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Crossword Clues for SUNS

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Clue Source Date
Phoenix ballers Universal 03 Apr 2021
Celestial light sources USA Today 09 Mar 2021
Phoenix team Thomas Joseph 27 Feb 2021
Balls of fire Newsday 20 Feb 2021
Centers of solar systems USA Today 11 Feb 2021
Hot bodies in space The Washington Post Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Stars The Telegraph Quick 29 Oct 2020
Pacific Division NBA team LA Times Daily 09 Aug 2020
Phoenix cagers Eugene Sheffer 09 Apr 2020
NBA team with a flaming basketball logo The Washington Post Sunday 13 Oct 2019
Arizona cagers Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2019
Stars, essentially Newsday 13 Sep 2019
Tries to get a tan Universal 05 Sep 2019
Tans Universal 01 Jul 2019
Earns a bronze? New York Times 28 Apr 2019
New NBA team in 1968 The Washington Post Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Phoenix court team Jonesin 15 Jan 2019
Great balls of fire The Washington Post 02 Nov 2018
Tatooine has two of them New York Times 13 Sep 2018
Arizona hoopsters Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2018
Phoenix hoopsters Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2018
Southwestern NBAers Newsday 27 Jul 2018
Phoenix NBA team Premier Sunday 18 Jun 2017
Goes for the bronze? New York Times 17 Jun 2017
Tries for a tan at the beach Newsday 23 May 2016
Talking Stick Resort Arena team Wall Street Journal 31 Mar 2016
The "Star Wars" planet Tatooine orbits two of them LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2016
Basks on the beach The Washington Post 22 Nov 2015
Great balls of fire? Eugene Sheffer 17 Nov 2015
Solar-system centers Universal 02 Nov 2015
Catches some rays LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2015
Basks at the beach Universal 10 May 2015
Many newspapers Canadiana 02 Mar 2015
Phoenix athletes
Phoenix team with a gorilla mascot
Phoenix five
US Airways Center team
Phoenix squad
Lies out
Some stars
Only Pacific Division NBA team not based in California
Phoenix roundballers
Enjoys the beach
Tries for a tan
They make baskets in Phoenix
Phoenix basketball team
German metal band Dark ___
Lies on the beach
Phoenix 112 Across
Catches rays
Important stars
Gets a tan
Space heaters?
Phoenix's NBA team
Shaquille O'Neal's team
Grabs some rays
Heavenly orbs
Phoenix fivesome
NBA team
America West Arena team
Some newspapers
McCain's favorite NBA team, presumably
Soaks up rays
Arizona N.B.A.'ers
They fill the universe
Goes for the gold?
Takes some rays
Sir Charles and chums, in basketball
Goes for the bronze
Charles Barkley's crew
Phoenix's N.B.A. team
Seeks a tan
"The ___ rim dips . . . ": Coleridge
Relaxes on a beach
Takes a certain bath
Enjoys a nice day
Enjoys a bright day
Celestial bodies.
Days: Poet.
Phenomena in space.
Basks on beach.
Centers of certain systems.
Acquires a coat of tan.
Warms on the beach.
Orrery centers.
Days: Poetic.
Sources of energy.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.