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Word "STENCIL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a sheet of material (metal, plastic, cardboard, waxed paper, silk, etc.) that has been perforated with a pattern (printing or a design); ink or paint can pass through the perforations to create the printed pattern on the surface below

Part of Speech:
mark or print with a stencil

Crossword Clues for STENCIL

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Clue Source Date
Lettering aid Wall Street Journal 22 Mar 2021
Sign maker's pattern New York Times 15 Mar 2021
Trace element? New York Times 05 Mar 2021
Perforated card The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2021
Cut-out design upset clients The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2021
Cut-out pattern for painting The Times Concise 10 Nov 2020
Cut-out design clients changed The Sun Two Speed 05 Nov 2020
Aid for making signs New York Times 13 Oct 2020
Client's boss employed by the sign writer Irish Times Crosaire 15 Aug 2020
Cut-out design clients spoiled The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2020
Label maker's timesaver Newsday 09 May 2020
Aid for painting big letters USA Today 14 Apr 2020
Cut-out design clients amended The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2019
Clients (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 02 Oct 2019
Lettering on a crate, perhaps USA Today 21 Sep 2019
Letter-printing aid Premier Sunday 07 Jul 2019
Sign maker's aid The Washington Post 31 May 2019
Clients deployed cut-out design The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2019
Sign-lettering aid Newsday 28 Apr 2019
Getting-in-shape aid? Universal 12 Jan 2019
Paint over a perforated plate The Telegraph General Knowledge 30 Dec 2018
Crate marker's aid USA Today 31 Oct 2018
Means of creating letters, say, clients reproduced The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2018
Letter drawer's device Family Time 14 Oct 2018
Lettering guide Universal 07 Sep 2018
Plate perforated with a design The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Jul 2018
Number in science lab initially producing copy The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Mar 2018
Tracer's tool Universal 23 Jan 2018
Sign-making aid Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2017
Spray-painter's aid Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2017
Silkscreen aid The Washington Post 16 Apr 2017
Lettering tool Universal 07 Feb 2017
Writing tool Universal 23 Aug 2016
Sign painter's tool Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2016
Write an open letter? USA Today 09 Feb 2016
Letter-drawing guide Universal 11 Jan 2016
Cut-out pattern for applying paint The Times Concise 13 Nov 2015
Sign painter's device Universal 04 Nov 2015
Core elements of council estate misrepresented in print The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2015
Letter-tracer's device Family Time 31 Aug 2015
Create design in a way that's upset clients The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Apr 2015
Anagram of "clients" Universal 22 Feb 2015
It's used for writing letters
Letter-writing guide
Letter-writing aid
Sign-making device
Sign painter's help
Signmaker's tool
Sign-making tool
Designer's device
Cutout to fill in
Letter writer's aid
Patterning aid
Lettering device
Letter, in a way
Pattern-applying device
Guide for lettering
Silkscreening device
Signmaker's aid
Crate marking, maybe
Designing tool
Writer's guide
Silk-screening need
Pattern-making device
Letter-writing device
Graphic designer's tool
Letter producer
Mold's kin?
It has your work cut out for you
Device for applying patterns
"M*A*S*H" logo, e.g.
Silkscreener's pattern
Sign painter's aid
Mimeograph base
Reproduction method
Device for lettering
Letterpress's cousin
Kind of printing process
Sign painter's pattern
Printing duplicator
Crate-marker's aid
Printing process
Kind of design.
Copying device.
Stenog's job.
Secretarial job.
Perforated pattern.
Insipid repetition.
Typist's task.
Typist's job.
Cousin of a carbon copy.
Design maker.
Paint letters mechanically.
First requisite in mimeographing.
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