Word "SUGAR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals; includes simple sugars with small molecules as well as macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
carbohydrate, saccharide

Part of Speech:
informal terms for money
boodle, bread, cabbage, clams, dinero, dough, gelt, kale, lettuce, lolly, loot, lucre, moolah, pelf, scratch, shekels, simoleons, wampum

Part of Speech:
sweeten with sugar
sugar your tea

Crossword Clues for SUGAR

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Clue Source Date
Sweetener The Guardian Quick 12 Sep 2022
Tea sweetener USA Today 13 Aug 2022
Atkins diet no-no New York Times 23 Jul 2022
Cotton candy, mostly LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2022
Sweetener The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2022
Crystalline carbohydrate Irish Times Simplex 11 Jun 2022
Throw us up an old cloth there, sweetie. Irish Times Crosaire 13 May 2022
Tea additive Thomas Joseph 07 May 2022
Cake ingredient from Prague, peeled, brought back by son The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2022
Fructose, e.g Premier Sunday 03 Apr 2022
Poser leaves sour grapes for something sweet Irish Times Crosaire 22 Mar 2022
Ducks out of mounting charity events around university The Times Cryptic 15 Feb 2022
Posh replacement for that woman's aboard racehorse for business mogul The Telegraph Toughie 02 Dec 2021
Coffee additive Thomas Joseph 30 Nov 2021
Coffee additive Thomas Joseph 24 Nov 2021
Icing, essentially New York Times 15 Nov 2021
Baker's staple Newsday 17 Sep 2021
Domino, e.g New York Times 12 Sep 2021
Tease American over sweetheart The Sun Two Speed 22 Oct 2020
Sweetening grains The Sun Two Speed 22 Oct 2020
Beloved newspaper -- American, from the South The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Aug 2020
Crystalline carbohydrate Irish Times Simplex 20 Jun 2020
Cube makeup The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Cube makeup LA Times Daily 24 May 2020
Tea sweetener Eugene Sheffer 27 Mar 2020
Sweet stuff USA Today 29 Feb 2020
Sweetener The Telegraph Quick 28 Feb 2020
Substance in sweet cubes Newsday 13 Jan 2020
Baking staple Newsday 05 Jan 2020
Sweetener The Times Concise 31 Dec 2019
The -- Plum Fairy, character in Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker' The Telegraph General Knowledge 23 Dec 2019
Doughnut glaze ingredient Universal 08 Dec 2019
Tease us about making money The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2019
White or brown sweetener Irish Times Simplex 02 Nov 2019
Tease American about sweetheart The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2019
Sweet substance The Telegraph Quick 17 Sep 2019
Content of some cubes The Washington Post Sunday 15 Sep 2019
Coffee sweetener Newsday 09 Sep 2019
Brown or white baking supply Universal 13 Aug 2019
Pop ingredient, often The Washington Post Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Sweet ingredient The Telegraph Quick 13 Apr 2019
Cane yield Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2019
Coffee sweetener The Washington Post 01 Apr 2019
Coffee sweetener LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2019
Brazilian export Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 2019
Sweetener The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2019
Mary Poppins' spoonful Universal 06 Jan 2019
Mary Poppins' spoonful
Brazilian export
Coffee sweetener
Cane yield
Brown or white baking supply
Spice's partner Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2018
Bakery need Thomas Joseph 14 Dec 2018
Some lumps New York Times 22 Nov 2018
Food sweetener Family Time 05 Nov 2018
Poser leaves sour grapes for something sweet Irish Times Crosaire 27 Oct 2018
Brown or white stuff Universal 04 Jul 2018
Baking staple The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
Baking staple LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2018
Tea sweetener Newsday 01 May 2018
Domino product LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2018
Domino product The Washington Post 01 Apr 2018
Sweet cubes Universal 07 Feb 2018
Common sweetener The Times Concise 23 Jan 2018
Lactose, e.g Premier Sunday 14 Jan 2018
Raw, brown or white stuff The Washington Post 12 Jan 2018
Raw, brown or white stuff LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2018
Sweet cubes
Raw, brown or white stuff
Some lumps
Spice's partner
Brown or white stuff
Baking staple
Domino product
Daughter, one flirting with this term of endearment, could be dangerous The Telegraph Toughie 12 Dec 2017
Common sweetener Family Time 12 Nov 2017
Tease American thrown over by sweetheart The Telegraph Toughie 02 Nov 2017
