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Clue Source Date
Yarns Eugene Sheffer 15 Sep 2023
Picked up tea, beers and pork pies The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Sep 2023
Yarns Thomas Joseph 30 Aug 2023
'Twice-Told ___' New York Times 21 Aug 2023
Stories Thomas Joseph 21 Jul 2023
Yarns Thomas Joseph 07 Jul 2023
Stories that might be 'tall' Newsday 13 Jun 2023
"Fairy" stories Universal 05 Jun 2023
Padded accounts? New York Times 20 Apr 2023
Stories that may be 'tall' Newsday 20 Feb 2023
"The Canterbury ___" Universal 27 Jan 2023
Stories LA Times Daily 02 Jan 2023
Raconteur’s recitals Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2022
Reports of slate being quarried The Guardian Cryptic 31 Aug 2022
Reports of slate being quarried
Yarns LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2022
Spun things New York Times 10 Jul 2022
Lore LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2022
Accounts of saint heading north drinking beer The Times Cryptic 15 Jun 2022
Storyteller's repertoire USA Today 11 May 2022
Cheers stories, but not Independent stories
Folk stories USA Today 20 Mar 2022
See 1 The Guardian Quiptic 28 Feb 2022
Accounts Wall Street Journal 19 Feb 2022
Stories Thomas Joseph 15 Feb 2022
What lore consists of Newsday 11 Feb 2022
'Spun' yarns The Washington Post Sunday 05 Dec 2021
Yarns New York Times 24 Nov 2021
Things you ought not to tell? The Guardian Quick 11 Oct 2021
Many works of Edgar Allan Poe New York Times 23 Aug 2021
Yarns Thomas Joseph 19 Aug 2021
Stories, perhaps tall ones Irish Times Simplex 14 Aug 2021
Yarns Eugene Sheffer 22 Jul 2021
Stories, perhaps tall ones Irish Times Simplex 21 Jul 2021
Yarns LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2021
Yarns The Washington Post 14 Jun 2021
Stories USA Today 13 May 2021
Chaucer pilgrims' offerings Newsday 30 Apr 2021
Stories Universal 19 Apr 2021
Stories The Washington Post 02 Mar 2021
Stories LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2021
Grimm collection Newsday 21 Jan 2021
Relations picked up tea and other drinks
Grimm accounts LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2020
Grimm accounts The Washington Post 17 Dec 2020
Yarns Thomas Joseph 19 Nov 2020
Narratives The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2020
Stories from poet Eliot drinking beer The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2020
Yarns Eugene Sheffer 17 Nov 2020
They may be tall USA Today 22 Oct 2020
False stories in case later circulated The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Oct 2020
Stories told originally when having drinks in pubs? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Oct 2020
Storybook contents USA Today 04 Oct 2020
Stories that may be ''tall'' Newsday 21 Sep 2020
They’re related to campfire attendees Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2020
Stories The Telegraph Quick 08 Jul 2020
Chaucer works LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2020
Chaucer works The Washington Post 07 Jun 2020
Campfire exchange The Washington Post 09 May 2020
Campfire exchange LA Times Daily 09 May 2020
  Pork pies can come with Tango and beers
Storyteller's repertoire USA Today 28 Mar 2020
''Tall'' stories Newsday 18 Mar 2020
Yarns Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 2020
Stories from the Grimms Newsday 16 Feb 2020
Stories Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2019
Offerings from TV's Crypt Keeper The Washington Post Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Stories at a campfire USA Today 24 Nov 2019
Loads of bunk USA Today 19 Nov 2019
Fish stories The Washington Post 07 Oct 2019
Fish stories LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2019
Folksy accounts Newsday 01 Sep 2019
Accounts LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2019
Accounts The Washington Post 03 Jun 2019
Chaucerian creations Newsday 02 Jun 2019
Stories of the last of the draught beers Irish Times Crosaire 25 May 2019
Spun creations The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Some are cautionary Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2019
Stories lacking freshness from end to end
Stories Newsday 30 Jan 2019
They might be tall drinks served after Tango
Fish stories
Some are cautionary
Fish stories
Fish stories USA Today 24 Nov 2018
Follower of 'Twice-Told' or 'old wives'' New York Times 19 Sep 2018
Gathering around a campfire? New York Times 29 Jul 2018
Folk stories Newsday 09 Jul 2018
Brothers Grimm offerings USA Today 26 Jun 2018
Outlandish stories Newsday 13 May 2018
Fanciful stories Universal 17 Apr 2018
Stories lacking freshness, start to finish The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2018
Some Poe works New York Times 11 Feb 2018
Stories are cliched from beginning to end
Grimm offerings USA Today 26 Jan 2018
Brothers Grimm offerings
Raconteur's collection
Follower of "Twice-Told" or "old wives'"
Gathering around a campfire?
Some Poe works
Fanciful stories
Grimm offerings
Stories Thomas Joseph 26 Dec 2017
H. P. Lovecraft output New York Times 22 Dec 2017
Stories, perhaps tall ones Irish Times Simplex 21 Dec 2017
Chaucer output The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Oct 2017
Adventurous, heroic stories Universal 15 Oct 2017
"Canterbury" stories Universal 11 Oct 2017
Grimm Brothers' collection USA Today 09 Oct 2017
Campfire stories USA Today 30 Aug 2017
Fables The Telegraph Quick 30 Jul 2017
Long stories Newsday 24 Jul 2017
Chaucer's claim to fame Newsday 13 Jul 2017
Accounts for beer in empty tankards
Bard's output Thomas Joseph 24 Feb 2017
Adventurous, heroic stories
Grimm Brothers' collection
"Canterbury" stories
H. P. Lovecraft output
Campfire stories
Chaucer output
'The Twilight Zone' episodes, e.g New York Times 04 Dec 2016
Chaucerian stories USA Today 25 Nov 2016
Contents of a Hawthorne collection Newsday 05 Nov 2016
Tap options New York Times 27 Oct 2016
Shilling put back in old accounts
'Tall' stories New York Times 12 Sep 2016
Fabricated stories Universal 19 Jun 2016
Accounts Universal 18 Jun 2016
Third entry in the bar's accounts Irish Times Crosaire 28 May 2016
Old wives' output? Universal 21 May 2016
Stories are boring from end to end
Things voyagers bring home New York Times 02 Apr 2016
Some Chaucer stories Newsday 20 Mar 2016
Chronicles Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2016
Tap options
"The Twilight Zone" episodes, e.g.
