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Word "TARTAN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a cloth having a crisscross design

Crossword Clues for TARTAN

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Clue Source Date
Gaelic garment New York Times 28 Aug 2022
What's black and brown cloth worn by Scots? The Telegraph Toughie 17 Aug 2022
Kilt pattern Eugene Sheffer 10 Aug 2022
Plaid textile design The Telegraph Quick 08 Aug 2022
Clan identifier Wall Street Journal 07 Jul 2022
Material effect sun had on sailor Irish Times Crosaire 24 May 2022
Sailor with sun damage - that's material Irish Times Crosaire 18 May 2022
Kilt pattern Thomas Joseph 07 Apr 2022
Plaid design Premier Sunday 16 Jan 2022
Plaid pattern Newsday 08 Oct 2021
Symbol for Irish counties Newsday 25 Sep 2021
Kilt pattern Thomas Joseph 02 Aug 2021
Clan symbol Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2021
Plaid The Sun Two Speed 03 May 2021
Rant at rotten Scots material The Sun Two Speed 03 May 2021
Sailor Brown checked Scottish cloth The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2021
Kilt pattern Thomas Joseph 25 Nov 2020
Sailor Brown checked pattern The Sun Two Speed 21 Oct 2020
Imagines leaving Tasmanian Tiger in Scotland in the hands of the man of the cloth Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2020
Kilt pattern USA Today 17 Jul 2020
Iconic Burberry pattern The Washington Post Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Kilt pattern Newsday 13 Oct 2019
Highland games cloth The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Scottish woollen cloth The Times Concise 05 Oct 2019
Coat with brown material The Telegraph Toughie 14 Aug 2019
Scottish clan pattern Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2019
Bronzed sailor's pride? Wall Street Journal 23 May 2019
Criss-cross design The Telegraph Quick 22 Feb 2019
Bronzed sailor's pride?
No gold in grand total for the man of the cloth Irish Times Crosaire 20 Sep 2018
Plaid kilt pattern Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2018
Kilt pattern Universal 31 May 2018
Cutting borders of Arran material The Telegraph Toughie 10 May 2018
No gold in grand total for the man of cloth Irish Times Crosaire 30 Apr 2018
Scots cloth The Times Concise 19 Apr 2018
Scot's pattern Universal 16 Apr 2018
For a man of the cloth, gold is missing from grand total Irish Times Crosaire 30 Mar 2018
Kilt fabric Canadiana 29 Jan 2018
Scottish pattern New York Times 01 Jan 2018
Scot's pattern
Plaid kilt pattern
Scottish pattern
Kilt pattern
Kilt pattern Eugene Sheffer 28 Dec 2017
Kilt pattern The Washington Post 05 Dec 2017
Kilt pattern LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2017
Plaid kilt pattern Newsday 11 Sep 2017
Scottish cloth The Times Concise 28 Jul 2017
Cutting a new pattern for unisex garment The Telegraph Cryptic 07 May 2017
Bagpiper's pattern Newsday 16 Mar 2017
A lot of lake and brown cloth The Times Cryptic 06 Mar 2017
Scottish pattern The Washington Post 12 Jan 2017
Kilt pattern
Checked design of Cubist Art analytically The Telegraph Toughie 06 Oct 2016
Kilt fabric Newsday 17 May 2016
Design for some MacDonalds LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2016
One's checked sailor's effect of sun The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Feb 2016
Design on some British Airways tailfins Newsday 23 Jan 2016
Bagpiper's wear USA Today 13 Jan 2016
Bagpiper's wear
Clan cloth The Times Concise 12 May 2015
Clan pattern Eugene Sheffer 21 Mar 2015
Piper pattern
Fabric for a kilt
Plaid pattern
Plaid design
Plaid cloth
Plaid pattern
Highland wear
Striped identifier
Abercrombie design
Highlander's pattern
Bagpiper's wear
Clan cloth
Plaid kilt pattern
Kilt material
Clan pattern
Kilt pattern
Kilt pattern
Kilt fabric
Kilt cloth
Scottish plaid
Dundee design
Highlander's textile pattern
Clan cloth
Kiltie's pattern
Kilt pattern
Clan cloth
Pattern for a 10-Across
Clan cloth
Highlander pattern
Parade pattern
Textile of Scottish origin
Plaid fabric
Clan emblem
Clan emblem
Bagpiper's wear
Highlands pattern
Bagpiper's wear
Clan pattern
Dundee cloth
Clan's pride
Plaid cloth worn by Highlanders
Plaid cloth worn by Scottish Highlanders
62 Down design
Clan pattern
Bagpiper's wear
Highlands pattern
Dundee design
Clan identifier
Clan's cloth
Clan symbol
Perthshire pattern
Biblical commander: Isa. 20:1
Scottish fabric
Clan's emblem
Plaid cloth
Clan badge
Scottish garment
Kilt fabric
Kilt cloth
Black Watch garb
Plaid garment
Scotch plaid
Plaid or ship
Kilt ingredient
Scottish plaid
Highland wear
Highland garb.
Clan identity
Clan wear.
Textile pattern.
Patterned wool.
Symbol of a clan.
Woolen cloth.
Scot's distinction.
Mediterrean ship.
Mediterranean coasting vessel.
Material for trews.
Scotch plaid.
Kilt pattern.
Plaid cloth.
Historic cloth.
Scotsman's trademark.
Mark of a clan.
Highlander's pattern
Clan's pride
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