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Word "STORM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
behave violently, as if in state of a great anger
rage, ramp

Part of Speech:
attack by storm; attack suddenly

Part of Speech:
a violent commotion or disturbance
the storms that had characterized their relationship had died away

Crossword Clues for STORM

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Clue Source Date
Delay-of-game cause? The Washington Post Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Lightning event USA Today 01 Apr 2021
Squall Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2021
Wife turned up, about to hit the roof The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Mar 2021
Tempest Thomas Joseph 06 Mar 2021
It can include lightning strikes Family Time 21 Feb 2021
What monsoon, mistral, bora and khamsin essentially contribute to? The Telegraph Toughie 05 Feb 2021
Picnic spoiler LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2021
Seattle’s WNBA team Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2021
Sports journalist Hannah USA Today 16 Jan 2021
2020 WNBA champs USA Today 12 Jan 2021
Force 10 on the Beaufort scale Irish Times Simplex 11 Dec 2020
Charge banks of supporters from around The Hill Irish Times Crosaire 26 Nov 2020
Thunderous event? Family Time 22 Nov 2020
Violent weather Universal 05 Nov 2020
Halle Berry's 'X-Men' role USA Today 28 Aug 2020
Lightning producer Newsday 09 Aug 2020
Violent weather condition Irish Times Simplex 09 Jul 2020
Attack en masse Wall Street Journal 30 May 2020
Rage of street men prepared to fight about nothing The Telegraph Cryptic 21 May 2020
Bad weather Universal 15 May 2020
Attack, as a castle Universal 02 May 2020
Threatening forecast Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2020
Serious blow from priest or magus The Sun Two Speed 06 Apr 2020
Rant and rave
Atmospheric disruption The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Raid Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2019
Terrible blow from priest or magician The Sun Two Speed 06 Oct 2019
___ Moines New York Times 26 Sep 2019
Cause of a rapid eye movement Newsday 24 Aug 2019
It is force 10 on the Beaufort scale Irish Times Simplex 02 Jul 2019
Shipwreck cause, often USA Today 27 Jun 2019
Assault hill held by Sergeant-Major The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jun 2019
Attack and capture (a place) The Times Concise 08 May 2019
Halle Berry's 'X-Men' character USA Today 26 Apr 2019
Feature of weather most -- or many -- must welcome The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Feb 2019
Outing spoiler New York Times 02 Feb 2019
Halle Berry's "X-Men" character
Marvel hero who manipulates the weather
Weather-controlling 'X-Men' character New York Times 09 Dec 2018
Shipwreck cause Wall Street Journal 24 Nov 2018
Seattle's WNBA team Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2018
Nor'easter, for example Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2018
Blizzard or hurricane Newsday 30 Apr 2018
Bit of bad weather Universal 13 Apr 2018
Wind nearing 90 knots Universal 01 Apr 2018
Rush at The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Feb 2018
Turbulent weather The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2018
Outbreak of violent weather affected most round river The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2018
Charge at Premier Sunday 11 Feb 2018
Weather-controlling "X-Men" character
45-90 knot wind Universal 29 Dec 2017
Wife returned, about to fly off the handle The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Oct 2017
Charge received from return of rubbish found in M&S The Telegraph Toughie 13 Oct 2017
It's 10 on the Beaufort scale Irish Times Simplex 03 Oct 2017
It may follow a calm USA Today 28 Sep 2017
Hurricane, e.g The Washington Post 24 Aug 2017
"Gilligan's Island" shipwreck cause USA Today 31 Jul 2017
Weather Channel concern The Washington Post 21 May 2017
Spoils brought back with mass offensive The Telegraph Toughie 18 May 2017
Typhoon, e.g Jonesin 28 Mar 2017
Rant The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Mar 2017
Hurricane, e.g.
Thing that could be a-brewin' Universal 13 Dec 2016
With 12-Down, drain for excess rainwater USA Today 29 Nov 2016
__ door LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2016
Bit of severe weather Universal 18 Oct 2016
Hurricane, for one Newsday 07 Sep 2016
Thunder and lightning event USA Today 11 Nov 2015
Assault LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2015
Subject of radar tracking New York Times 08 Oct 2015
Charge New York Times 02 Aug 2015
Event with thunder USA Today 31 Jul 2015
Blizzard, e.g LA Times Daily 29 Jul 2015
Rampage Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2015
Weather woe USA Today 15 Apr 2015
High-wind producer Universal 26 Mar 2015
With 37-Down, small, dark seabird Eugene Sheffer 16 Jan 2015
Meteorologist's tracked prediction Jonesin 15 Jan 2015
Blizzard, e.g.
Climatic disturbance
Weather event that's cause for special drains and windows
Two-time WNBA champions from Seattle
Word with "cloud" or "cellar"
Shipwreck cause, sometimes
Halle Berry role in 2000's "X-Men"
Typhoon, e.g.
Hurricane or blizzard
Attack violently, as a fortress
Thunder-and-lightning event
Nor'easter, for one
*Attack forcefully
Big blow
Assault en masse
A large one may be named
Word before "cloud" or "cellar"
Attack en masse, as a castle
Word with cellar or door
Attack, as ramparts
Thundery weather
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.