Jan 2016
Word printed on mazes Newsday 13 Dec 2015
Throw the first pitch Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2015
Sudden movement in temperature on Earth, for example The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Aug 2015
Make the first move Newsday 03 Mar 2015
Dive in, so to speak USA Today 28 Feb 2015
Turn on the ignition Universal 16 Feb 2015
Be in the opening lineup USA Today 15 Feb 2015
Get to work Universal 19 Jan 2015
Button that gets things going LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2015
Opening jump The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jan 2015
Xbox controller button
Act surprised
Instructions, part 3
Plunge in, so to speak
Gunshot at a track meet
The Jam song of beginning?
Boot up
Word on a maze
Surprised jerk
False __
Sudden movement
Select neighbor, on old controllers
Button word, sometimes
Begin work on
Word on many a button
Jump back, maybe
Betray surprise
Where to begin
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.