Word "TAILS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men
dress suit, full dress, tail coat, tailcoat, white tie, white tie and tails

Crossword Clues for TAILS

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Clue Source Date
Trains those engaged in surveillance The Telegraph Toughie 11 May 2022
Flip call Thomas Joseph 05 May 2022
Prehensile parts of seahorses USA Today 18 Apr 2022
Not heads The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2021
Full evening dress for men Irish Times Simplex 07 Aug 2021
Dogs -- they could be wagging The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2021
The flip side perhaps of men leaving salt mine Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jun 2021
Flip call Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2021
'Heads I win, ___ you lose' USA Today 29 Mar 2021
One side of the coin New York Times 07 Mar 2021
Follows Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2021
Coin-flipping choice Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2021
Flip sides? LA Times Daily 29 Nov 2020
Flip sides? The Washington Post 29 Nov 2020
Pregame declaration Newsday 21 Nov 2020
Wagged appendages USA Today 14 Nov 2020
Formal attire Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Kite features Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Mermaid features USA Today 29 Aug 2020
Full evening dress for men Irish Times Simplex 06 Mar 2020
Formal getup Universal 08 Sep 2019
Flip response? Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Heads or ___? The Telegraph Quick 10 May 2019
Kite danglers USA Today 29 Apr 2019
Formal getup
Flip response?
Kite danglers
Long parts of kites Newsday 19 Nov 2018
Animals' extremities The Telegraph Quick 07 Jul 2018
Part of a quarter? Universal 21 May 2018
Flip option Jonesin 17 Apr 2018
White-tie affair wear USA Today 12 Mar 2018
Coin toss call New York Times 04 Feb 2018
Flip remark? Universal 23 Jan 2018
Coin toss call
Flip remark?
Part of a quarter?
Feature of a morning coat
Top hat accompaniment USA Today 05 Dec 2017
It could be one's reaction to flip stories heard The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Oct 2017
Reverse call The Times Cryptic 21 Jun 2017
"Call it!" call USA Today 06 May 2017
Word in pregame instructions The Washington Post 22 Apr 2017
Word in pregame instructions LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2017
Tracks possible call as money's raised before match? The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2017
Coin-toss call Universal 25 Feb 2017
Apes' lack LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2017
"Call it!" call
Top hat accompaniment
White-tie affair wear
Apes' lack
Word in pregame instructions
Quarter back? New York Times 13 Nov 2016
It has a 50% chance New York Times 17 Aug 2016
Coin-flip call USA Today 02 Aug 2016
Coin-flip call
Quarter back?
Having flipped, a 50/50 call follows The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2015
Coin-toss call Newsday 24 Jun 2015
Flip choice Wall Street Journal 01 May 2015
Quarter back? USA Today 01 Mar 2015
Evening dress The Telegraph Quick 26 Feb 2015
Flip response? New York Times 26 Feb 2015
Back of a flipped coin LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2015
Flip choice
Quarter back
Flip response?
Coin reverse, familiarly
Coin-toss call
Back of a flipped coin
Polecats "Cat O' Nine ___"
Quarter back?
White-tie component
Call before the game?
Formal affair wear
Coin toss call
Coin-toss option
Half of all flips
Spies on, in a way
Coin toss choice
Comets have them
Spies on, in a way
Coin toss choice
Overzealous promgoer's choice, maybe
Coin toss call
"Cat-O'-Nine- ___" L7
Running Wild "Heads Or ___"
Top hat accompaniment
Flip outcome
Formal attire
Call at a coin toss
Coin-tossing call
What Pumpkins' "Squirrels" have
Coin toss call
Flip call
Call for change?
Dogs wag them
Call option?
Cat parts
What dogs wag
Gala night duds
Winner when heads loses
Quarter back?
Full evening dress
Coin toss option
"Call it!" call
Flipping option
White-tie accompanier
Flip response?
White-tie accompanier
Call after a toss
Heads-down view
Flip side
Attire with a top hat
Flip comment?
Flip comment?
Flip choice
Attire with a top hat
Coin side
Toss choice
Fancy duds
Toss choice
The eagle, on a quarter
Top hat go-with
Parts of coonskin caps
Top hat go-with
Flip response?
Coin toss call
Formal wear
Heads' opposite
Flip choice
Top hat accompaniment
Coin toss choice
Pre-kickoff call
Flipper's choice
Call before the flip, sometimes
Quarter side
Gridiron call
Gridiron call
Formal wear
Monkey suit
Formal wear
Coin toss result
Call at some football games
Flip decision?
Quarter back?
Captain's call, maybe
Coin-toss call
Coin toss option
Coin toss call
Flip side?
Coin toss outcome
Toss option
Heads flipped
Tossup call
Follows stealthily
Pregame choice
Coin call
Follows closely
Bobs and scuts
Flip call
Comets' trailers
Coin-toss choice
Coin reverse
Flip call
Quarter back
Diplomat's attire
Caudal parts
Wear for Astaire
Coin-toss call
Requirements for a certain party game
Lobster ___ (seafood treats)
Flip remark?
Toss call
Rear appendages
Side of a quarter
Flip result?
Evening wear
Diplomatic attire
Follows tenaciously
Heads' alternative
Bettor's choice
Coin side
Call for a flip.
Common alternative.
One side of a coin.
Gambler's choice.
Men's wear.
Type of coat: Colloq.
Kind of coat: Colloq.
Full dress attire.
Full dress: Colloq.
Formal wear.
Attire for men: Colloq.
Lower ends of g's, y's, etc.
Full dress.
Diplomat's attire.
Complement for a white tie.
Shadows: Slang.
Heads or ___.
Call before a game
Quarter back?
Formal wear
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