Word "TACK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
gear for a horse
saddlery, stable gear

Part of Speech:
reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)
alternate, flip, flip-flop, interchange, switch

Part of Speech:
turn into the wind
wear round
The sailors decided to tack the boat
The boat tacked

Crossword Clues for TACK

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Clue Source Date
Poster holder Thomas Joseph 18 Jun 2022
Short nail The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2022
Sail a zigzag course LA Times Daily 07 May 2022
Sail a zigzag course The Washington Post 07 May 2022
Small nail The Times Concise 03 May 2022
Bulletin board pin Newsday 11 Apr 2022
Small nail Premier Sunday 10 Apr 2022
Wall map marker LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2022
Wall map marker The Washington Post 20 Feb 2022
Thumb-pressed nail The Washington Post 19 Jan 2022
Thumb-pressed nail LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2022
Nail The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2021
Poster holder Thomas Joseph 16 Dec 2021
Short nail The Telegraph Quick 01 Dec 2021
Corkboard fastener Universal 18 Oct 2021
Nail in food The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Sep 2021
Carpet fastener Thomas Joseph 08 Sep 2021
Hastily fasten bridle, etc The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Aug 2021
Food; nail The Telegraph Quick 15 Jul 2021
Food that a racehorse needs The Telegraph Toughie 27 May 2021
Stickiness Newsday 01 May 2021
Bulletin board item Family Time 22 Mar 2021
Flat-headed fastener Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Pushpin's kin Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Add (on) New York Times 13 Jan 2021
Short nail The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2020
Bulletin board item Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2020
Bulletin board fastener USA Today 25 Oct 2020
Stable supplies LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2020
Stable supplies The Washington Post 04 Oct 2020
Nail The Telegraph Quick 02 Oct 2020
Poster holder Universal 19 Aug 2020
Small nail The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2020
Approach one fixing carpet The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2020
Corkboard item The Washington Post 17 Jun 2020
Corkboard item LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2020
Wall map marker LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2020
Wall map marker The Washington Post 04 Mar 2020
Saddle, bridle, etc Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2019
Poster hanger USA Today 02 Oct 2019
Sticker not suitable for little kids? Universal 17 Sep 2019
Carpet fastener Thomas Joseph 09 Aug 2019
Nail some upsetting trademark catcall Irish Times Crosaire 06 May 2019
Bulletin board fastener New York Times 15 Apr 2019
Against-the-wind sailing maneuver LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2019
Against-the-wind sailing maneuver The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
Regatta maneuver Newsday 08 Mar 2019
Pushpin alternative Newsday 14 Feb 2019
Get to grips with missing the French food The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jan 2019
Bulletin board fastener
Poster hanger
Sticker not suitable for little kids?
Against-the-wind sailing maneuver
Bulletin board item Universal 27 Dec 2018
Sail a zigzag course USA Today 27 Dec 2018
Approach in handling something New York Times 20 Dec 2018
Small nail The Telegraph Quick 13 Nov 2018
Pressed-in fastener USA Today 10 Sep 2018
Pushpin's kin Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2018
Broad-headed nail The Times Concise 05 Jun 2018
Poster holder USA Today 28 Apr 2018
Carpet fastener Newsday 16 Apr 2018
Small nail The Times Concise 12 Jan 2018
Pressed-in fastener
Bulletin board item
Pushpin's kin
Sail a zigzag course
Poster holder
Approach in handling something
Brad alternative Universal 30 Dec 2017
Bulletin board item New York Times 15 Nov 2017
Bulletin board sticker? Family Time 11 Sep 2017
Poster holder Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2017
Bulletin board fastener The Washington Post 17 Jul 2017
Bulletin board fastener LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2017
Dismiss taking time to push out second nail The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jun 2017
Course of action The Telegraph Quick 13 Jun 2017
Epitome of sharpness The Washington Post 28 May 2017
Epitome of sharpness LA Times Daily 28 May 2017
Bulletin board item Eugene Sheffer 08 Apr 2017
Small broad-headed nail The Times Concise 27 Mar 2017
Saddle, bridle, harness and the like Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2017
Poster holder Thomas Joseph 23 Jan 2017
Epitome of sharpness
Brad alternative
Bulletin board item
Bulletin board fastener
Food course The Telegraph Toughie 03 Nov 2016
Hardware for a bulletin board Universal 26 Oct 2016
Course of action queen, perhaps, set up with king The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Mar 2016
Pin down saddle etc The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2016
Carpet nail The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2016
Zigzag, on the Caribbean The Washington Post 30 Nov 2015
Broad-headed nail The Telegraph Quick 14 Nov 2015
Bulletin-board fastener Newsday 05 Oct 2015
Sailor's maneuver LA Times Daily 15 Aug 2015
Pushpin Eugene Sheffer 02 Jul 2015
Stickiness of food The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jun 2015
Abandoning top of aircraft holding pattern, change course The Times Cryptic 30 Jan 2015
Poster hanger
Zigzag, on the Caribbean
Sailor's maneuver
Bulletin-board fastener
Poster-hanging hardware
Sharp fastener
Corkboard sticker
Add (on)
Change course at sea
It could hold your notice
Corkboard fastener
Type of nail
Bulletin board hardware
Bulletin board fastener
Bulletin board affixer
Bulletin board pin
Equestrian gear
Sailing maneuver
Wall map marker
Wall map marker
Notice holder
Notice holder
Adhesive quality
Bulletin board sticker
Fastener pressed with a thumb
Bulletin board sticker
Fastener pressed with a thumb
Add (on)
Flat-headed fastener
Course of action
Sail a zigzag course
Corkboard item
It may be on a bulletin board
Small fastener
Yachting maneuver
Poster hanger
Zigzag movement, at sea
Sail a zigzag course
Jockey's equipment
Sailor's maneuver
Poster hanger
Bulletin board item
Yachter's heading
Poster holder
Bulletin-board item
It may be on a bulletin board
Upholstery fastener
Upholstery nail
Gear for a horse
Yacht heading
Bulletin board fastener
Popular fastener
Item on a bulletin board
Bulletin board pin
Yacht maneuver
Append, with on
Bulletin board insertion
Jockey's gear
Item on a bulletin board
Turn into the wind
Change directions, in yachting
Bulletin board affixer
Notice poster's need
Zigzag movement
Secure a carpet
Short nail
Bulletin board hardware
Harness gear
Equestrian gear
Sailing maneuver
Thumb appendage?
Corkboard item
Small fastener
What a prankster puts on a chair
Close-hauled course
Memo holder
Yacht heading
Bulletin board sticker
Change the course of a sloop
Sail a boat zigzag
Temporary stitch
Change course
Jockey's gear
Change direction of a sailboat
Course of action
Sailing course
Yachting maneuver
Thumb ___
Fasten temporarily
Stitch lightly
Horse's gear
Stable gear.
Nautical term.
Sailing term.
Put about, in sailing.
Short nail.
Zigzag course.
Sharp-pointed pin.
Sailing direction.
Change of direction.
Shift abruptly one's policy.
Temporary stitch.
Course of action.
Go about, in sailing.
Racing stable gear.
Go in a zigzag course.
Sailing maneuver.
Carpet fastener.
Change direction when sailing close hauled.
Zigzag movement.
Maneuver to combat the wind.
Sail at an angle to the wind.
Office board member?
Sailing maneuver
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