Word "SUN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
first day of the week; observed as a day of rest and worship by most Christians
dominicus, lord's day, sunday

Part of Speech:
expose one's body to the sun

Part of Speech:
expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun
insolate, solarise, solarize
These herbs suffer when sunned

Crossword Clues for SUN

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Clue Source Date
Heat source Eugene Sheffer 15 Jul 2022
Connecticut WNBA team LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2022
Star on Argentina's flag USA Today 22 Jun 2022
Day light? Universal 19 Jun 2022
Snow melter Newsday 12 Jun 2022
Biggest heater you'll ever need Family Time 30 May 2022
Solar body The Guardian Quick 12 May 2022
Day warmer Thomas Joseph 10 May 2022
Source of light and heat Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2022
Nearest star Thomas Joseph 27 Apr 2022
Day light Universal 09 Apr 2022
Earth's 60-Across USA Today 04 Apr 2022
Day light Thomas Joseph 28 Mar 2022
Star on Nepal's flag USA Today 13 Mar 2022
Source of vitamin D USA Today 07 Mar 2022
Name of some newspapers Premier Sunday 06 Feb 2022
Sol Canadiana 17 Jan 2022
Early riser? Universal 08 Jan 2022
What’s central in heliocentrism New York Times 27 Dec 2021
___-dried tomatoes USA Today 26 Dec 2021
The world revolves around it Universal 24 Dec 2021
Feature of the flags of Kazakhstan, Kurdistan and Kyrgyzstan Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2021
Source of solar power USA Today 07 Dec 2021
Most eco-friendly dryer? Universal 02 Dec 2021
British Columbia flag feature Canadiana 29 Nov 2021
Early riser? Eugene Sheffer 26 Oct 2021
Source of Supergirl’s powers New York Times 17 Oct 2021
Brightest light we see Family Time 17 Oct 2021
It rises at dawn Newsday 05 Oct 2021
Star that sounds like a family member USA Today 28 Sep 2021
Amazing light provider Family Time 12 Sep 2021
Source of solar energy Newsday 10 Aug 2021
What a stationary orrery part may represent LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2021
What a stationary orrery part may represent The Washington Post 18 Jul 2021
Day light? Eugene Sheffer 09 Jul 2021
Sol Canadiana 05 Jul 2021
Total eclipse body The Washington Post Sunday 04 Jul 2021
Shiner? The Telegraph Quick 05 Jun 2021
Solar system's center Newsday 11 May 2021
Heater for a garden Family Time 10 May 2021
Bask The Washington Post 08 May 2021
Bask LA Times Daily 08 May 2021
Great ball of fire Newsday 07 May 2021
It rises at dawn Universal 02 May 2021
Russian removes sari - it can be too warm at times Irish Times Crosaire 01 May 2021
Tan Canadiana 05 Apr 2021
Big ball of energy Premier Sunday 04 Apr 2021
Lens flare cause USA Today 02 Apr 2021
Depiction on Arizona and New Mexico's flags New York Times 01 Apr 2021
'A Raisin in the ___' (Hansberry play) USA Today 29 Mar 2021
Star The Times Concise 18 Mar 2021
Eclipse participant Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2021
Space heater? Universal 09 Mar 2021
Star on the Rwandan flag USA Today 07 Mar 2021
It's more than 90 million miles away Universal 07 Mar 2021
Day light Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2021
Solar power source USA Today 21 Feb 2021
Baltimore paper Eugene Sheffer 19 Feb 2021
The Vancouver _____ Canadiana 08 Feb 2021
Daytime warmth The Times Concise 06 Feb 2021
Source of fusion reactions The Washington Post Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Earth's nearest star The Times Concise 30 Jan 2021
Our closest star Family Time 24 Jan 2021
Our major star Family Time 03 Jan 2021
Incredibly large heater Family Time 27 Dec 2020
Day starter, in two ways Newsday 19 Dec 2020
Star The Telegraph Quick 12 Dec 2020
See 2-Down Universal 18 Nov 2020
It had a baby face in 'Teletubbies' Jonesin 17 Nov 2020
Connecticut WNBA team Universal 29 Oct 2020
Closest star to Earth USA Today 27 Oct 2020
Source of light and heat Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2020
Catch some rays Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2020
Earth's heater Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Go for the bronze? New York Times 28 Aug 2020
Body made of plasma The Washington Post Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Our star The Times Concise 15 Aug 2020
Icarus's downfall New York Times 09 Aug 2020
Get a tan The Telegraph Quick 28 Jul 2020
Major source of wheat New York Times 23 Jul 2020
Massive heater Family Time 29 Jun 2020
Day warmer Thomas Joseph 09 Jun 2020
Our star The Telegraph Quick 05 Jun 2020
Weather map symbol New York Times 17 May 2020
Nearest star The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2020
Radiant source — that's our paper! The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2020
