Word "TEASER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity)
annoyer, tease, vexer

Part of Speech:
a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from seeing into the wings
tormenter, tormentor

Part of Speech:
a particularly baffling problem that is said to have a correct solution
mystifier, puzzle, puzzler

Crossword Clues for TEASER

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Clue Source Date
It's a problem for one who plays pranks (6)
Some appreciate a serious puzzle (6)
Small puzzle Newsday 30 Mar 2024
Some athlete, a seriously tough one (6)
Tough puzzle a€“ a stunner inspiring ecstasy (6)
He's being deliberately annoying. That's the problem (6)
To rush about southeast is a problem (6)
To rush about south-east is a problem (6) Puzzler Cryptic 14 Mar 2024
See art as a difficult problem (6)
Steer awkwardly round a difficult problem (6)
Tough question to stump one right away (6)
Tantalising thing
Promo LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2024
Woolworker is something of a problem (6)
A problem? He's only kidding (6)
Ad meant to pique interest Commuter 09 Feb 2024
A terse problem (6)
Comfort breaks too regular at first? There's the riddle (6)
Hype builder for a film TV 28 Jan 2024
Promotion for a new credit account, maybe New York Times 17 Jan 2024
What could stun you about eastern riddle?
Difficult question Mirror Classic 05 Jan 2024
Tricky puzzle Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2023
Tricky question plucked from quite a series The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Nov 2023
Tricky question plucked from quite a series (6)
Come-on New York Times 12 Nov 2023
Short promo video
Stunning device packed with energy in puzzle The Telegraph Toughie 03 Oct 2023
Shocker, say, tackling sweetheart problem The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jun 2023
Preview New York Times 02 May 2023
Movie promo Universal 14 Apr 2023
"Coming soon" ad LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2023
In private, a serious and particularly baffling problem The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Feb 2023
Light refreshments with Queen for poser The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2023
Puzzle The Telegraph Quick 18 Nov 2022
Short preview for a movie USA Today 23 Oct 2022
Short trailer LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2022
Toughie set for the afternoon is faultless The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jul 2022
Tricky question from card, last of four The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jul 2022
Bringing forward time of festival causes problem
Bringing forward time of festival causes problem The Guardian Cryptic 10 May 2022
Something that shocks the target, involving marketing, essentially?
Tricky question brought to light in quite a sermon The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2021
Meals served with hesitation — there's a problem The Times Cryptic 10 Dec 2021
Magazine cover, essentially Universal 07 Dec 2021
Free offer to arouse customer interest — reseat (anag) The Guardian Quick 25 Oct 2021
Puzzle Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2021
Stunner squeezing fiance's bottom is a poser
Short trailer Universal 22 Sep 2021
Coming attraction, say LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2021
Coming attraction, say The Washington Post 04 Sep 2021
Come-on LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2021
Come-on The Washington Post 26 Aug 2021
Conundrum The Telegraph Quick 05 Aug 2021
Tricky question The Times Concise 21 Jul 2021
Puzzle Thomas Joseph 16 Jul 2021
Problem with major Christian festival — the time shifting
Advertisement says electricity's initially included in rent
Puzzle The Telegraph Quick 11 Apr 2021
Short trailer Universal 12 Jan 2021
. Question: what do you get when you remove blemish from cups and saucers etc?
Advertising come-on The Washington Post 22 Sep 2020
Advertising come-on LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2020
Movie trailer, e.g Universal 20 Sep 2020
Brief film preview Newsday 15 Sep 2020
Tricky question The Telegraph Quick 20 Jul 2020
Car is no trouble in fourth gear - work that one out? Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2020
Tricky question from guy on right The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jun 2020
Mini preview The New Yorker 01 Jun 2020
Removing vice from China perhaps is a hard problem The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2020
Race around Kent area presents problem
Short advertisement (informal) The Sun Two Speed 11 Mar 2020
Puzzle brings comfort in district's centre The Sun Two Speed 11 Mar 2020
Movie ad Thomas Joseph 10 Mar 2020
Short preview Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Sermon half-abandoned following drink problem The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Dec 2019
