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Word "STOVE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a kitchen appliance used for cooking food
cooking stove, kitchen range, kitchen stove, range
dinner was already on the stove

Part of Speech:
any heating apparatus

Crossword Clues for STOVE

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Clue Source Date
Hot pot spot Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Kitchen range Newsday 02 Feb 2021
Kitchen cooker Thomas Joseph 01 Feb 2021
Hot spot New York Times 29 Jan 2021
Kitchen appliance under a hood USA Today 26 Jan 2021
Pilot's place New York Times 27 Nov 2020
Home's hot spot Newsday 22 Nov 2020
Pot spot Newsday 02 Nov 2020
Place for a pilot Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2020
Spot for a pot LA Times Daily 28 Oct 2020
Cooking appliance Newsday 26 Oct 2020
KitchenAid product The Washington Post Sunday 25 Oct 2020
Burner setting Thomas Joseph 22 Sep 2020
Ben Franklin's ''hot'' invention Newsday 17 Sep 2020
Franklin's burned wood The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Kitchen appliance USA Today 09 Jul 2020
Cooking apparatus Irish Times Simplex 02 Apr 2020
Appliance with burners Newsday 10 Mar 2020
Potbellied ___ Universal 29 Dec 2019
Pilot-light appliance Newsday 23 Dec 2019
Cooker taken in crates to venue The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2019
Kitchen range part USA Today 30 Sep 2019
Hat worn by Abraham Lincoln New York Times 18 Sep 2019
Cook's workspace New York Times 22 Jul 2019
Back burner's place Universal 19 Jul 2019
Big kitchen cooker Newsday 03 Jul 2019
Range Eugene Sheffer 28 Jun 2019
Appliance for boiling water Universal 12 Apr 2019
Cooker taken in crates to Venezuela The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2019
Cooking show fixture USA Today 14 Dec 2018
Back burner location Jonesin 31 Jul 2018
Boiling point? Wall Street Journal 21 Jun 2018
Ben Franklin heater Universal 06 Jun 2018
Teakettle's spot USA Today 02 Apr 2018
Cook's need The Washington Post 11 Mar 2018
113 Across adjunct, often Newsday 14 Jan 2018
Kitchen sight Thomas Joseph 16 Nov 2017
Franklin or pellet Universal 23 Oct 2017
Cooker The Times Concise 06 Jun 2017
Chef's need Thomas Joseph 07 Apr 2017
Common kitchen appliance Universal 05 Mar 2017
Potbelly or Franklin USA Today 21 Feb 2017
Teakettle's place USA Today 02 Jan 2017
Kiln, e.g LA Times Daily 20 Nov 2016
Burner holder New York Times 17 May 2016
See 31-Across New York Times 05 May 2016
Potbelly, for one Universal 06 Apr 2016
Baking spot Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Kitchen fixture Newsday 25 Feb 2016
Ben Franklin innovation USA Today 05 Jan 2016
Kiln, e.g.
Pot boiler LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2015
Hot spot on Thanksgiving Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2015
Coal __ LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2015
Franklin, for one Eugene Sheffer 09 Oct 2015
Cooktop range Newsday 06 Apr 2015
Oven The Telegraph Quick 29 Mar 2015
Lemonheads song about cooking?
Kettle setting
Hot ___ league
It may be wood-burning
Countertop heater
Place for a glowing element
What a 46 Across cooks on
Log cabin warmer
Housewarming buy?
Franklin or potbelly
Teakettle locale
Cooktop kin
Source of heat
Site of many stirring moments
It's hot and heavy
Franklin invention
Franklin, maybe
Place to get fried or toasted
Franklin heater
Appliance with a timer
Range in the home
Potbelly, e.g.
N.C. band Ashley ___
Household heater
Hot ___ League
Franklin innovation
It may be in the kitchen with a potbelly
Range, e.g.
Housewarming aid?
Potbelly or Franklin, e.g.
It may have a pilot
Franklin invented one
Focus for Franklin
Potbelly ___
Pilot light site
Hot spot?
A Franklin innovation
Kettle's place
Ben Franklin creation
It's in the kitchen, perhaps with a potbelly
Franklin __
Something to stew over?
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