Vampire vaporizer Wall Street Journal 07 May 2020
Grapefruit, in school solar system models Jonesin 31 Mar 2020
Center of the solar system New York Times 23 Mar 2020
Source of solar power USA Today 22 Mar 2020
__ tea Newsday 29 Feb 2020
Early riser? Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2020
Enlightenment symbol on Rwanda's flag Universal 23 Feb 2020
Tanning agent
Burner? The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Day light? Eugene Sheffer 20 Jan 2020
Vancouver newspaper Canadiana 13 Jan 2020
Source of solar energy New York Times 06 Jan 2020
Source of solar energy
Earth lighter Premier Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Source of light USA Today 23 Dec 2019
Space heater? LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2019
Space heater? The Washington Post 11 Dec 2019
Renewable energy source Newsday 04 Dec 2019
Day light Thomas Joseph 04 Dec 2019
Energy source for plants New York Times 27 Nov 2019
Energy source for plants
Solar system center Thomas Joseph 22 Nov 2019
Clean energy source Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2019
Early riser? Universal 15 Nov 2019
What planets orbit New York Times 21 Oct 2019
What planets orbit
Baltimore or Las Vegas newspaper New York Times 15 Oct 2019
Baltimore or Las Vegas newspaper
Feature of Argentina’s flag Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2019
Star; newspaper The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2019
Big ball of energy LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2019
Big ball of energy The Washington Post 04 Aug 2019
Bask Universal 29 Jul 2019
Shining example? That's our paper! The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2019
Nearest star to earth The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2019
Solar power source Universal 13 Jul 2019
Symbol on Japan's flag Newsday 27 Jun 2019
Phoenix baller Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2019
Pleasant forecast New York Times 08 Jun 2019
Symbol on a weather map Wall Street Journal 01 May 2019
Bask on the beach New York Times 01 May 2019
Closest star to Earth Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2019
Earth's heater Family Time 03 Mar 2019
It emerges at dawn New York Times 06 Feb 2019
Early riser? The Washington Post 04 Feb 2019
Early riser? LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2019
It sets in the west Universal 28 Jan 2019
Source of solar power Newsday 28 Jan 2019
Radiation source The Washington Post 13 Jan 2019
Radiation source LA Times Daily 13 Jan 2019
Big ball of energy
Bask on the beach
Pleasant forecast
It emerges at dawn
Radiation source
Phoenix baller
Early riser?
Feature of Argentina's flag
It sets in the west
Closest star to Earth
Solar power source
Symbol on a weather map
Earth's light Family Time 23 Dec 2018
Bright star LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2018
Bright star The Washington Post 15 Dec 2018
Our star is an early riser Irish Times Crosaire 17 Nov 2018
Nearest star Thomas Joseph 12 Nov 2018
Beach application LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2018
Beach application The Washington Post 09 Nov 2018
Catch some rays USA Today 14 Oct 2018
__ chariot (vehicle for Helios) Newsday 06 Oct 2018
Take rays Canadiana 10 Sep 2018
SPF part Premier Sunday 09 Sep 2018
Image on New Mexico's flag USA Today 05 Sep 2018
Brightly colored blazer New York Times 02 Sep 2018
Morning riser New York Times 07 Aug 2018
Uruguay flag feature Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2018
Japanese flag symbol USA Today 16 Jul 2018
Vampire's avoidance USA Today 20 Jun 2018
Baltimore newspaper Wall Street Journal 29 May 2018
Light producer Universal 27 May 2018
Dracula avoided it USA Today 21 Apr 2018
Source of solar energy Newsday 17 Apr 2018
Our nearest star The Sun Two Speed 14 Apr 2018
Star of Earth Premier Sunday 18 Mar 2018
Earth's star The Times Concise 28 Feb 2018
Earth warmer Family Time 25 Feb 2018
Powerful heat source Universal 24 Feb 2018
Our source of light and heat Irish Times Simplex 21 Feb 2018
Solar system center Jonesin 09 Jan 2018
Brightly colored blazer
Morning riser
Baltimore newspaper
Dracula avoided it
Image on New Mexico's flag
Japanese flag symbol
Vampire's avoidance
Clean energy source
Uruguay flag feature
Powerful heat source
Light producer
Beach application
Bright star
Catch some rays
Daylight provider The Washington Post 19 Dec 2017
Daylight provider LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2017
Daily newspaper The Sun Two Speed 17 Dec 2017
Heat source located in caverns underground The Sun Two Speed 17 Dec 2017
Earth's star Family Time 19 Nov 2017
One rising at dawn The Washington Post 16 Nov 2017
One rising at dawn LA Times Daily 16 Nov 2017
World lighter Premier Sunday 15 Oct 2017
