Crossword Clues for SWANS

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Clue Source Date
Septet in a carol New York Times 02 Dec 2022
Cobs and pens The Guardian Quick 09 Nov 2022
"Trumpeter" birds Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2022
Graceful swimmers LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2022
White birds Premier Sunday 18 Sep 2022
Lake flock Eugene Sheffer 02 Aug 2022
Gift on the seventh day Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2022
"12 Days" septet LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2022
'12 Days' septet The Washington Post 16 Mar 2022
Carol septet Newsday 11 Mar 2022
Graceful birds Universal 01 Mar 2022
A bevy of ______ Canadiana 24 Jan 2022
Graceful birds Thomas Joseph 03 Jan 2022
Relatives of geese Premier Sunday 14 Nov 2021
10 faint on board The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jul 2021
Graceful birds USA Today 03 Jun 2021
A pair of them might form a heart shape with their necks USA Today 10 May 2021
Duck relatives USA Today 24 Mar 2021
Lake flock Eugene Sheffer 09 Feb 2021
Web-footed birds Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Seven in a carol Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2020
Graceful lake birds Newsday 08 Dec 2020
Waterbirds The Times Concise 19 Sep 2020
Pens in the park Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2020
Graceful gliders Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2020
Feathered Tchaikovsky dancers
Graceful waterbirds Newsday 20 Nov 2019
Largest waterfowl USA Today 15 Aug 2019
Some trumpeters New York Times 05 May 2019
Graceful birds Newsday 30 Apr 2019
Some origami birds New York Times 16 Jan 2019
Graceful birds Universal 10 Jan 2019
Some origami birds
Largest waterfowl
Some trumpeters
Graceful birds
Cygnet's parents The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Dec 2018
Stunning birds Universal 16 Aug 2018
Swimmers with curved necks USA Today 20 Jul 2018
Origami birds Newsday 12 Jul 2018
Christmas carol swimmers USA Today 11 Jul 2018
Large water birds The Times Concise 19 Jun 2018
Christmas carol swimmers
Cygnet's parents
Stunning birds
Swimmers with curved necks
Graceful waterfowl Wall Street Journal 09 Oct 2017
Seven swimmers in a carol USA Today 14 Aug 2017
Gift on the seventh day of Christmas Jonesin 14 Feb 2017
Seven swimmers in a carol
Graceful birds New York Times 13 Dec 2016
Grown-up cygnets Universal 15 May 2016
Graceful swimmers The Washington Post 29 Mar 2016
Graceful swimmers USA Today 24 Feb 2016
Graceful birds Thomas Joseph 11 Feb 2016
Graceful birds
Lake trumpeters USA Today 25 Dec 2015
Some trumpeters Thomas Joseph 26 Jun 2015
Graceful swimmers LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2015
Graceful swimmers
Lake trumpeters
Graceful birds
"The 12 Days of Christmas" gift
Seven swimmers of song
Tchaikovsky ballet birds
Yeats' "The Wild __ at Coole"
Trumpeters on a lake
Cygnet's parents
They're white and graceful on water
Cygnets' parents
Exemplars of grace
Cygnets' parents
Some origami creations
Goose cousins
Large waterfowl
"Trumpeter" birds
Curvy-necked creatures
Trumpeters on a lake
Trumpeters on a lake
Some pens
Some trumpeters
Some trumpeters
Elegant swimmers
Cob and pen
Elegant swimmers
Group of "nine-and-fifty" in a Yeats poem
Epitomes of grace
Long-necked birds
Origami creations
Graceful pond dwellers
Gift on the seventh day of Christmas
Cygnet's parents
Boston boat birds
Certain trumpeters
Graceful birds
Aquatic birds
Aquatic birds
Gifts in a Christmas carol
Stately aquatic birds
Graceful creatures
Certain Tchaikovsky ballet characters
Stately swimmers
Seventh-day Christmas gift
Gift on the seventh day
Characters in a Tchaikovsky ballet
Pens, possibly
Tchaikovsky ballet roles
Large waterfowl
Long-necked swimmers
Some trumpeters
Trumpeters or mutes
Mute and whistling
Majestic birds
Some pens
Odette and Odile
Graceful trumpeters
Water birds
Trumpeter et al.
White long-necked birds
Graceful swimmers
Park pond sights
Slim-necked birds
What ugly ducklings want to be
Final songs
Tchaikovsky ballet characters
Some are mute
Cygnets' parents
Graceful swimmers
Pens, perhaps
Long-necked swimmers
Geese cousins
Seventhday gift
Christmas-carol gifts
Graceful trumpeters
Goose cousins
Ballet birds
Trumpeters, e.g.
Graceful paddlers
Spenser's bird "of goodly hue"
Certain trumpeters
{/Cob and pen/}
Cobs and pens
Water birds
Pens and cobs
Producers of cygnets
Sights in Kensington Gardens
Ducks' kin
Adult ugly ducklings
Symbols of purity
"Every man thinks his own geese ___"
Some dives
Cob and pen.
Old ugly ducklings.
Certain dives.
Cobs or pens.
Birds said to mate for life.
Beautiful birds.
Poets or singers of great ability.
White birds.
Poets of great ability.
Graceful birds.
Birds on the Avon.
Symbols of gracefulness.
Graceful swimmers.
Persons of unusual beauty.
They draw Lohengrin's boat.
Symbolic water birds.
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