Word "SWEET" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
not containing or composed of salt water

Part of Speech:
English phonetician; one of the founders of modern phonetics (1845-1912)
henry sweet

Part of Speech:
in an affectionate or loving manner (`sweet' is sometimes a poetic or informal variant of `sweetly')
Susan Hayward plays the wife sharply and sweetly
how sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank
talking sweet to each other

Crossword Clues for SWEET

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Clue Source Date
Sugary The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2022
Dulcet — dessert The Guardian Quick 22 Jun 2022
Having a sugary taste Irish Times Simplex 15 Jun 2022
Lovable Eugene Sheffer 04 Jun 2022
Modern communication needs a new start? Humbug! The Guardian Cryptic 03 Jun 2022
Sugary New York Times 02 May 2022
Most of those in 27 down, of course Irish Times Crosaire 23 Apr 2022
Sugary Thomas Joseph 18 Apr 2022
Sugary Newsday 15 Mar 2022
Sugary USA Today 24 Jan 2022
[See notepad] New York Times 19 Jan 2022
Sugary The Times Concise 25 Dec 2021
Sugary Thomas Joseph 12 Oct 2021
___ tooth (love of sugar) Universal 05 Oct 2021
“Niiice!” Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2021
Sugary The Times Concise 11 Aug 2021
'Fantastic!' The Washington Post Sunday 25 Jul 2021
'Awesome!' New York Times 13 Jul 2021
'Yesssss!' New York Times 29 Apr 2021
More of our Valentine verse Canadiana 12 Apr 2021
Kind of sauce in Chinese cuisine New York Times 06 Jan 2021
Bonbon The Telegraph Quick 13 Dec 2020
Word before 'corn' or 'potato' USA Today 01 Dec 2020
Like the taste of milk chocolate The Washington Post Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Shout of approval Newsday 26 Sep 2020
Adjective for Caroline New York Times 25 Aug 2020
Having a sugary taste Irish Times Simplex 08 Aug 2020
Dessert The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2020
Sugary The Telegraph Quick 14 May 2020
Very thoughtful Newsday 08 May 2020
1969 hit for Neil Diamond New York Times 26 Apr 2020
Sugary Newsday 08 Apr 2020
'That's awesome!' New York Times 19 Mar 2020
'Nice!' USA Today 18 Mar 2020
Dulcet Thomas Joseph 13 Mar 2020
___ sixteen Universal 28 Feb 2020
Sugary The Times Concise 15 Feb 2020
"Ni-i-ice!" LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2019
'Ni-i-ice!' The Washington Post 10 Dec 2019
Like dessert wines USA Today 23 Nov 2019
Lovable Eugene Sheffer 20 Nov 2019
“Awesome!” Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2019
Amiable and kind The New Yorker 09 Sep 2019
Sugary Thomas Joseph 20 Aug 2019
1974 hit '__ Home Alabama' The Washington Post 19 Aug 2019
1974 hit "__ Home Alabama" LA Times Daily 19 Aug 2019
Lovable Thomas Joseph 31 Jul 2019
Word before pea or potato USA Today 19 Jun 2019
Like most desserts Thomas Joseph 11 Jun 2019
Pleasing little stone shelters The Telegraph Cryptic 31 May 2019
___ potato fries Universal 22 Feb 2019
Like sucralose's taste USA Today 14 Jan 2019
1974 hit "__ Home Alabama"
Word before pea or potato
___ potato fries
Like sucralose's taste
135 Melodious Newsday 02 Dec 2018
Charming points made in group The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2018
Dessert The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2018
'Awesome!' New York Times 11 Nov 2018
Cute The Telegraph Quick 08 Nov 2018
A long way from salty Universal 29 Oct 2018
West in confusion about eastern kind The Telegraph Toughie 24 Oct 2018
Adorable Thomas Joseph 20 Oct 2018
Like caramel apples Universal 17 Oct 2018
Like dessert wines The Washington Post 09 Oct 2018
Like dessert wines LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2018
'Ni-i-i-ice!' New York Times 07 Oct 2018
Sugary or considerate Newsday 03 Oct 2018
Like candy Family Time 29 Jul 2018
'Excellent!' The Washington Post Sunday 22 Jul 2018
Likeable wannabe's edging into group The Sun Two Speed 09 Jul 2018
Like sugar LA Times Daily 01 May 2018
Like candy Universal 01 May 2018
Like sugar The Washington Post 01 May 2018
Pudding The Telegraph Quick 10 Mar 2018
Like children's cereals USA Today 27 Jan 2018
Like children's cereals
A long way from salty
Like candy
Like caramel apples
Like sugar
Like dessert wines
'Yesss!' New York Times 30 Dec 2017
Like dessert wines, typically New York Times 27 Dec 2017
Mellifluous type of suite on the radio Irish Times Crosaire 22 Dec 2017
With 14-Across, weakness for sugar New York Times 19 Dec 2017
Sugary New York Times 16 Oct 2017
Like aspartame USA Today 21 Sep 2017