What Helios personified New York Times 04 Oct 2017
__-dried tomatoes LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2017
__-dried tomatoes The Washington Post 25 Sep 2017
Earth heater Family Time 18 Sep 2017
Symbol on the flag of Argentina or Uruguay New York Times 27 Aug 2017
Part of SPF Premier Sunday 20 Aug 2017
Shadow caster Thomas Joseph 12 Aug 2017
Warming 1-Down Family Time 06 Aug 2017
Thing on Argentina's flag The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Aug 2017
Beach superstar? Universal 07 Jul 2017
Source of most moonlight USA Today 30 May 2017
Bask The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2017
Word with screen or block The Washington Post 16 May 2017
Word with screen or block LA Times Daily 16 May 2017
Flower power? Wall Street Journal 11 May 2017
Word with block or screen The Washington Post 29 Apr 2017
Word with block or screen LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2017
Icarus' undoing USA Today 25 Apr 2017
Flare producer Newsday 06 Apr 2017
Light of the world New York Times 31 Mar 2017
Power source Newsday 24 Feb 2017
Taiwanese flag feature Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2017
U.K. tabloid, with 'The' Jonesin 14 Feb 2017
Daylight source Newsday 14 Feb 2017
Source of awakening rays LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2017
Source of clean energy USA Today 31 Jan 2017
Image on the Uruguayan flag Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2017
One rising at dawn
Beach superstar?
__-dried tomatoes
Word with screen or block
Icarus' undoing
Source of clean energy
Source of most moonlight
Thing on Argentina's flag
Light of the world
What Helios personified
Symbol on the flag of Argentina or Uruguay
Word with block or screen
Daylight provider
Earth warmer Universal 28 Dec 2016
Flare producer LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2016
Realm of the god Helios USA Today 25 Oct 2016
Source of light embodied by Helios, unsurprisingly The Times Cryptic 11 Oct 2016
Source of light and heat The Telegraph Quick 03 Oct 2016
Centre of Earth's orbit The Times Concise 29 Sep 2016
Steamy place New York Times 01 Sep 2016
Solar system center Newsday 31 Aug 2016
Center of Earth's orbit Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2016
"Arise, fair __, and kill the envious moon": Romeo LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2016
__ Valley, ID Newsday 22 Jul 2016
Rising star Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2016
Heat provider for all Universal 09 Jun 2016
Star 93 million miles from Earth The Telegraph General Knowledge 05 Jun 2016
Uruguayan flag feature Wall Street Journal 20 May 2016
Our star Universal 16 Apr 2016
Star identified by seamen once going west The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2016
One rising at dawn Newsday 10 Mar 2016
Baltimore newspaper Eugene Sheffer 05 Mar 2016
Day light LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2016
''Green'' energy source Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Day light
Earth warmer
Heat provider for all
Lie on a beach
"Arise, fair __, and kill the envious moon": Romeo
Realm of the god Helios
Daystar Universal 31 Dec 2015
Source of ultraviolet rays LA Times Daily 30 Dec 2015
Day light Universal 28 Dec 2015
Baltimore paper Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2015
Lighter? The Washington Post 08 Nov 2015
Catch some rays New York Times 03 Sep 2015
Morning riser Universal 01 Sep 2015
Argentine flag feature Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2015
It heats the Earth Family Time 23 Aug 2015
Hub of the solar system USA Today 09 Aug 2015
Juliet, to Romeo Universal 05 Jul 2015
Smiley icon on a weather map LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2015
Sky sight Eugene Sheffer 23 Jun 2015
Daylight The Times Concise 17 Jun 2015
Soak up some rays Eugene Sheffer 13 Jun 2015
Heat source Eugene Sheffer 12 Jun 2015
Daily power source LA Times Daily 03 May 2015
Lie on the beach New York Times 21 Apr 2015
Solar-system center Newsday 06 Apr 2015
___Peaks (Skiing destination near Kamloops) Canadiana 06 Apr 2015
Nearest star to Earth LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2015
Reliable riser Universal 10 Mar 2015
It appears at dawn Newsday 16 Feb 2015
Faraway power source Newsday 01 Feb 2015
Newspaper backed by British seamen once or students? The Times Cryptic 21 Jan 2015
Enjoy the beach, maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jan 2015
Catch some rays
Lie on the beach
Nearest star to Earth
Smiley icon on a weather map
Source of ultraviolet rays
Joseph Arthur "In the ___"
Nearest star to Earth
Reliable riser
Enjoy the beach, maybe
Baltimore paper
Argentine flag feature
Morning riser
Juliet, to Romeo
Early riser?
