Word "STICK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking
joint, marijuana cigarette, reefer, spliff

Part of Speech:
stick to firmly
adhere, bind, bond, hold fast, stick to

Part of Speech:
be a devoted follower or supporter
She sticks to her principles

Crossword Clues for STICK

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Clue Source Date
Bit of rock (or celery?) The Guardian Quick 17 Oct 2022
See 15-Across Universal 20 Sep 2022
Selfie __ LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2022
Pool cue Universal 24 Jul 2022
Stay on LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2022
Stay on The Washington Post 05 Mar 2022
Lollipop part USA Today 23 Feb 2022
Adhere Canadiana 27 Sep 2021
Something to play fetch with New York Times 11 Jul 2021
KerPlunk piece USA Today 07 May 2021
Glue The Times Concise 31 Mar 2021
Glue; piece of wood The Times Concise 01 Feb 2021
Adhere Thomas Joseph 12 Dec 2020
Adhere The Telegraph Quick 02 Jul 2020
What a good idea can do Universal 30 Mar 2020
Staff officers finally get credit from the locals? Irish Times Crosaire 30 Dec 2019
Lacrosse need LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2019
Lacrosse need The Washington Post 13 Dec 2019
Glue a thin bit of wood The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2019
Second mark gets criticism The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Aug 2019
Butter in a box Newsday 03 Jul 2019
Not automatic Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2019
Adhere Newsday 29 Jan 2019
Not automatic
Rod The Telegraph Quick 03 Nov 2018
Hockey need Eugene Sheffer 13 Sep 2018
Puck striker Universal 02 Jun 2018
Twig Universal 18 Apr 2018
Puck striker
Gear-shifting control Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2017
Billiards hall need The Washington Post Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Fudgsicle holder USA Today 19 Jul 2017
Staff officers finally getting credit Irish Times Crosaire 21 Jun 2017
Retriever's retrieval, maybe New York Times 26 Mar 2017
Lollipop leftover USA Today 10 Feb 2017
Butter unit Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2017
Hockey need Thomas Joseph 11 Jan 2017
Lollipop leftover
Retriever's retrieval, maybe
Fudgsicle holder
Staff Sergeant initially given credit The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Nov 2016
Baton, say LA Times Daily 13 Oct 2016
See 5-Across New York Times 10 Aug 2016
See 24 The Telegraph Toughie 26 Feb 2016
Cinnamon unit Universal 10 Jan 2016
Cinnamon unit
See 5-Across
Baton, say
Item often fetched USA Today 02 Oct 2015
Lollipop holder Newsday 22 Feb 2015
Item often fetched
Item swung by a Senator
Lollipop holder
Pool tool
Are not faddish
Pool cue
Feature of this puzzle's three long Down answers
"... and carry a big ___"
Manual transmission, informally
Shout by a relay racer when handing off the baton
Bond (to)
Retriever's retrieval
Word with carrot or celery
Pool hall prop
Gum serving
Retriever's retrieval
See 26-Down clue
See 26-Down clue
Word with "lip" or "slap"
Hockey implement
Have permanent effect
Nail, as a gymnastic landing
Manual transmission
Automatic alternative
Fish serving
Rover's retrieval
Cinnamon unit
Adhere (to)
Remain (with)
Rover's retrieval
Carrot alternative
Word that follows 21, 53-Across, 3 and 29-Down
Carrot unit
Stay on
Manual transmission device
Fetched object
Thing to fetch
Puck slapper
Manual transmission, informally
"Fetch" missile
Manual transmission, informally
22-Down unit
"Fetch" missile
"...and carry a big _____"
Rover's retrieval
Cane, e.g.
Item often fetched
Intentionally baffle
Word with lip or slap
Cinnamon unit
Word with 52 Across
Lacrosse item
Place for a muleta
What T.R. toted
T.R.'s "big ___"
T.R.'s "big" weapon
T.R. carried a big one
___ around (linger)
Lollipop part
Hockey ___.
Baffle: Colloq.
___ up for.
Piece, as of chewing gum.
Puzzle: Colloq.
Accessory to men's formal attire.
Lever on an airplane.
Lever for operating an airplane.
A piece, as of chewing gum.
Hold faithfully to a promise or a bargain.
Control lever of a plane.
T. R.'s favorite chastiser.
Support for a lollypop.
Steering gear of a plane.
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