Introduction to arouse curiosity Irish Times Simplex 13 Nov 2019
Promo New York Times 10 Nov 2019
Short movie trailer released to create hype
Ad to lure you in LA Times Daily 09 Aug 2019
Ad to lure you in The Washington Post 09 Aug 2019
Movie preview LA Times Daily 28 Jul 2019
Movie preview The Washington Post 28 Jul 2019
A 30-sec video before release of Joker
Movie trailer, e.g USA Today 12 Jul 2019
Guy attracts heart of girls? Tricky question
Film preview Premier Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Promo The Washington Post 16 Feb 2019
Promo LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2019
Puzzle New York Times 14 Feb 2019
'Coming soon' ad USA Today 02 Feb 2019
Movie preview
Ad to lure you in
Movie trailer, e.g.
"Coming soon" ad
Movie trailer, e.g New York Times 25 Nov 2018
Pre-show ad Thomas Joseph 01 Nov 2018
Trailer, e.g New York Times 21 Sep 2018
Enticing promotional piece Newsday 06 Aug 2018
Problem facility in district's centre The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2018
Short advertisement The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2018
"Coming next" ad Universal 01 May 2018
Stunner covering rear in picture puzzle
Irritating person Newsday 08 Jan 2018
"Coming next" ad
Movie trailer, e.g.
Trailer, e.g.
No difficulty in this riddle, initially? Au contraire!
Puzzle Thomas Joseph 25 Nov 2017
Short trailer New York Times 23 Jul 2017
One after the brain is a bit of a conundrum and a way to get publicity
Conundrum in festival with time to the fore The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jun 2017
Little riddle Newsday 19 Apr 2017
Come-on New York Times 18 Apr 2017
Tricky question The Guardian Quick 07 Apr 2017
Quick preview Newsday 15 Mar 2017
TV preview LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2017
Short trailer
TV preview
Little puzzle New York Times 19 Dec 2016
Tricky puzzle Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2016
Relative of 4-Down Universal 12 Sep 2016
Coquette, one using a comb? The Times Cryptic 20 Jun 2016
Short promo The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Apr 2016
Tricky question The Times Concise 13 Jan 2016
Conundrum The Sun Two Speed 08 Jan 2016
To rush about south-east is a problem The Sun Two Speed 08 Jan 2016
Little puzzle
Short promo
Relative of 4-Down
Quick TV promo Eugene Sheffer 28 Dec 2015
TV promo Eugene Sheffer 24 Dec 2015
Tricky question Wall Street Journal 21 Sep 2015
Try endlessly to have comfort in puzzle The Telegraph Toughie 26 Aug 2015
Brain game New York Times 11 Jul 2015
TV promo Wall Street Journal 03 Jul 2015
One-minute excerpt, maybe New York Times 13 Jun 2015
Curiosity-inducing ad Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2015
Difficult problem for a flirt
Tricky question, part of quite a series The Times Cryptic 28 Apr 2015
Film promo Newsday 01 Apr 2015
Brief promo Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2015
Riddle Eugene Sheffer 17 Feb 2015
You want blemish-free crockery collection? That's a problem
Film promo
One-minute excerpt, maybe
Brain game
TV promo
Tricky question
Ridicule setter ultimately for puzzle
Puzzle‘s a shocker, containing central theme
Alluring promo
Freebie-offering ad
"Next week, on ..." bit
Tricky question, last of four on card
"Coming up next" ad
Movie trailer, e.g.
Brief promo
Tricky puzzle
Movie trailer, e.g.
Promotional piece
Movie trailer, e.g.
TV preview
News opening, often
Film preview
News opening, often
Little puzzle
"Coming up next" ad, e.g.
Sample of new song
Short promo
Quick preview
See 23-Down
Enticing ad
Ad to lure you in
Coming attraction, e.g.
Enticing ad
Flirty type
Freebie-offering ad
Movie trailer, e.g.
Viewer drawer
Ad to lure you in
"Coming up next" ad
Product come-on
Brief trailer
Product come-on
TV show snippet, perhaps
Movie preview
Tricky problem
Promo, perhaps
TV promo
TV promo
Curiosity-piquing ad
Ad to entice you
Ad to entice you
Attention-getting highlight at the start of a show
Freebie-offering ad
Movie preview
Curiosity-piquing ad
Ad with a freebie
Adman's tactic
Curiosity-arousing ad
Fun-poking one
Sneak preview
TV preview
Short highlight
Tough one
TV preview
Difficult riddle
Luring ad
Coming attraction, e.g.
Tricky problem
Flirtatious type
Preview, perhaps
Low introductory rate on a mortgage
Ad with a freebie
Adman's lure
Adman's strategy
Advertising tactic
Puzzling problem
Ad for an upcoming television episode, often
Coming attraction
Hairdresser at times
____ and the Firecat : Cat Stevens album
"Film at eleven" promo, e.g.
Brief promo
Stage curtain
Madison Ave. come-on
Puzzling problem
Madison Avenue come-on
Adman's come-on
Ecdysiast, e.g.
Proscenium drape
Hairdresser, sometimes
Come-on ad
Certain ad
Stage drapery
Movie trailer.
Something hard to solve.
Type of ad.
Annoying thing.
Heckler's cousin.
Puzzling problem.
Ad meant to arouse curiosity.
Tough proposition.
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