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Crossword Clues for STYES

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Clue Source Date
Ophthalmology concerns LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2021
Ocular inflammations New York Times 04 Jan 2021
Eye sores LA Times Daily 31 Dec 2020
Eyelid woes USA Today 20 Nov 2020
Lid woes The Washington Post 29 Oct 2020
They can be treated with warm compresses New York Times 15 Oct 2020
Eye infections The Telegraph Quick 09 Sep 2020
Eyelid problems Universal 10 Aug 2020
Lid problems The Washington Post 01 Aug 2020
Nuisances for the viewers left out of formats Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jul 2020
They may be treated with compresses LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2020
Eyesores with distinctive appearances left out Irish Times Crosaire 10 Apr 2020
Eye afflictions USA Today 02 Mar 2020
Lid maladies The Washington Post 24 May 2019
Eye growths Universal 13 Apr 2019
They might make lids difficult to close New York Times 15 Jan 2019
Plural of 32-Across Universal 20 Nov 2018
Lid inflammations The Washington Post 24 Oct 2018
Eyesores in street? That's right The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2018
Eyelid afflictions Universal 04 Feb 2018
Ocular afflictions The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jan 2018
They might make blinking painful The Chronicle of Higher Education 12 Jan 2018
Eye woes New York Times 20 Nov 2017
Eyelid maladies Universal 19 Oct 2017
Ocular woes New York Times 11 Oct 2017
Eyelid protuberances Universal 23 May 2017
Eyelid annoyances Universal 30 Apr 2017
Optical maladies The Washington Post 11 Mar 2017
Eyelid lumps Universal 17 Mar 2016
Sores near the lashes The Washington Post 26 Jan 2016
Digs for pigs Eugene Sheffer 27 Nov 2015
Sights on sore eyes? Universal 02 Nov 2015
Spots of trouble over pupils? The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Oct 2015
Eyelid swellings Universal 17 Sep 2015
Lid swellings Universal 10 Aug 2015
Afflictions sometimes caused by sleep deprivation New York Times 04 Feb 2015
Ocular irritations
Eyelid nuisances
Eye troubles
Eye problems
Afflictions known technically as hordeola
Eyelid inflammations
Eyelid sores
Eyelid bulges
Lid afflictions
Lid troubles
Eyelid irritations
Eyelid ailments
Ocular irritants
Eye doctors' concerns
Peeper problems
Ophthalmologist's concerns
Vision blurrers, at times
Eye sores, really
Eye annoyances
Eyelid irritants
Eyelid infections
Optical annoyances
Infections of some sebaceous glands
Ophthalmic conditions known medically as hordeola
Eye issues
They may appear on lids
Eyesores, really (Var.)
Eye irritations
Eye inflammations
Ocular problems
Porky's places
Pigs' digs
Eyesores, really
21 Down problems
Lid irritations
Eye inflamations
Problems with peepers
Eyelid infections: var.
Ophthalmological concerns
Occular irritations
Eye ailments
Eye swellings: Var.
Eye swellings
Eye swellings: Var
Pens: Var.
Ophthalmologist's cases
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.