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Crossword Clues for SUED

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Clue Source Date
Went after in court Universal 11 Apr 2021
Went a-courting? Eugene Sheffer 03 Apr 2021
Sought compensation, maybe Newsday 06 Feb 2021
Took to court Canadiana 21 Dec 2020
Hauled into court USA Today 07 Nov 2020
Sought damages The Washington Post 27 Sep 2020
Started litigation against Family Time 24 Aug 2020
Accused of infringement, say New York Times 18 Jul 2020
Brought action against Universal 02 Jul 2020
Went after, in a way New York Times 31 May 2020
Started an action The Washington Post 23 Nov 2019
Brought to court Universal 03 Nov 2019
Called to court Newsday 26 Jul 2019
Dragged to court USA Today 12 Jun 2019
Pled Newsday 31 May 2019
Like many defendants The Washington Post Sunday 12 May 2019
Taken to court Newsday 30 Dec 2018
Went to court, say New York Times 30 Dec 2018
Litigated Universal 25 Dec 2017
Sought redress from Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
Engaged in litigation USA Today 10 Nov 2017
Petitioned Newsday 27 Oct 2017
Wouldn't settle, say New York Times 14 Sep 2017
Emulated Edison, vis-à-vis Westinghouse Newsday 15 Jul 2017
Initiated court action against Universal 07 May 2017
Didn't go away quietly Newsday 06 May 2017
Made a case against The Washington Post 23 Dec 2016
Sought a judgment against USA Today 17 Oct 2016
Didn't accept an apology, perhaps Wall Street Journal 27 Jul 2016
Sought legal redress New York Times 09 May 2016
Took action against The Times Concise 31 Mar 2016
Sought damages from Jonesin 15 Mar 2016
Made a tangible show of displeasure Newsday 22 Aug 2015
Made a case against? New York Times 05 Feb 2015
Like some libelers
Like patent infringers, often
Didn't take it lying down, say
Made a federal case
Sicced a lawyer on
What the Isley Brothers did to Michael Bolton
Took legal action
Went after
Sought redress in court
Instituted litigation
Like some copyright infringers
Sought damages, say
Made a federal case out of it?
Sought reparations from
Took to see Judge Judy, say
Exercised a legal option
Made a case?
Like a malfeasant, often
Followed an ambulance chaser's advice
Didn't accept an apology, maybe
Went after legally
Like a defendant in court
Courted ... or used the courts
Hired a litigator, perhaps
Took action, in a sense
Went to court
Brought charges
Brought an action
Made a federal case?
Tried to get money from, say
Brought an action against
Applied (for)
Sought a judgment
Was litigious
Brought charges against
Like some polluters
Like a shyster, often
Filed papers against
Emulated a litigant
Kept a lawyer fed
Added to society's litigiousness
Put the law on
Looked for damages
Tried to get back at
Sought money via Wapner
Apt rhyme for wooed
Appropriate rhyme for wooed
Insisted on redress
Took legal steps
Taken to court.
Appealed to.
Took to court.
Sought after.
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