Icing the problem? A rug's potentially the answer The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Sep 2017
Legal sweetener Wall Street Journal 14 Jun 2017
Alternative to corn syrup Newsday 11 Jun 2017
Tease you and me over term of endearment The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2017
Rock candy, essentially USA Today 01 May 2017
White sweetener Irish Times Simplex 29 Apr 2017
Rock candy's only ingredient The Washington Post 30 Jan 2017
Honeybunch Wall Street Journal 07 Jan 2017
Rock candy, essentially
Sweets LA Times Daily 24 Apr 2016
Plantation product The Guardian Quick 26 Mar 2016
White crystalline carbohydrate used as a preservative The Telegraph General Knowledge 06 Mar 2016
Cotton candy, mostly New York Times 02 Mar 2016
Coffee addition The Washington Post 01 Mar 2016
Common sweetener Universal 01 Feb 2016
Sweetener for guards ordered to ignore source of danger The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jan 2016
Cake ingredient USA Today 11 Jan 2016
Common sweetener
Cake ingredient
Tea drinker's request USA Today 22 Dec 2015
Tea cart item Universal 21 Dec 2015
Cotton candy, essentially Universal 27 Nov 2015
Sweetener Irish Times Simplex 24 Nov 2015
Glucose, basically USA Today 06 Nov 2015
Sweet substance The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2015
Over half of the asparagus is returned, honey The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2015
It makes things sweet Family Time 18 Oct 2015
Sweeten The Telegraph Quick 20 Aug 2015
Result of raising cane USA Today 02 Aug 2015
Big Florida export New York Times 16 May 2015
Sweets-lover's craving LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Tease American about carbohydrate The Times Cryptic 19 Mar 2015
Cotton candy has a lot of it USA Today 30 Jan 2015
Tea-trolley bowlful The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jan 2015
Makeup of some cubes
Cotton candy, essentially
Tea cart item
Sweets-lover's craving
Substance in sweet cubes
Cotton candy has a lot of it
Coffee sweetener
Iced tea add-in
Rock candy's sole ingredient
Tea-trolley bowlful
Big Florida export
Tea drinker's request
Result of raising cane
Glucose, basically
Beet extract
Dextrose, e.g.
Cotton candy, mostly
WFP basket offering
Coffee addition
___ cane
Cubes in a bowl
Cubes in a bowl
Beet product
Coffee sweetener
Coffee addition
Term of endearment
Bob Mould band
Coffee shop freebie
Coffee-shop freebie
Cotton candy component
Glucose, e.g.
With 50-Down, #1 hit of 1969
See 61-Across
Crystals used for dishes
Confectioner's need
Cane or beet output
Major Cuban export
Cane product
Coffee additive
How sweet it is!
Cuban export
Coffee sweetener
Cane product
Sweet thing
Coffee sweetener
Sweet stuff
Sweet cubes
Brazil is its top producer
Maple syrup need
Term of endearment
Spice partner
Table packet
Affectionate nickname
Lumps for the horse
Monroe in "Some Like It Hot"
How sweet it is!
Coffee-shop freebie
Frosting ingredient
Beet extract
Affectionate nickname
Coffee addition
"... a spoonful of ___ makes ..."
Mary Poppins' spoonful
Cupcake ingredient
Spice's partner
Jamaican export
Cotton candy makeup
Doubled, a 1969 #1 hit song
Cuban export
Lump for Dobbin
Tasty cubes
Lump for Dobbin
Cuban export
Cotton candy, essentially
Tea cart item
__ daddy
It makes candy dandy
Cake ingredient
Donut ingredient
Beet product
Tea cart item
Beet or cane extract
Kitchen staple
25-Across component
Cake recipe ingredient
Pantry staple
This was rationed beginning July 1, 1918
Some cubes
Marilyn, in "Some Like it Hot"
Turbinado, for one
Major Cuban export
Beet or cane extract
Sweet stuff
Cuba's top export
Coffee additive
Honey bunch
Tea drinker's request
Jamaican export
Cube or daddy leader
Kitchen staple
Favorite pugilistic moniker
Just a little bit of ____ makes . . .
Lactose, e.g.
Result of raising cane
___ Ray Leonard
Term of endearment
Honeyed word
___ daddy
"Brown ___," Jagger hit
Sweetie pie
Pet name
Lactose is one
Make superficially palatable
Honeyed words
Maple variety
Endearing word
Kind of plum
Ingredient of a girl
"When I Take My ___ to Tea"
Kind of daddy or maple
Make palatable
Ingredient of girls
Table item.
Pet name.
Kind of beet.
Type of maple.
Term of endearment.
Honeyed words.
Cuba's specialty.
Cuban "capital."
Grocery item.
Code word for letter "s."
Hawaii's chief crop.
The Bowl in New Orleans.
___ maple.
Export from Camagüey
Base of Cuban economy.
New Orleans Bowl.
Middleweight Robinson's nickname.
Mr. Robinson.
Nickname for a former boxer.
Hawaiian export.
It's spun at the circus.
Product of Puerto Rico.
Ray Robinson.
"___ and spice."
Rationed product.
To be rationed.
Rationed food.
Coffee additive
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