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Crossword Clues for SULU

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Clue Source Date
Member of Kirk’s bridge crew Wall Street Journal 31 Mar 2021
"Star Trek" helmsman LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2021
'Star Trek' helmsman The Washington Post 26 Jan 2021
Enterprise lieutenant USA Today 18 Oct 2020
Cho's "Star Trek" role Universal 01 Sep 2020
Hikaru --, character in the 'Star Trek' franchise The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 May 2020
Role for Vin Diesel in the 'Fast & Furious' movies New York Times 30 Apr 2020
Hikaru --, 'Star Trek' character The Telegraph General Knowledge 09 Mar 2020
Enterprise helmsman The Washington Post Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Lieutenant of 1960s TV Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2020
Enterprise crewman Thomas Joseph 29 Feb 2020
'Star Trek' role for Takei New York Times 26 Feb 2020
Enterprise crewman named after an Asian sea
Bridge worker of TV Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2019
Takei's "Star Trek" role Universal 05 Nov 2019
'Mr.' on a sci-fi bridge The Washington Post 25 Jul 2019
"Mr." on a sci-fi bridge LA Times Daily 25 Jul 2019
___ Sea, body of water between Borneo and the Philippines New York Times 08 Jun 2019
Chekov bridgemate, in 'Star Trek' The Washington Post 29 Apr 2019
Chekov bridgemate, in "Star Trek" LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2019
Sci-fi navigator The Washington Post 04 Apr 2019
Kirk's helmsman USA Today 31 Mar 2019
Classic George Takei role New York Times 27 Mar 2019
Friend of Spock Family Time 14 Jan 2019
''Enterprise'' crewman Newsday 23 Nov 2018
'Star Trek' lieutenant The Washington Post 13 Jul 2018
"Star Trek" lieutenant LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2018
'Star Trek' role for George Takei New York Times 11 Jul 2018
Enterprise bridge figure The Washington Post 08 Apr 2018
Takei's 'Star Trek' role Premier Sunday 25 Feb 2018
George Takei's 'Star Trek' role The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Feb 2018
Role for George Takei and John Cho Wall Street Journal 24 Jan 2018
"Star Trek" role for George Takei
George Takei's "Star Trek" role
''Star Trek'' officer Newsday 26 Nov 2017
Helmsman of the Enterprise The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Oct 2017
'Star Trek' role for Takei and Cho The Washington Post 05 Oct 2017
"Star Trek" role for Takei and Cho LA Times Daily 05 Oct 2017
The Philippines' ___ Sea New York Times 17 Sep 2017
The Philippines' ___ Archipelago New York Times 20 May 2017
Chekov colleague The Washington Post 07 Apr 2017
Lieutenant on the original U.S.S. Enterprise New York Times 13 Mar 2017
'Star Trek' crewman Jonesin 07 Mar 2017
'Star Trek' officer Eugene Sheffer 23 Dec 2016
USS Enterprise helmsman played by George Takei The Washington Post 22 Dec 2016
"Star Trek" role for Cho LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2016
'Star Trek' role New York Times 13 Nov 2016
'Mr.' of 'Star Trek' New York Times 16 Oct 2016
''Star Trek'' character Newsday 21 Sep 2016
John Cho's 'Star Trek Beyond' role Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2016
Philippines' __ Sea Newsday 23 Jun 2016
"Star Trek" navigator Universal 07 Apr 2016
'Star Trek' crewman whose first name is Hikaru The Washington Post 13 Jan 2016
"Star Trek" role
"Mr." of "Star Trek"
Course-plotting "Star Trek" crewman LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2015
Bridgemate of Uhura and Chekov
Crewmate of Bones
Notable role for droll man-of-the-internet George Takei
Film role for John Cho
"Star Trek" officer
Takei role
Fictional helmsman
George Takei TV and film role
Role for John Cho in "Star Trek"
Original U.S.S. Enterprise helmsman
Sci-fi character named for an Asian sea
Officer played by Takei
John Cho role of 2009
Original "Star Trek" helmsman
Officer on the bridge with Spock and Uhura
Takei's Star Trek character
U.S.S. Enterprise officer with the first name Hikaru
One of Kirk's crewmen
Officer in the original "Star Trek"
"Star Trek" character
Popular Star Trek convention costume
Shipmate of Spock
Sea west of Mindanao
Sea northeast of Borneo
Crewmate of Uhura and Chekov
Colleague of Spock
"Enterprise" helmsman
2009 film role for John Cho
U.S.S. Enterprise helmsman
Asian on the Enterprise bridge
"Star Trek" role for John Cho in 2009
Navigator on the Enterprise
"Star Trek" crewman
Fellow traveler of Spock
Sea between Borneo and the Philippines
Helmsman of 1960s TV
Shipmate of Uhura and Chekov
George Takei role
Chief navigator on the Enterprise
Intergalactic bridge worker
Philippine island province
Enterprise navigator
"Star Trek" character Hikaru __
U.S.S. Enterprise officer
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.