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Word "STILT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
long-legged three-toed black-and-white wading bird of inland ponds and marshes or brackish lagoons
himantopus stilt, long-legs, longlegs, stilt plover, stiltbird

Part of Speech:
long-legged three-toed wading bird of brackish marshes of Australia
australian stilt

Part of Speech:
a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure
pile, piling, spile

Crossword Clues for STILT

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Clue Source Date
Prop for a clown USA Today 30 Dec 2020
Wooden leg? New York Times 04 Dec 2020
Clown's height extender Newsday 12 Oct 2020
High-walking performer's pole USA Today 23 Sep 2020
Long-legged wading bird The Washington Post 23 Jul 2020
Half of a boosting pair The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jul 2020
One of a clown's pair Universal 26 May 2020
Circus prop The Washington Post 22 Apr 2020
Wading bird in small list The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Mar 2020
Wading bird Thomas Joseph 18 Dec 2019
Long-legged bird The Telegraph Quick 30 Nov 2019
Marsh bird Newsday 25 Aug 2019
Black-necked shorebird The Washington Post 24 Aug 2019
One of a circus walker's pair Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2019
Long-legged shorebird Eugene Sheffer 17 Jun 2019
Height-enhancing pole USA Today 13 May 2019
It'll give you a leg up Universal 04 Mar 2019
High-stepping aid Thomas Joseph 03 Sep 2018
Leg extender Newsday 15 Apr 2018
A long-legged wading bird The Times Specialist Sunday 18 Feb 2018
Clown's height enhancer Newsday 23 Jan 2018
Basketball's Wilt "The ___" Chamberlain USA Today 17 Aug 2017
Clown's leg extension The Washington Post 27 Jun 2017
One of a circus clown's props USA Today 21 Jun 2017
Artificial leg extender Universal 21 Apr 2017
Wilt Chamberlain's nickname Universal 10 Apr 2017
It could give a clown a leg up Universal 21 Mar 2017
Circus clown's prop Newsday 28 Dec 2016
Beach house support USA Today 24 Dec 2016
One of a circus clown's pair USA Today 26 Nov 2016
Long-legged marsh bird Jonesin 20 Sep 2016
Artificial leg? Universal 18 Sep 2016
Long-legged wader Newsday 19 Aug 2016
Basketball's Wilt the ___ The Washington Post 17 Jul 2016
It helps you get a leg up Wall Street Journal 31 May 2016
Support for the circus? LA Times Daily 26 May 2016
Beach house support post The Washington Post 19 Mar 2016
Wooden walker USA Today 28 Jan 2016
Pink-legged wader Universal 24 Jan 2016
Aid for a flood-prone house New York Times 13 Dec 2015
Height enhancer Newsday 18 Oct 2015
You'll stand tall with it USA Today 23 Sep 2015
Half a clown's pair, maybe Eugene Sheffer 23 Jul 2015
Circus support
Circus supporter
Basketball's "Wilt the ___"
Elevated walking stick
Clown prop
Supporting post
Clown heightener
Circus elevator
Aid for an overhead view
Leg extension?
Clown's pole
Beach-house support
Clown's height-enhancer
One of a pair for a clown
Circus clown prop
A person can take big strides with this
Clown's prop
Clown's height-enhancing prop
Stick under someone's foot
Equipment for a circus clown
Tall person's nickname
Cousin of an avocet
Tall clown's pole
Clown elevator
One of an uplifting pair
One of a raising pair?
Pink-legged wading bird
Basketball legend Wilt the ___
It may help you make big strides
Circus tent raiser?
Bit of equipment for a circus clown
Circus clown's lifter-upper
Use it to stand tall
Support for a clown
It's used to stand tall
Chamberlain epithet
Circus stick
Clown's perch, maybe
Clown's accessory
Relative of an avocet
It gives a lift at the circus
Pink-legged bird
Long-billed bird
Long leg?
Circus tent pole
"Wilt the ___" (Chamberlain's nickname)
Winged wader
It may make a clown taller
Heron cousin
Pole for a clown
It helps you stand tall
Juggler's perch, perhaps
Cliffside dwelling supporter
Walking stick
Circus clown's lifter
Circus performer's support
Hillside house's support
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