Word "TEAM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
form a team
team up
We teamed up for this new project

Part of Speech:
a cooperative unit (especially in sports)

Part of Speech:
two or more draft animals that work together to pull something

Crossword Clues for TEAM

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Clue Source Date
Santa's reindeer, for one Universal 06 Dec 2022
Lions or Tigers or Bears Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2022
Squad The Telegraph Quick 12 Nov 2022
A's, Jays, or Rays LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2022
Side, crew The Telegraph Quick 26 Sep 2022
Jazz or Blues, e.g Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2022
Heat or Thunder, e.g Universal 13 Sep 2022
Group of workers or athletes USA Today 10 Sep 2022
49ers or 76ers Universal 27 Aug 2022
Side, troupe The Telegraph Quick 15 Aug 2022
Kings, Royals or Monarchs USA Today 12 Aug 2022
Sports squad Universal 03 Aug 2022
Side The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2022
Rams, Eagles or Panthers Universal 21 Jul 2022
Side in sports Premier Sunday 19 Jun 2022
Squad leaves at start of Macbeth The Guardian Cryptic 16 Jun 2022
Pool pick Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2022
Work crew Newsday 19 May 2022
Jaguars, Bengals or Panthers USA Today 09 May 2022
Blue Jays or Red Sox USA Today 20 Apr 2022
Some hate amateurish group of players The Guardian Quiptic 11 Apr 2022
Squad Eugene Sheffer 22 Mar 2022
Two or more working together Irish Times Simplex 19 Mar 2022
Cowboys or Broncos LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2022
Cowboys or Broncos The Washington Post 13 Mar 2022
O's, but not P's or Q's New York Times 13 Mar 2022
__ effort Newsday 12 Mar 2022
There's no 'i' in it USA Today 07 Mar 2022
Squad Eugene Sheffer 09 Feb 2022
Mets, Jets or Nets Universal 08 Feb 2022
In retrospect, making ends meet on the outskirts of Dublin, for one Irish Times Crosaire 07 Feb 2022
Squad Universal 03 Feb 2022
Thirteen rugby league players The Guardian Quick 01 Dec 2021
The Minnesota Lynx, for example USA Today 14 Nov 2021
Group of friends Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2021
Nets or Nats Premier Sunday 17 Oct 2021
Group wearing the same uniform USA Today 14 Oct 2021
Group of policemen surrounding area to the west The Times Cryptic 05 Oct 2021
Side in a baseball game Universal 01 Oct 2021
Santa's reindeer, as a unit Family Time 05 Sep 2021
A's, but not B's or C's New York Times 20 Aug 2021
Word with sport or spirit New York Times 12 Aug 2021
Tottenham Hotspur F.C., for example USA Today 07 Aug 2021
Storm, Sky or Sun Universal 21 Jul 2021
___ U.S.A New York Times 20 Jul 2021
Debate group Universal 07 Jul 2021
Squad New York Times 01 Jul 2021
Sports squad Newsday 02 Jun 2021
In retrospect, making ends meet on the outskirts of Dublin, for one Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2021
There's no 'i' in it USA Today 02 Apr 2021
Any sports squad Newsday 30 Mar 2021
"There's no 'I' in __" LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2021
'There's no 'I' in __' The Washington Post 08 Mar 2021
Bulls or Bears Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2021
Squad Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2021
Bears or Lions LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2021
Bears or Lions The Washington Post 25 Feb 2021
Sports side Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
___ player New York Times 11 Feb 2021
The Indianapolis Colts, for one Family Time 07 Feb 2021
People working together The Telegraph Quick 05 Feb 2021
Work crew Newsday 24 Jan 2021
Group setting up in Adama, Ethiopia Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jan 2021
Liberty or 76ers, for example Family Time 17 Jan 2021
Group of collaborators Newsday 13 Jan 2021
''Home'' or ''Visitors'' Newsday 01 Jan 2021
Athletic group Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2020
Blues or Jazz, e.g Wall Street Journal 01 Dec 2020
Any ballclub Family Time 09 Nov 2020
Cardinals, e.g Premier Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Cook needs no introduction to the saffrons of Armagh, for instance? Irish Times Crosaire 30 Oct 2020
Mets, Jets or Nets Universal 13 Oct 2020
Partnership to curate a museum's content Irish Times Crosaire 02 Oct 2020
Word after 'go' or 'home' USA Today 01 Oct 2020
The Avengers, e.g New York Times 22 Sep 2020
Group of players The Telegraph Quick 14 Sep 2020
Any competitive squad Newsday 24 Aug 2020
Crew New York Times 01 Aug 2020
Dodgers or Cubs LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2020
Squad Canadiana 27 Jul 2020
Dodgers or Cubs The Washington Post 27 Jul 2020