"Me likey!" USA Today 13 Sep 2017
Short partner? LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2017
Short partner? The Washington Post 03 Aug 2017
Friendly group you and I should enter The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jun 2017
Sugary The Washington Post 05 Jun 2017
Sugary LA Times Daily 05 Jun 2017
'So cool!' Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2017
Charming group adopting our side The Times Cryptic 01 Mar 2017
Containing much sugar Universal 14 Feb 2017
Like Splenda or Equal USA Today 19 Jan 2017
Candy or cookie USA Today 03 Jan 2017
Like dessert wines, typically
Containing much sugar
Like dessert wines
Like aspartame
Candy or cookie
"Me likey!"
With 14-Across, weakness for sugar
Short partner?
Like honey USA Today 30 Dec 2016
"I like that!" LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2016
Like 13-Across Thomas Joseph 22 Nov 2016
Sugary Canadiana 14 Nov 2016
Sugary Universal 13 Aug 2016
Delightful hotel accommodation for auditors The Times Cryptic 31 Jul 2016
Kindly The Washington Post 25 Jul 2016
'Awesome!' Wall Street Journal 12 Jul 2016
'Totally awesome!' The Washington Post 12 Jul 2016
'Awesome!' The Washington Post 20 Jun 2016
See 17-Across New York Times 07 Jun 2016
Wine category Newsday 28 Feb 2016
Candied Universal 21 Jan 2016
See 17-Across
Like honey
See 15 The Telegraph Toughie 10 Dec 2015
Cool New York Times 11 Oct 2015
Nice of Mae West missing Ma Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jun 2015
With 20-Across, chocolaty Atlanta treat? New York Times 05 May 2015
Billy Idol "___ Sixteen"
With 20-Across, chocolaty Atlanta treat?
Especially satisfying, as a victory
Steinbeck's "___ Thursday"
Like sloe gin
Adjective for Georgia Brown
Like Georgia Brown
Short partner?
Kind of corn
Word with tooth or heart
"Very nice!"
Like lollipops
Keen or kind
Word with "tooth" or "heart"
Like many kids' cereals
Like success' smell
Not dry, as a wine
Like dessert wines
"___ dreams!"
Like sugar
Like some wines
Like dessert wines
Like some fillings (as in this puzzle's theme entries)
"That's what I'm talking about!"
Piece of candy
Desirable, as a 36-Across
Piece of candy
Triumphant shout
Like a lover's nothings
Like the smell of success
"How ___ it is!"
Like Georgia Brown of song
Like dessert wines
Bonbon, e.g.
Not dry, as a wine
Like Neil Diamond's Caroline
Like sugar
Adjective for 47 Down
Not salted
Like Georgia Brown
The taste of honey
Like baklava
"___ Hearts Dance" (1988)
"Love Is Like Oxygen" band
Short partner
Kind of potato
Like a soft melody
Like a soft melody
Short partner
Kind of tooth or talk
"___ Charity"
Like a piece of cake
Like Georgia Brown
Updated "Keen!"
__ nothings
Updated "Keen!"
Word that can precede the first word of 18-, 26-, 49-, and 61-Across
Like Georgia Brown
Not dry, as a wine
Like molasses
Partner of short
Like success' smell
With 62-Across, a possible title for this puzzle
Sour's partner
Piece of candy
Short partner?
Like many kids' cereals
"___ dreams!"
Very satisfying
Kind of corn
Infatuated with, with "on"
"___ dreams!"
"___ are the uses of adversity"
Very satisfying
Kind of corn
Infatuated with, with "on"
"___ dreams!"
What some nothings are
Like licorice
Like cobblers
With 65 Across, craving for 37 Across
"Cool," to Eric Cartman
Like Neil Diamond's Caroline
Short partner?
Same definition as 5 Across
How ___ it is!
Sixteen preceder
Bonbon, e.g.
"Cool!" today
Caring for, with "on"
Georgia Brown's adjective
Like a lover's nothings
Word with heart or tooth
Like Lorraine, of song
Like Georgia Brown
Like Georgia Brown
___ Honey In the Rock
Like a Brown girl
Like Sue of songdom
"___ Leilani," Crosby hit
"Ida, ___ as Apple Cider"
Like success's smell
Containing aspartame
Kind of basil
Heart leader
Like Thursday or Sue
___ talk (flattery)
Candy kiss, e.g.
Not dry, as wine
Word with tooth or heart
Like Rosie O'Grady
"___ Charity," Verdon vehicle
"___ Bird of Youth": T. Williams
Like Ida or Sue
Fruit is a natural one
Steinbeck's "___ Thursday"
Adeline or Sue
Like Sue
Kind of potato
Edmund Lowe's partner?
Low's companion
Certain craving, with 15 Across
Like Adeline or Sue
Sue, e.g.
___ tooth
Kind of william
Dry's opposite.
Word with talk or tooth.
Term of endearment.
Kind of potato.
Piece of candy.
"___ Bird of Youth."
A dessert, in Britain.
Plum pudding, for instance.
British dessert.
Blanche of the silent films.
Blanche ___ of silent films.
What the British call dessert.
Nice sound of Bach composition (5)
Piece of candy
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