Word "TEAPOT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
pot for brewing tea; usually has a spout and handle

Crossword Clues for TEAPOT

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Clue Source Date
'I'm a little ___, short and stout' USA Today 26 Sep 2022
One letting off steam? New York Times 01 Jul 2022
Vessel with a handle and spout Universal 15 May 2022
Vessel to brew pekoe Newsday 29 Mar 2022
Leaves container The Guardian Quick 24 Mar 2022
Spout spot The Washington Post 05 Mar 2022
Spout spot LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2022
'... __, short and stout' The Washington Post 13 Feb 2022
"... __, short and stout" LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2022
Milk supplier crossing river leaves container, perhaps The Times Cryptic 24 Jan 2022
From which “mother” dispenses liquid, note, and a drug The Times Cryptic 11 Nov 2021
Steeper with a spout USA Today 25 Sep 2021
P?t? made with duck put on top of toast produced by one fancying a brew Irish Times Crosaire 21 Sep 2021
Tempest site? LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2021
Tempest site? The Washington Post 09 Sep 2021
Drink and drugs produced by home brewer Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jul 2021
Brewing vessel Thomas Joseph 07 Jun 2021
Brewing need Thomas Joseph 09 Mar 2021
Oolong vessel USA Today 25 Jan 2021
Oolong brewer Eugene Sheffer 11 Jan 2021
Leaves home? New York Times 04 Dec 2020
Service member Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2020
Drink and drugs produced by home brewer Irish Times Crosaire 26 Nov 2020
In 'Beauty and the Beast,' Mrs. Potts is turned into one USA Today 26 Oct 2020
Brewing vessel The Times Concise 11 Jul 2020
Home brewer New York Times 24 May 2020
Stove-top staple Newsday 17 Nov 2019
'Short and stout' vessel USA Today 19 Oct 2019
Spouted vessel The Times Concise 02 Oct 2019
Earl Grey server Universal 29 May 2019
"I'm a Little ___" Universal 05 Apr 2019
Part of the home brewing paraphernalia produced drink and drugs Irish Times Crosaire 06 Mar 2019
Herbal beverage holder The Washington Post Sunday 17 Feb 2019
66-Across vessel Universal 07 Feb 2019
It might be left holding the bag New York Times 06 Feb 2019
"I'm a Little ___"
It might be left holding the bag
Earl Grey server
66-Across vessel
"Short and stout" vessel
What 'I' am, in a kid's song New York Times 12 May 2018
Handled vessel The Washington Post 13 Apr 2018
Handled vessel LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2018
Something used on the range Newsday 18 Mar 2018
What "I" am, in a kid's song
Service part
Handled vessel
Brewing aid Universal 12 Dec 2017
Jasmine may occupy this river probing mammal's characteristic The Telegraph Toughie 29 Nov 2017
'Short and stout' vessel Premier Sunday 23 Jul 2017
Home brewer The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jul 2017
Mad Hatter's server Newsday 20 Jul 2017
Starts 1 down from flower on square - it requires its fill of water and a bag Irish Times Crosaire 07 Feb 2017
Drink container Jonesin 31 Jan 2017
Brewing aid
Is left holding the wet bags on course reportedly for big pay out Irish Times Crosaire 29 Dec 2016
Service piece Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2016
Brewing aid Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2016
Something to get a spot out of? New York Times 03 Sep 2016
Cozy spot? Wall Street Journal 26 May 2016
Head covering for the Dormouse Newsday 19 Mar 2016
Cuppa brewer The Times Concise 27 Jan 2016
Is left holding the wet bags on course reportedly for big pay day Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jan 2016
Something to get a spot out of?
Leaves here for a drink? The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Nov 2015
Vacant type with a grass container on the table? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jul 2015
Wedgwood collectible Newsday 11 Jul 2015
Home brewing accessory The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2015
Darjeeling server New York Times 08 Apr 2015
It might be up to its neck in hot water Universal 05 Apr 2015
Is left holding the wet bags with drink for Kitty Irish Times Crosaire 03 Mar 2015
Pekoe server Universal 10 Jan 2015
Kitchen whistler USA Today 09 Jan 2015
Spouted vessel
Wedgwood collectible
Darjeeling server
It might be up to its neck in hot water
Pekoe server
Kitchen whistler
___ Dome Scandal
Infusion vessel
Tempest in a __
Cozy spot?
Bag holder?
Cozy thing?
Gunpowder holder?
One in the service?
Where to get a brew
Place to put bags?
Something's brewing here
Service server
Stout spouted steeper
Place for a tempest
Mad Hatter's server
It's "short and stout" in a children's song
Where some leaves settle
Stovetop staple
Tempest locale?
It's left holding the bag
Dome of infamy
Cozy place?
Pekoe vessel
Place to put some leaves
Place for Earl Grey
Tempest holder
Where something may be brewing
Part of a service
Brewing vessel
Vessel for the Mad Hatter
Tempest locale
It may be left holding the bag
Cozy setting?
Mad Hatter vessel
Mad Hatter vessel
Vessel for pekoe
It may be left holding the bag
What a cozy covers
Tempest site?
Stovetop device
Tempest container
Earl Grey server
Stovetop whistler
____ Dome Scandal
Something's brewing there
Mad Hatter's server
Pekoe vessel
Tempest site?
It might be up to its neck in hot water
Mad Hatter's server
Pekoe vessel
"Short and stout" vessel
Tempest setting
Cozy place?
Tempest site?
It whistles while it works
Bag holder
Tempest spot?
Pekoe server
Place for a tempest
Setting for "The Tempest"?
Brewing vessel
Tempest locale
Kitchen server
Leaves may be put in it
It might be up to its neck in hot water
Brewing accessory
Tempest setting?
Cozy contents
Kitchen server
Tempest site
Tempest's milieu?
Angela Lansbury, in "Beauty and the Beast"
Tempest's milieu?
_____ Dome scandal
Place to put bags?
Place to put some leaves
Earl Grey's place
Pekoe server
"Short and stout" item, in song
Cozy site
Cozy site
Pekoe server
Chai holder
Pekoe server
Tempest setting
___ Dome
Tempest site?
Member of the service?
"Short and stout" object of rhyme
Kitchen whistler
Kitchen whistler
Tempest setting
Tempest site?
"Short and stout" vessel
Earl Grey container
Kitchen whistler
Oolong brewer
Part of a service
Article of 32-Across
Place to put bags
It's left holding the bag
Cozy's raison d'être
Tempest locale
Tempest in a ___
Container used at elevenses
Tempest container, proverbially
A tempest in a ___
Souchong receptacle
P.M. item for a hostess
Hot-drink dispenser
Place for a tempest
Dome of history
Tempest container
Sine qua non at an afternoon affair
Dome of scandal
Where to put Earl Grey
Proverbial site of a tempest
Tempest site
Scandalous Dome
Dome of Harding's day
Notorious Dome
Kitchen utensil
Kitchen item
Certain container
Place for darjeeling
Dome of note
Drink server.
Dome of fame.
Household need.
Spouted vessel.
Kitchen utensil.
Kitchen item.
Piece of china.
Proverbial site of a tempest.
Serving vessel.
Beverage container.
Party-giver's need.
___ Dome.
Chinaware item.
Household container.
Beverage server.
Relative of a samovar.
Household appurtenance.
Item on the March Hare's table.
Adjunct for a hostess.
Companion of a caddy.
Object of much British ritual.
Dome scandal of the Twenties.
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