Crossword Clues for STYLES

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Clue Source Date
Fashions or ways of doing Irish Times Simplex 17 Jun 2022
Ways of writing, painting etc Irish Times Simplex 19 May 2022
Fashions or ways of doing things Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2022
Fashion trends Premier Sunday 13 Mar 2022
Modes Thomas Joseph 28 Jan 2022
Arranges, as hair Universal 20 Dec 2021
Fashion influencers' topics USA Today 31 Oct 2021
Distinctive flairs New York Times 17 Oct 2021
Distinctive manners The Telegraph Quick 04 Oct 2021
Fashions or ways of doing Irish Times Simplex 02 Oct 2021
Fashion blog topics USA Today 23 May 2021
Ways of writing, painting etc Irish Times Simplex 13 May 2021
Fashions or ways of doing Irish Times Simplex 24 Mar 2021
Modes Thomas Joseph 12 Mar 2021
Fashion page topics Thomas Joseph 02 Dec 2020
Fashions, modes Irish Times Simplex 22 Aug 2020
Choices of hairdos New York Times 20 Jul 2020
Fashions Thomas Joseph 07 Jul 2020
Philosophically speaking, schools immersed in touristy lessons Irish Times Crosaire 19 May 2020
Fashions Eugene Sheffer 20 Feb 2020
Topics for fashion magazines New York Times 24 Nov 2019
Topics for fashion magazines
Individual manners The Washington Post 15 Sep 2019
Individual manners LA Times Daily 15 Sep 2019
Distinctive modes The Washington Post Sunday 18 Aug 2019
Calls tailors The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2019
Artistic expressions Newsday 01 Aug 2019
Designs Wall Street Journal 21 May 2019
Hairdos Newsday 15 May 2019
Couturiers' creations USA Today 10 May 2019
They go in and out Universal 24 Jan 2019
They go in and out
Individual manners
Couturiers' creations
Fashions or distinctive modes Irish Times Simplex 21 Nov 2018
Salon offerings Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2018
Fashions Newsday 07 Jun 2018
Manners The Telegraph Quick 06 Feb 2018
Salon offerings
Iron out storylines with a number of approaches Irish Times Crosaire 08 Nov 2017
Decorator's choices Universal 30 Oct 2017
Fashion trends Premier Sunday 30 Apr 2017
Options on a barbershop wall New York Times 06 Apr 2017
Decorator's choices
Options on a barbershop wall
Creative designs USA Today 12 Oct 2016
Artistic approaches Newsday 21 Aug 2016
Hair options Universal 18 Aug 2016
Does dos Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2016
Does salon work USA Today 18 Jun 2016
Distinctive dress designs Newsday 14 Jun 2016
Rococo and Postmodernism New York Times 30 May 2016
Baroque and rococo, for two USA Today 27 May 2016
Approaches The Washington Post 22 Apr 2016
Baroque and rococo, for two
Does salon work
Hair options
Rococo and Postmodernism
Ways of writing, painting, etc. Irish Times Simplex 25 Jul 2015
Dos LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2015
Modes of fashion Newsday 11 Feb 2015
Does dos
Modes of fashion
The Urge "Master of ___"
Hairdressers' creations
Fauxhawks and flattops
Doesn't merely cut
Hairdressers' creations
Hair arrangements
In things
Shags, e.g.
Decor decisions
Salon dos
Vogue topics
They go in and out
Salon dos
Vogue topics
"Glamour" topics
Fashionista's concerns
Decorator's choices
Does 'dos
Does up, as hair
Works with hair
Shag, beehive, updo, etc.
Creates a coif
Does a salon job
Does salon work
Baroque and rococo, e.g.
Does, as dos
Does salon work
Does salon work
Couturier's concerns
Bodoni and Helvetica
Salon offerings
Does a salon job
In things
Hair arrangements
Fashion fads
Hair arrangements
Decorator choices
Does 'dos
Couturier's concerns
Early American, et al.
Modiste matters
International, cafeteria and family
Baroque and rococo, e.g.
Distinctive manners
Does do's
Baroque and rococo, e.g.
Works with hair
Boutique's concerns
Haute couture creations
Parisian creations
Mini, maxi, etc.
Paris specialty.
Artistic expressions.
Milady's pleasure.
Paris products.
Engraving tools.
Sen. Bridges.
Bridges of N. H.
Sen. Bridges of N. H.
Designer's specialty.
Woman's page features.
Couturier's forte.
First name of New Hampshire Senator.
Bridges in Upper House.
Senator Bridges of N. H.
Senator Bridges.
Distinctive methods.
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