Faraway power source
It appears at dawn
Solar-system center
Hub of the solar system
Day light
British tabloid, with "The"
Daily power source
Big ball of fire
Baltimore daily
It may be blocked by a screen
Day light?
Cause of Icarus's downfall
Overhead light?
Closest star
Fireball in the sky
Weezer's "Island" is in it
"That will be ere the set of ___": "Macbeth"
Figure on Argentina's flag
Morning ___
Phoenix hoopster
Symbol on New Mexico's flag
"Yes, Virginia,..." newspaper
Center of many revolutions
Weather-map icon
Earth lighter
Great ball of fire
Day light?
Connecticut's WNBA team
SAD preventer
High light?
"Music of the ___" (Rihanna's debut album)
Copernicus subject
Sky light?
Great ball of fire
One rising at dawn
Power source
__ tea
Weezer "Island in the ___"
What Floyd "Set the Controls" for
Lie on the beach
Main burner?
Natural heater
Warming star
Yellow blazer
Day light?
Earth's source of heat and light
Moon lighter
Daylight source found in the seven longest Across answers
Britain's biggest-selling paper, with "The"
Great ball o' fire?
Pioneer of the Chinese Republic
Snow melter
"Green" energy source
Apollo's chariot "passenger"
Nearest star to Pluto
Item on Argentina's flag
Important star
Icarus's undoing
Sky light?
Green power source
Fusion location
Great ball of fire
Great ball of fire
Morning riser
"Here Comes the ___"
Yellow blazer
The ultimate early riser
Daylight source
Nearest star to Pluto
Soundgarden "Black Hole ___"
Eddie Vedder "Hard ___"
Item on Argentina's flag
Important star
Icarus's undoing
Thing to fry in
Summer blazer, which can come before the starts of this puzzle's four longest answers
Where to see flares and spots
Heliocentric universe center
Source of rays
Big energy supplier
Baltimore daily
Energy source
Weezer: "Island in the ___"
Earth heater
Beachgoer's desire
Reason for wearing glasses
Word with dress or suit
Weather map icon
Heliocentric universe center
Source of rays
Syzygy part
Daylight source
Energy source
Great ball of fire
Goths avoid it, generally
Something soaked up
One rising at dawn
Baltimore daily, with "the"
Light source
Java developer
Center of many revolutions
Work on a tan
Light from above
Baltimore paper
Day starter, in two ways
Snow melter
Early riser?
"Here Comes the ___"
Catch some rays
Tanning agent?
Space heater?
Center of the universe for a heliocentrist
Baltimore daily
Early riser?
Globe : Boston :: ___ : Baltimore
Earth's star
Daily riser
Baltimore daily
Solar-system hub
It's often blocked on beaches
Weather map symbol
Star, essentially
The Sabbath, to Christians: Abbr.
Radiation source
It's often blocked on beaches
Catch some rays
Energy source
Kind of dry
Feature of Uruguay's flag
Daily riser
Back burner?
Daily riser
Newspaper that published 68-Down's clue
Overhead light?
Vancouver daily
Center of many revolutions
Great ball of fire
Appropriate center for this puzzle
Light of day
___ Yat-sen
Subject of "worship"
Light source
Symbol on a weather map
Space heater?
Star of Earth
Dawn riser
Phoenix cager
High ball?
One rising at dawn
"Dial" opener?
It has a photosphere
Kind of fish or flower
Shine source
Producer of UV rays
It rises daily
Early riser?
Day light
Catch some rays
Source of natural light
Baltimore paper
U.K. tabloid, with "The"
Beach attraction
U.K. tabloid, with "The"
Baltimore newspaper
Baltimore paper
Earth's source of heat and light
Space heater?