Side (sports) The Telegraph Quick 22 Jul 2020
Squad The Telegraph Quick 09 Jul 2020
Sports squad New York Times 29 Jun 2020
Group of players The Times Concise 18 Jun 2020
Giants or Titans Jonesin 16 Jun 2020
Squad USA Today 16 Jun 2020
Side The Telegraph Quick 08 Jun 2020
Twins or Vikings USA Today 31 May 2020
Bears or Bulls Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2020
Cowboys or Indians Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2020
League member USA Today 04 Mar 2020
Either baseball game squad Newsday 02 Mar 2020
Sports unit Family Time 17 Feb 2020
What there's no I in Universal 19 Jan 2020
Oxen group LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2019
Oxen group The Washington Post 27 Dec 2019
Pool pick Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2019
Play group Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2019
Sports group Premier Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Mate cut in side The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2019
Sports group The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2019
Cardinals or Orioles Universal 23 Oct 2019
Thunder or Lightning Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2019
Group having drink before start of meal The Telegraph Toughie 25 Sep 2019
Orioles, e.g The Washington Post 13 Sep 2019
Orioles, e.g LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2019
___ player The Washington Post Sunday 01 Sep 2019
At times it's missing what the first eleven is capable of making Irish Times Crosaire 24 Aug 2019
The T of USWNT The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Side The Sun Two Speed 21 Jun 2019
Eleven minutes after the interval The Sun Two Speed 21 Jun 2019
Group at the 118 Across The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jun 2019
A's, e.g. ... or a word following 'A' New York Times 25 May 2019
Dream __ The Washington Post 24 May 2019
Dream __ LA Times Daily 24 May 2019
League member Thomas Joseph 11 Apr 2019
Group of playmates LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2019
Group of playmates The Washington Post 05 Apr 2019
Pep talk audience USA Today 01 Apr 2019
____ work ( Labour lightener ) Canadiana 04 Feb 2019
Angels or Saints LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2019
Angels or Saints The Washington Post 21 Jan 2019
Join (with) Premier Sunday 13 Jan 2019
One side in a game Irish Times Simplex 12 Jan 2019
Blues or Jazz Universal 09 Jan 2019
Jazz or Blues Wall Street Journal 08 Jan 2019
Mate injured in the XI? The Sun Two Speed 04 Jan 2019
Dream __
Thunder or Lightning
A's, e.g. ... or a word following "A"
Blues or Jazz
Orioles, e.g.
Cardinals or Orioles
Group of playmates
Jazz or Blues
Angels or Saints
Pep talk audience
Lions or Tigers or Bears USA Today 16 Dec 2018
'There's no 'I' in '___'' The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Dec 2018
Jets or Ravens, e.g Universal 13 Dec 2018
Group playing a game Newsday 11 Dec 2018
Tag ___ wrestling USA Today 08 Dec 2018
Competitive group Newsday 19 Nov 2018
Eleven minutes after the interval? The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2018
Side of butcher's meat Irish Times Crosaire 05 Nov 2018
Penguins on ice, e.g Wall Street Journal 18 Oct 2018
Office pool pick Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2018
Fantasy group Jonesin 09 Oct 2018
What ''there's no 'I' in'' Newsday 03 Oct 2018
Lions, Tigers or Bears New York Times 28 Aug 2018
Panthers or Lions Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2018
Senators, e.g., but not Representatives The Washington Post Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Type of spirit Universal 14 Aug 2018
Varsity group USA Today 12 Aug 2018
Party in power losing face The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2018
Sports squad Universal 30 Jun 2018
'Go, ___!' New York Times 21 Jun 2018
Side The Times Concise 30 May 2018
Managers field it Universal 06 May 2018
Bunch of players Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2018
Side with characters to repudiate a movement Irish Times Crosaire 30 Mar 2018
Squad; side The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2018
Competitive squad Newsday 14 Mar 2018
Brewers or Mariners Universal 05 Mar 2018
Competitive side Newsday 06 Feb 2018
Wild in St. Paul, e.g Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2018
Squad New York Times 12 Jan 2018
__ spirit The Washington Post 06 Jan 2018
__ spirit LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2018
Eleven is time I'm to leave: before midday The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jan 2018
"There's no 'I' in '___'"
Type of spirit
Jets or Ravens, e.g.
