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Word "SUB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States
bomber, cuban sandwich, grinder, hero, hero sandwich, hoagie, hoagy, italian sandwich, poor boy, submarine, submarine sandwich, torpedo, wedge, zep

Part of Speech:
be a substitute
fill in, stand in, substitute
The young teacher had to substitute for the sick colleague
The skim milk substitutes for cream--we are on a strict diet

Part of Speech:
a submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes
pigboat, submarine, u-boat

Crossword Clues for SUB

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Clue Source Date
U-boat, for one Eugene Sheffer 08 Apr 2021
Long sandwich, for short Universal 22 Mar 2021
Long sandwich USA Today 05 Mar 2021
Sonar user Thomas Joseph 01 Mar 2021
Two transportation systems going in separate directions? Irish Times Crosaire 27 Feb 2021
Hoagie New York Times 16 Feb 2021
Classroom fill-in USA Today 24 Jan 2021
Temp Newsday 10 Jan 2021
Temporary teacher, informally Universal 01 Jan 2021
Underwater craft USA Today 26 Dec 2020
Temp worker Newsday 10 Dec 2020
Player coming off the bench, for short USA Today 05 Dec 2020
Long lunch? Eugene Sheffer 24 Nov 2020
Teacher's backup, for short USA Today 03 Oct 2020
Hero New York Times 17 Sep 2020
Deli creation Eugene Sheffer 17 Sep 2020
Deli order Thomas Joseph 28 Aug 2020
Fill in Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2020
Classroom temp New York Times 05 May 2020
Underwater vehicle Family Time 13 Apr 2020
Navy vessel The Times Concise 25 Mar 2020
Extended lunch? Eugene Sheffer 21 Feb 2020
Ship like Capt. Nemo's Premier Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Stand-in Universal 01 Dec 2019
Jersey Mike's offering USA Today 20 Nov 2019
Second-stringer Eugene Sheffer 09 Nov 2019
Periscope site New York Times 06 Aug 2019
Stand in (for) New York Times 10 Jul 2019
Dom's partner The New Yorker 22 Apr 2019
Undersea boat The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2019
Replacement torpedo vessel The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2019
Quiznos sandwich Universal 01 Apr 2019
Hoagie, by another name USA Today 27 Mar 2019
Hero sandwich Eugene Sheffer 12 Mar 2019
Teacher on call The Washington Post 07 Mar 2019
Replacement Jonesin 12 Feb 2019
Footlong, for one New York Times 17 Oct 2018
Undersea vessel (informal) The Sun Two Speed 11 Oct 2018
Book American returns by boat The Sun Two Speed 11 Oct 2018
Pinch hitter Newsday 06 Oct 2018
Aquatic vessel The Washington Post Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Teaching temp Newsday 19 Aug 2018
Quiznos purchase USA Today 19 Jul 2018
Underwater vessel, for short Newsday 18 Jun 2018
Quiznos order USA Today 04 Jun 2018
Pinch hitter, say The Washington Post 30 May 2018
Six-inch or footlong Jonesin 10 Apr 2018
Benchwarmer New York Times 24 Jan 2018
Classroom stand-in The Washington Post 22 Jan 2018
Normal or Arctic preceder Canadiana 25 Dec 2017
Type of sandwich The Times Concise 03 Dec 2017
Hero of the deli Universal 14 Nov 2017
Long lunch Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2017
"Sixth man" in basketball USA Today 07 Nov 2017
Bench player Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2017
Under goer? New York Times 06 Aug 2017
Hero by another name Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2017
Bench rider Universal 02 Jul 2017
Nonstarter Newsday 17 Jun 2017
Any benchwarmer Universal 23 Apr 2017
Down in front? New York Times 16 Apr 2017
Fill in (for) The Washington Post 13 Apr 2017
Pinch hitter, e.g Universal 10 Apr 2017
Go in (for) New York Times 26 Feb 2017
Sizable sandwich Wall Street Journal 21 Feb 2017
Underwater vessel LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2017
Pinch hitter, e.g.
Easily pranked teacher, perhaps The Washington Post 25 Dec 2016
Second-stringer in the game Universal 24 Dec 2016
Hero in a deli Premier Sunday 04 Dec 2016
Teacher who may get no respect, informally New York Times 25 Oct 2016
Swap (out) New York Times 18 Sep 2016
Clancy's Red October, e.g New York Times 21 Aug 2016
Fill-in Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2016
See 56-Down Premier Sunday 08 May 2016
Deli meal USA Today 31 Mar 2016
U-boat Eugene Sheffer 01 Jan 2016
Clancy's Red October, e.g.
Deli hero Eugene Sheffer 21 Dec 2015
Foot-long lunch Eugene Sheffer 19 Nov 2015
One coming off the bench LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2015
Warship; membership fee The Times Concise 07 May 2015
Fill-in, for short Newsday 01 Feb 2015
Lunch on a roll
Red October or the Nautilus
Large sandwich, for short
Nirvana label ___ Pop
Easily pranked teacher, maybe
Nautilus, e.g.
Part of a Quiznos combo meal
Backup, briefly
Classroom replacement
Seattle label ___ Pop
Cousteau craft
U-boat, e.g.
Prefix for the answers to starred clues, and word needed for those clues to make sense
Quiznos offering
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