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Crossword Clues for TAURUS

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Clue Source Date
Bull terrier's grabbing teacher having removed lead The Telegraph Toughie 19 Mar 2021
Spring sign Thomas Joseph 04 Feb 2021
Sign of spring LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2020
Zodiac bull Eugene Sheffer 15 Oct 2020
Star sign The Telegraph Quick 10 Oct 2020
Sign of the bull Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2020
Zodiac sign The Times Concise 19 May 2020
Practical, stubborn, ambitious sort, so it's said New York Times 06 May 2020
March sign Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2019
Sign after Aries USA Today 10 Feb 2019
Zodiac sign (bull) The Telegraph Quick 22 Nov 2018
The Bull The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2018
Sign before Gemini The Washington Post Sunday 25 Feb 2018
Rent our people picked up for house The Times Cryptic 12 May 2017
Sign of the zodiac The Times Concise 23 Nov 2016
Zodiacal bull The Telegraph Quick 29 Oct 2016
Bull among the stars Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2016
Bull of the zodiac Newsday 26 Jan 2016
Bullish sign The Washington Post 26 Nov 2015
Ford model LA Times Daily 31 Oct 2015
May baby, maybe
May baby Brendan Emmett Quigley's star sign
Constellation next to Gemini
Zodiac bovine
Bovine sign
Ford that shares its name with a bull
Ford sedan
Car that shares its name with a bull
Aries follower
1980s Ford debut
Ford introduction of 1986
Orion neighbor
Aldebaran's constellation
Ford product
Popular Ford
The second 60-Across
Many a May birth
Mother's Day baby, e.g.
May baby, usually
Zodiac earth sign
Astrological bull
Mercury : Sable :: Ford : ___
Ford debut of 1988
Successor to 18 Across
Astrological earth sign
Zodiacal sign or Turkish mountain chain
Aries' neighbor
The Bull.
Zodiac sign.
Bullish sort?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.