Penguins on ice, e.g.
Bunch of players
Office pool pick
Varsity group
Panthers or Lions
Play group
Tag ___ wrestling
"Go, ___!"
Lions, Tigers or Bears
__ spirit
Lions or Tigers or Bears
Sports squad
Managers field it
60-Across, in baseball New York Times 20 Dec 2017
Rays or Jays LA Times Daily 29 Nov 2017
Rays or Jays The Washington Post 29 Nov 2017
Squad LA Times Daily 16 Nov 2017
Squad The Washington Post 16 Nov 2017
Home __ Newsday 11 Nov 2017
Sled dog group USA Today 21 Oct 2017
Reds or Browns USA Today 13 Oct 2017
Group with lineups The Washington Post 01 Oct 2017
Group with lineups LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2017
Dispute a methodology embraced by a group of players Irish Times Crosaire 30 Sep 2017
Jazz, for one Thomas Joseph 16 Sep 2017
Selector in an MLB draft USA Today 07 Sep 2017
Work group Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2017
Periodically they arm squad The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Aug 2017
Ben's not in the basement band Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jul 2017
There's no I in ___ Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2017
Football coach's crew Newsday 30 May 2017
Recipients of a pep talk USA Today 14 Apr 2017
Dream __ Newsday 25 Mar 2017
There's no I in this answer Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2017
Party in power, lacking leadership The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2017
One side Newsday 12 Jan 2017
Group with lineups
Rays or Jays
60-Across, in baseball
Sled dog group
Selector in an MLB draft
Reds or Browns
Recipients of a pep talk
Players like a sauna after stripping The Times Cryptic 29 Dec 2016
Baseball card datum USA Today 17 Dec 2016
Sporting bunch Universal 23 Nov 2016
League member Newsday 17 Nov 2016
A number of players found in cheapskate amusements Irish Times Crosaire 05 Nov 2016
There's no I in it, according to the coach The Washington Post 26 Oct 2016
Locker room group USA Today 30 Sep 2016
___ U.S.A New York Times 19 Aug 2016
Bulls or Bears The Washington Post 11 Aug 2016
See 32 Down Newsday 09 Jul 2016
The yoke's on them The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Jun 2016
Pair of oxen Newsday 12 Jun 2016
Predators or Sharks The Washington Post 04 Jun 2016
Bears or Cubs LA Times Daily 02 May 2016
Goal-oriented group? Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2016
Stagecoach pullers The Chronicle of Higher Education 01 Apr 2016
Reds or Blues New York Times 30 Mar 2016
Oxen pair USA Today 29 Mar 2016
Crew The Telegraph Quick 13 Mar 2016
Cowboys or Raiders Premier Sunday 07 Feb 2016
Cooperative group Newsday 07 Feb 2016
Cleveland Indians, e.g Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2016
Bears or Cubs
The yoke's on them
Cleveland Indians, e.g.
Locker room group
___ U.S.A.
Stagecoach pullers
Coached group USA Today 21 Dec 2015
Diamond nine New York Times 09 Dec 2015
Kind of effort USA Today 05 Dec 2015
Work group Newsday 26 Nov 2015
Pick in an office pool, maybe New York Times 03 Nov 2015
Athletic squad Eugene Sheffer 27 Oct 2015
Pair of oxen, e.g New York Times 27 Oct 2015
Uniform-wearing group New York Times 13 Oct 2015
Bulls or Bears New York Times 23 Sep 2015
What a mascot represents New York Times 15 Sep 2015
Play group LA Times Daily 12 Sep 2015
Bucks or Seahawks, e.g USA Today 07 Sep 2015
Flames on ice, e.g New York Times 22 Aug 2015
Meal given to thousand people who work together The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jul 2015
Sports unit Universal 11 Jul 2015
Cooperate Newsday 04 Jul 2015
Orioles or Jets Family Time 18 May 2015
Athletic group Universal 14 May 2015
Players' club Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2015
Athletic unit Universal 02 Apr 2015
Either side of a soccer game Newsday 30 Mar 2015
Group of athletes Newsday 23 Mar 2015
Kind of spirit or sport Universal 12 Mar 2015
Lions, Tigers or Bears LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2015
Group with a common cause USA Today 02 Mar 2015
"The A-___" USA Today 18 Jan 2015
Jazz, e.g Thomas Joseph 03 Jan 2015
"The A-___"
Grizzlies, Bears, or Cubs
Pats or Sox
Pep talk audience
Lions, Tigers or Bears
Play group
Either side of a soccer game
Group of athletes
Sports squad
Work group
Bulls or Bears
Diamond nine
Flames on ice, e.g.
