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Word "TAW" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles

Part of Speech:
the 23rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Crossword Clues for TAW

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Clue Source Date
Large marble New York Times 26 Feb 2021
Fancy marble The Washington Post 05 Oct 2020
Shooting marble Universal 17 Sep 2020
Playing marble Thomas Joseph 26 Mar 2020
Big marble Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2019
Shooter marble Family Time 28 Jul 2019
'I taut I -- a puddy tat!' Premier Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Choice marble Universal 05 Mar 2018
Marble shooter Universal 31 Jan 2018
'... -- a puddy tat!' Premier Sunday 24 Dec 2017
Fancy shooting marble Premier Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Shoot a marble Canadiana 12 Jun 2017
Viewed, to Tweety USA Today 03 Jan 2017
Glass shooter Universal 04 Oct 2016
Espied, to Tweety USA Today 13 Sep 2016
Verb in Tweety-ese Newsday 15 May 2016
Marbles player's shooter Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2016
Spotted, to Tweety Universal 27 Feb 2016
Shooter's marble Universal 01 Feb 2016
Marble The Telegraph Quick 29 Jan 2016
Major marble Canadiana 31 Aug 2015
Large playing marble Premier Sunday 30 Aug 2015
Noticed, to Tweety LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2015
Marble type Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2015
Shooter for kids New York Times 02 Jan 2015
Spotted à la Tweety Bird
Verb for Tweety
"I tawt I ___ a puddy tat!" (Tweety's exclamation)
It's shot in a circle
Glimpsed à la Tweety Bird
Tweety Bird verb
Spherical glass shooter
"... I ___ a puddy tat!"
Shooter on the playground
Sharp shooter
Laid eyes on, to Tweety
Marbles shooter
Game of marbles
Fancy shooter
"I taught I ___ a puddy tat!"
Spotted, like Tweety
Playground shooter
Marble for shooters
Espied, to Tweety Pie
Marble used as a shooter
Observed, to Tweety
Large, fancy marble
"...I __ a puddy tat!"
Cat's-eye cousin
Street shooter
Showy shooter
Ring ___ (marbles game)
Verb from Tweety
Type of marble
"I taut I __ a puddy tat!"
Espied, Tweety-style
Starting line
"I tawt I ___ a puddy tat!"
I taut I ____ a puddy tat!
Marbles game
Shooter at mibs
Child's fancy marble
Shooter, in marbles
Child's marble
Junior's shooter
Marble or river in England
Shooter for Junior
Convert skin into white leather
Large fancy marble.
Shooter at marbles.
Line for marble shooters.
Playing marble.
Shooter used in 3 Down.
Marble shooter.
Marble used as a shooter.
Relative of 1 Across.
Shooter, in marbles.
Fancy playing marble.
Game of marbles.
Devonshire river.
Game at marbles.
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