Crossword Clues for STEPHEN

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Clue Source Date
Hawking, say, with bird following animals around The Times Cryptic 28 Jul 2022
King of Maine Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2022
King of England, 1135–54 The Guardian Quick 02 Jul 2022
Composer Sondheim LA Times Daily 16 Jun 2022
Monarch once put foot down on female party member? The Guardian Cryptic 09 May 2022
"Company" composer Sondheim Universal 10 Jan 2022
He's commemorated on December 26th Irish Times Simplex 21 Aug 2021
King of Maine LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2021
King of Maine The Washington Post 14 Feb 2021
Songwriter Sondheim Eugene Sheffer 13 Aug 2020
He's commemorated on December 26th Irish Times Simplex 04 Jun 2020
Saint whose feast day is December 26 in the West The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Dec 2019
Man remembered on Boxing Day taking walk with female The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2019
Fry, say, chicken after favourite starter of salmon's revolting The Telegraph Toughie 27 Aug 2019
Old king to tread on chicken The Telegraph Cryptic 21 May 2019
Old king has put foot down over broody female The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2019
See 12 The Telegraph General Knowledge 23 Dec 2018
King with a macabre bent Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2018
Leacock or Harper Canadiana 14 May 2018
_____Harper ( Elected PM in 2006 ) Canadiana 30 Apr 2018
King with a macabre bent
Quipster Colbert USA Today 08 Nov 2017
Colbert of talk TV USA Today 15 Oct 2017
Doctor Strange's first name Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2017
King of fiction The Washington Post 14 Jun 2017
King of fiction LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2017
Quipster Colbert
Colbert of talk TV
King of fiction
Big name in late-night New York Times 06 May 2016
King of fiction Thomas Joseph 10 Oct 2015
Man to walk ahead of gossipy female The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Apr 2015
King or Crane Eugene Sheffer 14 Mar 2015
First Christian martyr
Colbert or Sondheim
King or Sondheim
Comical Colbert
King of horror
King with dreadful subjects
Crane or King
With 65 Across, theorist on the phenomena at and around this puzzle's central square
Colbert who wrote "I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)"
King of fiction
King with revolting subjects
King famous for frightening people
King of the macabre
With 8-Across, comic named one of Time's "100 most influential people" in 2006
Songwriter Sondheim
King or Sondheim
"Swanee" composer Foster
Last Norman king of England, 1135-1154
King or Hawking
Name of nine popes
King of horror
His feast day is December 26
King of horrors
King or Sondheim
"Portrait of the Artist" youth
One of the acting Baldwins
Novelist King
Young teacher of 24 Down
Mr. Sondheim
Hungary's first king
Virginia Woolf, née ___
Songwriter Sondheim
Crane or Spender
Composer Foster.
Debater Douglas.
Grandson of William the Conqueror.
Democrat Mitchell.
Man's name meaning crown.
Name meaning crown.
He was stoned to death.
Pavement singer Malkmus
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