Pair of oxen, e.g.
Pick in an office pool, maybe
Uniform-wearing group
What a mascot represents
Kind of band work
Athletic group
Athletic unit
Kind of spirit or sport
Sports unit
Bucks or Seahawks, e.g.
Coached group
Group with a common cause
Kind of effort
Thunder or Lightning, e.g.
Players' club
Word before sports or spirit
Cooperative group
Conference member
Ed Sheeran "The A ___"
Senators in Washington, once
Competitive side
Set of players
Santa's reindeer, e.g.
See 106-Across
Cooperative group
Jets, Mets or Nets
Locker room user
Giants or Titans
Gang up on, as in basketball
There's no I in it
There's no I in it
Wagon puller
Sports squad
Mets, Jets or Nets
Mariners or Pirates
Become partners
Fantasy group
Reds or Browns
Cowboys or Indians
"There's no I in ___"
One in the standings
A group working together
Whom the cheerleaders cheer
The O's or A's, e.g.
Ball group
Group with lineups
Bears or Colts, e.g.
Varsity group
Task force
Competitive group
Collaborative group
Athletic squad
Pair of horses or oxen
Bears, e.g.
Sports squad
Player's club
Braves or Mets, say
They play ball together
Kind of player or sport
Falcons or Eagles, e.g.
Bears or Bulls
Giants or Titans, e.g.
Band has to act as one
Bon Iver song that shows spirit?
Project leader's selection
Blue Jays, Orioles or Ravens
Project leader's selection
Plow pullers, collectively
Tenacious D "Double ___"
Group of advisors
Jets or Nets
Sports group
There's no "I" in it, they say
Sports squad
Work crew
"There is no I in ___"
Word after mule or school
Cardinals or Orioles
Competitive group
See 59-Down
Word after dream or drill
Sports side
Sports squad
Sports group
Blues, Browns, or Reds
Kanye "Take One for the ___"
The yoke's on them
Boston Bruins or Chicago Bears, e.g.
Storm or Sounders, e.g.
Locker room group
Common-goal group
Boston Bruins or Chicago Bears, e.g.
Orioles, Eagles or Cardinals
Skins, e.g.
What there's no "I" in
"There's no 'I' in ___"
Collaborating group
Nine of diamonds?
All-American Rejects: "I'm on the Football ___"
Coach's charge
Collaborating group
Conestoga pullers
Blue Jays or Bad News Bears
League member
"Home" or "Visitors"
Sports group
Santa's reindeer, e.g.
I-less word?
Competing side
Group in a yoke
Side of a soccer field?
Jets, e.g.
Mariners or Pirates
Chiefs or Rams, e.g.
Coach's charges, collectively
Plow pullers
Bulls, e.g.
Stagecoach-pulling group
Plow puller, collectively
Santa's reindeer, e.g.
Word often cried after "Go"
See 41-Across
Kind of effort
Bears or Cubs
Go-go go-between?
Locker room group
Management group
See 1-Across
Wagon pullers
Organized group
Kind of spirit
Hurricanes, Heat or Avalanche
Orioles or Cardinals
Wagon puller, often
Go-go go-between?
Locker room group
Management group
See 1-Across
Wagon pullers
"Go ___!"
Cowboys or Indians
Group of playmates?
Reds, Blues or Browns
Word with "spirit" or "player"
Group of contestants
Bulls or Bears, e.g.
Reds or Blues
Nats or Nets, e.g.