Giant heater in the sky
Baltimore daily
Dial opener
Tanning agent
Mencken's paper
Big shiner
Baltimore newspaper
Natural tanner
Baltimore daily
Baltimore newspaper
Baltimore paper
Day light
Baltimore paper
"House of the Rising __"
Flare source
Mood brightener
Heat source
Heliotrope's need
Heat source
Phoenix cager
Dawn's early light
Type of porch
Dawn's early light
Light source
Light source
Bright light
Baltimore newspaper
See 26-Down
Baltimore paper
Fourth-day creation, in Genesis
Early Elvis label
Heat source
Daily riser
Great ball of fire
Light source
Subject of "worship"
Big shiner
Fireball in the sky
Shining example?
Juliet, to Romeo
Connecticut's WNBA team
"The hearth of affection and life": Arthur Rimbaud
Great ball of fire?
Power source
Vampire vaporizer
Heat source
Vampire vaporizer
Center of the solar system
Shining example?
Wk. starter
It "shines" in 18-, 23-, 37-, 52-, and 59-Across
Early riser?
Burn preventer
Heat source
Bask in the __
Star of heat and light
Center of many an orbit
Light source
Fourth-day creation, in Genesis
___ Myung Moon
Icarus' undoing
Natural tanner
Overhead light?
Sky light
It's always up at dawn
Go for the bronze?
Dawn riser
Fourth-day creation, in Genesis
Yellow blazer
Baltimore paper
Symbol on a weather map
Daily riser
Energy source
Catch some rays
Giant heater
Tanning aid
Get a tan
Elvis' first label
Las Vegas newspaper, with "the"
Dial opener?
Reliable riser
Baltimore's "Yes, Virginia,..." newspaper
Heavenly body in the "Today Show" logo
Light source
Phoenix pro
Java producer
Scott McNealy is its CEO
Heat source
Nearest star to Earth
Vancouver daily
Source of global warming
Great ball o' fire?
Cal. column
Eclipse participant
Ice melter
Weather word
Big star
Hot star
Solar system center
Tanning agent
"Yes, Virginia" newspaper
Catch some rays
Our star
Word with set
Center of many an orbit
Sky light
34 Across's downfall
Our star
Early riser?
Where to spot spots
Chevron rival
Catch some rays
Morning riser
Kind of lamp or light
Our star
Looking at it can cause you to see spots
Nearest star
Ball of fire
___ Valley, Idaho
Get some rays
Early riser
The ____ Also Rises
Fruit ripener
Great ball o' fire?
Phoenix basketballer
Big name in workstations
Word before deck or dial
Juliet, to Romeo
Shining example?
It rises at dawn
Kind of block or deck
Idaho valley
Baltimore paper
Word with flower or fish
Kind of flower or fish
Charles Barkley, for one
Day for a ser.
Phoebus, with "the"
_____ City, Ariz.
Day light
Oldest settler in the West?
Old Sol
Dracula's foe
Down or rise lead-in
Dracula's enemy
"The ___ Also Rises": Hemingway
It also rises
Oldest settler in the west
Heavenly heater
Back burner?
Eastern flag symbol
Any Phoenix N.B.A. player
Kind of fish or flower
Sphere of Phoebus
N.B.A. player at Phoenix
Our closest star
Heliophobe's bane
" . . . and Juliet is the ___": Romeo
Shine preceder
Our star of stars
Bleaching agent
Important star
Realm of Helios
" . . . this ___ of York": Shak.
Light source
"The orb of the day"
Energy source
What Romeo compared Juliet to
Arizona State's ___ Devils
Phoenix player
Heliologist's topic
Source of energy
Kind of worshiper
Spot or shine
Valley or lamp
After 44 Across
Calendar abbr.
Montana river
Kind of bath or deck
Kind of dance or lamp
Word with shine or spot
Kind of beam
___ Yat-sen
___ deck
___ Valley
Day for ch.
Day: Abbr.
Shine giver
Sky sight
Former object of worship.
Get a tan.
Nearest star.
Kind of flower.
A day: poet.
___ Valley.
Day: Poet.
"___ of my soul . . . "
Source of light.
Center of our universe.
Star nearest the earth.
Symbol of splendor.
Ball of fire.
Symbol on South Dakota's flag.
Heavenly body.
A day: Poet.
Source of energy.
Part of an orrery.
Center of an orrery.
___ Valley, Idaho.
Welcome sight on a vacation.
Emblem on South Dakota's flag.
Topees protect against it.
Its diameter is 866,500 miles.
Object of Mt. Wilson research.
Emblem of Louis XIV of France.
Insignia on the Japanese flag.
Motif of Japan's flag.
Japanese flag symbol
Baltimore paper
Heat that's high and outside
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