"Tall" stories
Fabricated stories
Stories from Chaucer Newsday 23 Dec 2015
Narrative stories Universal 10 Dec 2015
Fishy stories USA Today 18 Nov 2015
Least tangled yarns
Least tangled yarns
Raconteur's recitals Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2015
Chaucerian stories Newsday 12 Jul 2015
Reports with clean slate
Primus "___ From the Punchbowl"
Tori Amos comp "___ of a Librarian"
Chaucerian stories
Folksy accounts
Stories from Chaucer
Narrative stories
They're often tall
Chaucer works
Fishy stories
Stories by Chaucer
Raconteur's recitals
Folksy accounts
Raconteur's stock
Folk stories
"Ten Summoner's ___" Sting
Chaucer output
Folksy accounts
Chaucer collection
Grimm stories
They can be spun
Much lore
Accounts of Scheherazade
Outlandish stories
Canterbury stories
They may be tall
Fabricated stories
Raconteur's inventory
They may be tall
Some Springsteen songs
Lamb's "___ From Shakespeare"
Yarn material?
Canterbury stories
They may be told by fishermen
"The ___ of Hoffmann"
Fairy stories
Raconteur's repertoire
Spun things
Raconteur's repertoire
"The Canterbury ___"
Fairy stories
Adventurer's stock
Adventurer's stock
"Twice-Told ___"
They're related
They're related
Tall stories
Fishy stories
Beatrix Potter products
Long stories
Narrative stories
"___ From the Crypt"
Canterbury stories
They're passed around campfires
Tall stories
Possibly tall items
Entertaining anecdotes
Hawthorne's were told twice
Raconteur's repertoire
Fish stories
They may be passed around campfires
What snitches tell
"___ From the Vienna Woods" (Strauss)
Imaginative accounts
Tattler's supply
Raconteur's inventory
They can be spun
Chaucer collection
Some are tall
Fabricated stories
Some are tall
"Tall" accounts
Charles and Mary Lamb's "___ From Shakespeare"
Tall ones?
"___ from the Crypt"
Chaucerian products
Old wives' forte?
Fishy or fishing stories
Fictitious narratives
Canterbury units
Chaucer collection
"__ from the Crypt"
Spinners' output
Chaucerian collection
Chaucer wrote them
Chaucer works
"__ from the Crypt"
Canterbury collection
47-Across and the like
Some are tall
Whole cloth materials?
Grimm offerings
"The Canterbury ___" (series of stories by Geoffrey Chaucer, 1387-1400)
Works from Chaucer
Grimm works
"The Canterbury ___"
Poe prose
Armistead Maupin's "___ of the City"
Chaucer chapters
Scheherazade's stock-in-trade
Fishy or fishing stories
Grimm collection
"The Canterbury _____"
They're "From the Crypt"
Canterbury ___
Raconteur's inventory
Adventurer's stock
They're made of whole cloth
"_____ of the South Pacific"
Scheherazade offering
Sailors are famous for them
They're passed around campfires
73 Yarns
Raconteur's repertoire
Scheherazade's offerings
"___ of Hoffmann"
Hoffmann offerings
Hoffmann's offerings
Stuff of legend
Pipeline products
Raconteurs' offerings
"___ From the Crypt" (HBO series)
"The Canterbury ___"
The ____ of Hoffman : Offenbach opera
Some are tall
See 19 Across
"___ From the Vienna Woods": Strauss
Judicial writ
Scheherazade's stock in trade
An anagram for 1 Across
Hoffmann specialty
Hoffmann's specialty
Supplementary jury group
Hoffmann specialties
Stephen King products
Dinesen works
Chaucer specialties
Andersen output
"Tanglewood ___"
Chaucer creations
Chaucerian products
Some accounts
"___ from the Vienna Woods"
Tell ___ out of school
Swift creations
Dinesen products
"The ___ of Hoffmann"
Pieces of gossip
Lore from old wives
Writ that summons new jurors
Kipling's "Plain ___ from the Hills"
See 4 Down
"___ of Hoffmann"
Hawthorne's "Twice-Told ___"
Fitzgerald's "___ of the Jazz Age"
Tall stories
Scheherazade's forte
Hawthorne offerings
Twice-told ___
Jury-panel members
Fill-in jurors
"___ of the South Pacific"
Canterbury offerings
Hoffman's specialties
Hoffmann's output
Wayside Inn fare
Hoffmann's forte
Substitute jurors
"South Pacific" or "Wayside Inn."
Witches' ___.
Extra jurors
Good reading.
Reading matter.
Reader's choice.
Hoffmann products.
Hawthorne's forte.
Library items.
Stand-by jurors.
Chaucer's forte.
"The ___ of Hoffmann."
"Twice-told ___.”
Hoffmann's works.
"___ of the South Pacific."
"___ from Shakespeare."
Persons added to a jury.
Narratives of events.
"___ of Hoffmann."
Gossips' delight.
Hawthorne's "Tanglewood ___."
"___ of the Vienna Woods."
Fictitious accounts.
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