Sled pullers
Lions or Tigers
Goal oriented group
Debating unit
Jets or Mets
Ravens or Cardinals
Pair of oxen, say
Cohesive group
Jazz or Blues
See 56 Down
Devils or Santa's reindeer, e.g.
Wagon puller
Lions or Tigers
Bulls or Bears
Assemblage of Bears
Ball group
Cooperative group
League constituent
Santa's reindeer, e.g.
Yoked sight
Rockies, for one
Santa's reindeer, e.g.
Jaguars or Panthers
Stagecoach puller
Nets or Jets
With 30-Down, track powerhouse at the Olympics
Jets or Sharks
Conference member
The New York Liberty, e.g.
Wizards of Washington, e.g.
Bulls or Bears
Lions, Tigers or Bears
Jazz or Blues
Jaguars or Panthers
Cooperative group
Colts or Broncos
There's no "I" in __
Play mates
Group of athletes
"There's no 'I' in ___"
There's no "I" in __
Yoked group
Group of draft animals
Cardinals or Orioles
Football coach's responsibility
Pirates or Buccaneers, e.g.
Locker-room group
Goal oriented group
Debate unit
Word with tag or double
Sports group
Yoked pair
Play mates?
Mets, Jets or Nets
Grizzlies or Bears
Lions or Tigers or Bears
There's no "I" in it
Band of Patriots
Debate unit
Kind of spirit
Whom the cheerleaders cheer
Yoked pair
Vikings or Eagles
Gridiron group
Cooperative unit
Kind of sport
Kings or Wizards, e.g.
Peter Angelos owns one
Ravens or Cardinals, e.g.
Field unit
They're a sporting bunch
"Them" or "us"
Jets or Rockets
Wild in Minnesota, e.g.
Senators in Washington, once
Jets or Sharks, e.g.
Yoked group
Wagon pullers
Home or Visitors
Tigers or Cubs
Reds, e.g.
Kind of spirit
Kind of player
Eagles, for one
Bears or Bulls
Abbott and Costello, e.g.
Washington Nationals, e.g.
The Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA, e.g.
Sled dogs, as a group
Nationals, again
Group of sled dogs, e.g.
Tigers or Cubs
Reds, e.g.
Kind of spirit
Kind of player
Eagles, for one
Bears or Bulls
Word before spirit or sport
Group of sled dogs
League constituent
Field unit
Field unit
Word before spirit or sport
Group of play mates?
Marlins or Seahawks
There's no "I" in it
Jets, Mets, or Nets
Oxen, often
A's, e.g.
Mets or Jets
American League constituent
Packers or Phillies
Ravens, for example
Flyers, for one
Four-in-hand, e.g.
Bullets in D.C., once
Falcons or Eagles
League member
Pirates, e.g.
Jazz or Blues, e.g.
There's no I in it
Mariners, e.g.
Plow puller
Canadiens or Canucks
Jets, Mets, or Nets, e.g.
Group of players
Collection of horses
Mets or Jets
Kind of spirit
Lions or Tigers
Whom a coach coaches
Marlins, e.g.
Two mules, e.g.
Tag-_____ (type of wrestling match)
Mets or Jets
Mets, Jets or Nets
Type of player
Avalanche in Colorado, e.g.
Blue Jays or Orioles, e.g.
A's, but not B's
Marlins, e.g.
Type of player
Cowboys or Indians, e.g.
Jaguars or Panthers
Lions or Tigers or Bears, e.g.
Athletic group
Sometimes follows A
There's no "I" in it
A group working together
Cowboys or Indians
Vikings or Patriots
Cowboys or Indians
Lions or Tigers or Bears
Reds, Blues or Browns
Wagon puller
Comedy ___ (couple like Gracie Allen and 1-Across)
Pair of oxen
Penguins, Padres or Pistons
Cowboys or Indians
Lions or Tigers or Bears
Reds, Blues or Browns
Plow pullers
Bears, Bruins or Cubs
Jets, Mets, or Nets
Wizards or Magic
Ravens or Orioles
Pair of horses or oxen
Work group
Suns or Stars
Cowboys or Indians
Ravens, for one
Word with spirit or player
"There is no I in _____"
Heat, Flames or Lightning
Ravens or Cardinals
Ball club
Player's club
Orioles or Santa's reindeer, e.g.
