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Crossword Clues for STIRS

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Clue Source Date
Gives rise to emotions Canadiana 03 May 2021
Begins to wake New York Times 28 Apr 2021
Mixes up Thomas Joseph 29 Mar 2021
Shows signs of life Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2020
Mixes with chopsticks, say USA Today 16 Dec 2020
Wakes up Universal 14 Dec 2020
Uses a spoon Newsday 13 Dec 2020
Commotions Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2020
Displeases James Bond, at the bar? The Washington Post 05 Oct 2020
Mixes, as a drink The Washington Post Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Mixes with a spoon, say New York Times 17 Aug 2020
To-dos New York Times 02 Aug 2020
Keeps a sauce from congealing Universal 20 May 2020
Starts to come to USA Today 15 Oct 2019
Mixes Thomas Joseph 26 Sep 2019
Starts to waken Newsday 22 Sep 2019
Mixes with a spoon Newsday 01 Jul 2019
Wakes; moves slightly The Times Concise 11 Jun 2019
Tends to the sauce USA Today 07 May 2019
Moves slightly Newsday 21 Apr 2019
Swirls, as batter The New Yorker 08 Apr 2019
Uses a swizzle stick USA Today 19 Feb 2019
Works batter Universal 10 Dec 2018
Works on a batter The Washington Post 07 Dec 2018
Budges New York Times 01 Dec 2018
Uses a spoon, perhaps USA Today 19 Apr 2018
Swizzles The Washington Post Sunday 18 Feb 2018
Excites New York Times 13 Feb 2018
Works a spoon Universal 18 Jan 2018
Blends with a spoon Universal 14 Jan 2018
Gets up Newsday 22 Sep 2017
Just starts to flutter the eyelids Universal 20 May 2017
Agitates Newsday 11 May 2017
Causes a mix-up Newsday 18 Feb 2017
Moves a mite The Washington Post 30 Jan 2017
Shows signs of waking Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2016
Messes with 007's martini New York Times 27 Jul 2016
Starts waking up Newsday 21 Jul 2016
Follows recipe directions Universal 21 Jul 2016
Makes uniform, say Newsday 10 Jul 2016
Moves a bit Newsday 27 Mar 2016
Instigates, with 'up' The Washington Post 15 Feb 2016
Roils Thomas Joseph 26 Dec 2015
Follows a recipe direction USA Today 07 Dec 2015
Disregards Bond's direction USA Today 14 Nov 2015
Awakens Newsday 26 Jul 2015
Provokes Newsday 07 Jun 2015
Mixes by hand Universal 17 May 2015
What first mosher does to crowd
Shuffles about
Comes around
Mixes batter
Swirls with a spoon
Mixes with a stick
Begins to flutter the eyelids
Begins to awaken
What song does to emotions
What Axl does to emotions
Roils up
Homogenizes, maybe
Swirls a spoon in
Affects emotionally
What band does to crowd
Removes lumps from batter
Rouses industry interest
Starts to wake
Moves a muscle
Starts to move
Tends to the soup
Uses a straw, maybe
Excited states
Mixes up, as batter
Ruins 007's martini?
Big ados
Starts to awaken
Begins to move
Budges a bit
Gets up in the morning
Mixes together
Changes for the batter
Finishes preparing Tang
Comes to
Rouses oneself
Makes an effort
Begins to come to
Sets in motion
Ruins Bond's martini?
Begins to wake up
Moves round and round
Tends the stock
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.