Crossword Clues for STRAYS

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Clue Source Date
Some bodega cats USA Today 23 Nov 2021
Wanders away The Times Concise 18 Nov 2021
Wanders off The Telegraph Quick 03 Nov 2021
Goes off the beaten path Wall Street Journal 02 Oct 2021
Wanders; gets lost The Times Concise 02 Oct 2021
Certain pets in shelters Universal 25 Jul 2021
Deviates The Telegraph Quick 26 May 2021
Wanders off course Irish Times Simplex 07 May 2021
Wanders off Newsday 14 Sep 2020
Deviates from the course USA Today 28 Aug 2020
They're found at the pound Universal 10 May 2020
Wanders off course Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2019
Wanders The Telegraph Quick 05 Jul 2019
Deviates The Sun Two Speed 04 Jul 2019
Animals unleashed on society? The Sun Two Speed 04 Jul 2019
Many shelter animals Universal 11 Jan 2019
Wanders off course
Many shelter animals
Wanders off course The Times Concise 14 Feb 2018
Wanders Universal 25 Nov 2017
They wander around Newsday 21 Sep 2017
Feral pack Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2016
Cheats, euphemistically New York Times 24 Nov 2016
Speaks, when he and I have left, about their homeless The Telegraph Toughie 04 Oct 2016
Gets off-topic Newsday 05 Aug 2016
Alley cats The Washington Post 26 Jun 2016
Humane Society pickups New York Times 07 Jun 2016
They may be measured by the pound New York Times 10 Jan 2016
They may be measured by the pound
Cheats, euphemistically
Humane Society pickups
Waifs bringing glimmers of sunshine to street The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jun 2015
What teen rocker does from home, at times
Some cats in the '80s?
Many pound dogs
Wanders afield
Adoptable animals
Alley cats, e.g.
Pound occupants
Wanders off
They get added to pounds
Range rovers?
Many adopted pets
Range rovers?
Doesn't stick to the straight and narrow
Alley cats
Loses one's way
Loses one's way
Doesn't follow the party line
Moves away from the flock
Leaves the path
Wanders off
Doesn't keep to the straight and narrow
Animal shelter inhabitants
Gets off the beaten path
Homeless hounds, e.g.
Adoptable animals
Homeless animals
Alley denizens
Alley cats
Pound critters, usually
Some shelter occupants
Alley mewers
SPCA "inmates"
Pinfold residents
Becomes lost
Goes wrong
Pound prospects
Lost ones
Companion of waifs.
Gets lost.
Errant ones.
Leaves the beaten path.
Lost sheep.
Detached things.
Wandering dogies.
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