Word "STRIPES" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
V-shaped sleeve badge indicating military rank and service
chevron, grade insignia, stripe
they earned their stripes in Kuwait

Crossword Clues for STRIPES

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Clue Source Date
[See notepad] New York Times 19 Jan 2022
Clothes lines The Washington Post 27 Jun 2021
Clothes lines LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2021
Bands associated with stars The Telegraph Toughie 20 Apr 2021
Zebra features USA Today 19 Apr 2021
[See notepad] New York Times 06 Jan 2021
Bands of colour The Telegraph Quick 17 Nov 2020
Zebra patterns Eugene Sheffer 15 Oct 2020
Zebra features Thomas Joseph 06 Jul 2020
Stars and __ The Washington Post 06 Aug 2019
Stars and __ LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2019
Ship carrying cargo of rubbish bands The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2019
Tiger features Thomas Joseph 09 Mar 2019
1981 Bill Murray military comedy The Washington Post 04 Jan 2019
1981 Bill Murray military comedy LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2019
Stars and __
1981 Bill Murray military comedy
Bands of colours The Telegraph Quick 27 Sep 2018
Bands or lines The Telegraph Quick 05 Aug 2018
Highway markings The Washington Post 06 Jul 2018
Highway markings LA Times Daily 06 Jul 2018
Bill Murray movie Thomas Joseph 16 Jun 2018
Highway markings
What person in the Navy could want rubbish on board ship? The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2017
Tangible results of promotions Newsday 29 Jul 2017
Long bands of colour The Times Concise 26 Jul 2017
Honeybee features The Washington Post 07 Sep 2016
Bill Murray film Thomas Joseph 20 Jun 2015
Road markings LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2015
Road markings
With 18-Across, a headline about a zebra after a shave?
Zebra's claim to fame
Zebra patterns
Zebra patterns
Feature of the members of Group 2
Rank indicators
Uniform set?
Seersucker feature
Ref-shirt design
Features of some bass
1981 Bill Murray comedy
Aardwolf features
What prisoners may wear
Stars' partners
Stars partners
A Navy captain has four
A Navy captain has four
"Stars and ___ Forever" (John Philip Sousa march)
Barber-pole markings
Military array
Wherein Bill Murray joins the army
Old Glory feature
Seersucker features
Rank indication
Bill Murray movie
Theme of this puzzle
Army comedy of 1981
Part of Old Glory
Old Glory's reds and whites
Rank indications
Prison pattern
Bill Murray movie, 1981
Stars' followers
Features of silvery bass
Stars' companions
Candy-cane features
Stars' partners
Décor for zebras
Rank symbols
Symbols of rank.
Service ___.
Certain insignia.
Stars' companions.
Symbol of the 13 colonies.
Naval cadets wear gold ones.
Seven red, six white.
Insignia in the Navy.
Buck sergeants wear three.
Signs of rank in Navy.
1981 comedy with the tagline "The story of a man who wanted to keep the world safe for democracy...and meet girls"
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