Group working together
Sporting bunch
Most fans have a favorite one
Heat or Hurricanes
Jets, Mets or Nets
Group of horses
Coached group
Jazz or Starzz
Bears, Bruins or Grizzlies
Blue Jays or Orioles
Bears or Bruins
Group of advisers
Sporting group
Jerry Jones owns one in Dallas
___ spirit
Padres or Saints
League constituent
Canadians or Canucks
Indians, e.g.
Mr. and Mrs. North e.g.
Heat or Lightning
Padres or Saints, e.g.
Jets or Nets
Plow puller
Broncos or Chargers
Reds, Browns, or Blues
Jazz or Blues
Bills or Chargers
Draft horse group
Jets, e.g.
____ up on: join in
NHL member
____ spirit: cooperation
Kind of spirit
Group of draft animals
Eagles or Falcons
Lions for example
"Yay ___!"
See 23-Across
Canadiens or Canucks
Cohesive group
Nine or eleven
Hawks or Seahawks, e.g.
Collaborate, with "up"
Heat or Magic
Cubs or Colts
Pair with a plow
Assemblage of Bears
Pirates for one
Plow animals
Lions or Tigers
Orioles e.g.
Pair off
Group of players
Set of players
Blue Jays or Cardinals, e.g.
Word after "go!"
Yoke; crew
Span of oxen
Marlins, e.g.
Marlins or Rockies
Brood of ducks
Cooperating group
Bullets, e.g.
Type of work
Matched group
Harnessed Clydesdales
Mets or Jets
Sports side
SWAT or A follower
Red Sox or Celtics
Devils or Saints, e.g.
Blue Jays or Cardinals
Cubs or Reds
Work or play preceder
Seattle Seahawks, e.g.
A live or a nine, e.g.
Kind of work or spirit
Bad News Bears, e.g.
Sports group
Kind of mate or work
Cardinals or Orioles
Plow pullers
Dallas Cowboys, e.g.
Kind of play
Coordinated group
Cowboys or Raiders
Athletic group
Group of Clydesdales
Yankees or Mets
Group pulling together
Mets, Nets or Jets
Cosmos, e.g.
Red Wings or Black Hawks
Five on a court
Cooperative group
The Eagles, e.g.
Five, nine or eleven
Chicago's Sting is one
Manhattan's Jaspers, e.g.
The Royals, e.g.
Knicks or Nets
Cosmos or Strikers
Harnessed draft animals
Jets, Mets or Nets
Eagles or Falcons
Redskins or Bullets
Cardinals, e.g.
Two or more draft animals
Work group
Reds or Redskins
Patriots or Yankees
Tigers or Cubs
Athletic coterie
Word with mate or work
Kind of mate
Mets or Jets, e.g.
Word with work or mate
Jets or Giants
"Yea, ___!"
Giants or Rams
Nine or eleven
Bears or Cubs
Carriage power
Kind of effort
Baseball nine
Rams or Cubs
Eleven or nine
Bears or Tigers
Lions or Bears
Cubs, for instance.
Mets or Pilots.
Two oxen or nine men.
Work group.
Two horses.
Playing group.
Five or nine.
Five or eleven.
Cards, for instance.
Athletic group.
Group of good boys.
Sporting group.
Astros, for one.
Indians, for example.
Sports group.
Players of a kind.
___ up (cooperate).
Two or more workhorses.
The Mets, for one.
Group of workmen.
Minnesota Twins, for one.
Group working together.
Knickerbockers, for one.
Cardinals, for one.
Participant in a game.
The "Fighting Irish."
Cardinals or Orioles.
Performers in 39 Across.
Twenty mules.
Rangers, for example.
Burns and Allen.
Nine Giants.
Join together.
Gridiron performers.
Coach's responsibility.
Join (with "up").
Word in a college cheer.
Five, nine or eleven.
Martin and Lewis.
Indians or Senators.
Tigers or Lions.
Rangers or Dodgers.
Group of athletes.
Men working together.
Pair of horses.
The Reds, for instance.
Smooth-functioning pair.
Kaz and his men.
Eleven men.
Nine men.
One side in a game.
Set of players.
Heat, e.g.
A's, e.g.
Spurs, e.g.
Thunder, e.g.
2013 Lorde hit
9-Down, for one
Spurs or Heat
Double ___
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